The Hall of Glory

Character Overview

This is my elemental druid, he can turn into a Melee also for support vs bosses and on Nihlathak runs. But mostly i use him as Elemental. I will soon post my Melee build, he is Werewolf.

Stats and Attributes






Merc And Merc Equipment


  • Thats crap....have a better elemental druid!! -- Oliver? 10-25-2008 (Sat) 13:46:19
  • ew -- .....? 02-08-2008 (Fri) 18:16:04
  • dillhole, the rings HAVE same stat if u could manage to READ attributes, he made 20 fcr in 1 and 20 res in the 2nd, both got 38 attributes and 9 maek. Ravenlord and timeloop?? when u got a wo AND enigma, and u cant afford better gear than that? weird setup imo.....unknown, 1. its not 100% sure that they are duped, but most likely since its not so easy to get 2 of that ring with same attribute. 2. SP is waaaay too easy to dupe in, u can get a wo rune from a lvl 5 char or so, u just need a i rune and start duping with plugY, sharedstash is lame... -- lordbrox? 02-06-2008 (Wed) 17:41:35
  • No they aren't, dillhole. they have different stats. -- Will? 02-06-2008 (Wed) 00:55:12
  • Two words - Dupe rings -- Unknown? 06-21-2007 (Thu) 18:28:18
  • Find yourself any shield with at least +1 all skills for your weapon switch (another Rift runeword is great if you can make one). There are even normal uniques that can help, so there isn't any reason not to get that extra +1 for your battle orders. Take the Wo out of your gloves, and get a non-ethereal Runefusion. You can use the Wo to make an Eternal Reign for the Merc or something. It is giving you virtually no benefit where it is right now, you can make much better use of it. -- Blinn? 06-09-2007 (Sat) 03:03:50

File to attaach: fileScreenshot028.jpg 355 download [Information] fileScreenshot026.jpg 428 download [Information] fileScreenshot027.jpg 370 download [Information] fileScreenshot025.jpg 365 download [Information] fileScreenshot024.jpg 356 download [Information] fileScreenshot023.jpg 355 download [Information] fileScreenshot022.jpg 371 download [Information] fileScreenshot021.jpg 375 download [Information] fileScreenshot020.jpg 320 download [Information] fileScreenshot019.jpg 373 download [Information] fileScreenshot018.jpg 374 download [Information] fileScreenshot017.jpg 453 download [Information] fileScreenshot016.jpg 498 download [Information]

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