Deathly_Winds - Wind Druid

Character Intro and Overview

This was my frist character when i started playing ES again. I think i did pretty good with him. He is mainly for GF/MF but he also packs a punch.

Stats and Attributes




  • How about putting at least a skill point on the Oak of Sage for increased HP, or get it from some charm or staff mod, it helps tremendously. -- Xc0n? 02-16-2009 (Mon) 21:10:16
  • I would still use the remaining spaces to D-stone some %maxlife to the items ... even 40% will help (thinking of helmet etc) -- GoGoDanny? 02-16-2009 (Mon) 11:11:41
  • water elementals! them's some hXc mamma jammas -- will? 02-13-2009 (Fri) 18:01:36
  • wow, i don't even know how many maple leaves i used for this, i know it must have been over 50 at least. and yes my life is a little low, which my merc has hermes boots, belt, and gloves so it makes my life jump up to about 6.5k when outside the camp. In hell i never really did get hit, and when i did i always had a full juvy, it's amazing how much full juvy's help! :) -- Oblivian? 02-04-2009 (Wed) 23:27:21
  • Your damage is quite impressing for that skill level. How many maple leafs did you invest in your weapon? Your life seems a little low though for you invested so much into vitality. Don't you have a lot of problems in hell when getting hit? -- Rychveldir? 02-04-2009 (Wed) 09:12:01

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