DemonsDeath - Assassin

Character Intro and Overview

DemonsDeath is my first and only character to ever reach level 100. She was made for and is named for her Katana, which was being "prepared" before she herself got it in her hands. In addition to the real damage, the +500% damage to demons makes it look like a boss killer. It is as painful to Baal as it looks.

She casts Decrepify on everything that crosses her path, making them easy prey for Iaigiri, Killer Scythe, Blade Sentinel, or even Blade Shield. With her high defense and DR, physical damage monsters are rarely a concern. Usually monsters are slowed by Decrepify enough that even if they land hits first (usually dealing unnoticable damage with her 80+ DR and 100+ DR%), Blade Shield leeches it all back right afterwards. Killer Scythe and Iaigiri are powerful enough to put most threats into hit recovery, so once she swings in return the battle is over. Her stats used to favor life far more, being over 9700 at some point. I changed a bunch of jewels around to give her a damage boost and speed things up as she neared 100, so she is back under 9000 life now.

Stats and Attributes

She has every single stat point placed into VIT.
Also besides Iaigiri shown below, her other attacks are as follows:
Killer Scythe = 87k-193k
Blade Sentinel = 20k-42k
Blade Shield = 20k-42k



Here are her skills. If I were to redo them, Blade Shield could probably stand to lose a few points, with those points diverted into Melee Mastery.

Skill (base/final):
Iaigiri 30/62
Cold Wave 1/33
Shade Armor 1/48
Shadow Master 20/67
Melee Mastery 23/70
Blade Shield 25/54
Blade Sentinel 1/30
prereqs for the above all have 1

Dragon Tail 3/35
Mind Blast 4/51 - BAD. Since this boosts Shadow Master's MB, she converts monsters A LOT. They often grab my Barb's Battle Orders during that time, and if it weren't for my massive Katana it would be extremely annoying trying to kill them afterwards. Maybe I will get her a different ring later.
Steam Sentry 3/32
Poison Stream 2/31 - Very useful to kill monsters I cannot reach due to impassable terrain or islands. Takes damage from the katana, so it's a real killer.


Her weapon switch consists of a "Secret of the Ooze" unique Sepulcher Wand, and a "the Barricade" unique Imperial Shield. It gives her access to an incredibly resilient high level Clay Golem. Previously I had more +Enchant boosters here, but the damage was so low regardless of how high it went, I opted for a stronger golem instead.

What she wears, and notes about the choices:

Stone Spike Katana - Big damage, I gave it all I could since Blade Shield and Blade Sentinel also benefit from it. I can squeeze in one more ED% before hitting the cap, but thats not really worth doing I think.

Indomitable Sylvan Chain - Initially, the Sylvan Chain was my top pick because it had such a low low STR requirement. Now though, she packs so many STR modifiers that part doesn't even matter and she could have gone with a top of the line elite. Indomitable has massive defense, ethereal, and self-repair, perfect for a defense oriented build. All around a great choice with added bonuses of huge Fire Resists, Dodge, and CBF.

Hands of the Assassin Demonhide Sash - Forged with 20% CB, then converted to a belt, so I could get a glove with oskill Killer Scythe. Low level meant lots of D-stoning room, in this case I chose Diamond melds to cover for the lack of resists on Indomitable. Only +3% resist all as opposed to D-stoning, but it also gives DR 1. All that DR adds up in the end, she has DR 83 which is a great buffer for her life.

Death Stalker Mesh Boots - Perfect 12/8 Clay Golem and Golem Mastery oskill, along with some life, mana, and fire resists. I melded Emeralds back when Katanas got a 100STR/100DEX damage bonus. Now it is 100/50, so it's not the best choice, but I already started so I just went with it. The jewel is a nice rare +0.5 STR and +0.5 DEX per level, very nice and very low level requirement.

Dweia's Revenge - Great Amulet. Socketed with Nexus Star just to boost resists up a bit.

Killjoy's Attitude x2 - Nice rings, these were two of my earlier Killjoy's so their random stats and staffmods aren't that great or useful.

Grim Crest Diadem - Overall mods before modification were pretty bad, but it has +3 Decrepify which sealed the deal. Heavy tinkering (Griswolds Hands, Hephastos Hands, Fangs) and Diamond melding make it look a lot better than how it started. Socketed with 2 +0.75 STR/lvl jewels for a massive +150 STR bonus.

Plague Grasp Military Guards - Replacement for older gloves with +12 Fend. The Fend gloves were great, but were melded with 5 Amnethysts for AR/IAS. I found out later that Katanas were super fast so that meld was a poor choice. Fend was later nerfed a bit, so eventually I just changed gloves to a newer Killer Scythe one, and melded Obsidians.


She has no Lothar's Will, Yello Jello, or Something Wicked Unique Charms. I suppose I can give them to her, but other characters make better use of the skills from Something Wicked (I only have 2 of these), and Yello Jello isn't that impressive since her resistances are already topped out. It could give her more Conviction proofing, but she doesn't really need it so I just kept the inventory space open. Lothar's Will doesn't offer her much either. I might get the 3 just to have 3 more forgings and 1 more socket, but it's not a pressing need.

I aimed to get +AR/lvl and +max damage from her charms (Striker's and Assailant's Prefixes). Socketed small charms are best, they give you most sockets possible for the space taken. Once a few were socketed, I also used some of the sockets for VIT and STR jewels in addition to getting more AR and max damage.
Well I chopped off part of the gemmed odd charm it seems. It says +75 max damage.

Merc and Merc Equipment

Her Merc is a Defensive Barb. He is a great help and even kills stuff on /players 8. Unfortunately, I've had the "character has to many items" error rear its ugly head occasionally, so I decided to leave some of his gear un-D-stoned to see if it helps. He gets mauled by Fatalstorm but against everything else is solid as a rock.



  • QqMphuSTHOvaIzQxEfC -- znigbe? 05-18-2011 (Wed) 04:48:50
  • In older versions of the mod there was no line stating if it was forged or not. Tsuru added it to make it easier for us to remember if the item was forged. Sorry the comment was late but just checking out past hall of fame characters. -- Hans? 11-23-2009 (Mon) 05:19:00
  • Oh and also how did you get indestructible on it? I see no forging. -- stingray? 08-02-2009 (Sun) 13:50:50
  • I was lucky to get it in a reroll before too long, usually it'll cost a fortune to reroll ethereal rares. Original stats are 383% ED, 3% max/clvl, +42 max, 20%ias, and some other stuff. -- Blinn? 08-02-2009 (Sun) 03:54:19
  • Hey, Blinn how'd you find that katana? Did you find it or chit it? Also what were it's original stats since I need an idea of what to look for on a good katana for my sin. -- stingray? 08-02-2009 (Sun) 01:01:33
  • well once everything is fired up, his normal attack displays 13.9-21.5k damage, and 136.5k defense when using concentrate. -- Blinn? 08-19-2007 (Sun) 08:14:37
  • Blinn, how much damage does the barb do with all auras? Also, I didn't know the 'Attacker Takes Lightning Damage' bug for obsidian melds was that old too. :) -- Easytough? 08-19-2007 (Sun) 04:37:34
  • At the time I was running Griswold/Treebeard, and I was trading loads of stuff with Ultimategreyfox who did the same. So that's how I managed to get enough, he was a great help towards scrounging up all those tinkering materials. -- Blinn? 07-17-2007 (Tue) 00:40:46
  • Yes, that's what I thought. Still, it must have been quite a feat collecting all those organs. Congrats on a very well rounded character. I hope my Necro will be 'done' some time too. -- Easytough? 07-17-2007 (Tue) 00:22:19
  • Easytough, yea this character is OLD, thats why some of her items are now "illegal" after so many patches. The weapon has 500% damage to demons all from tinkering, as well as some max damage and lightning damage. You are 100% right about the diadem. The Mercs boots were melded as gloves before the conversion recipe was nerfed. -- Blinn? 07-16-2007 (Mon) 21:11:05
  • Claps, and then trembles in fear. -- Peterpan? 07-16-2007 (Mon) 13:36:53
  • How did you get so much tinkering space on the diadem? Was it back before tinkering was changed to allow about 20-30 points? -- Easytough? 07-16-2007 (Mon) 13:29:39
  • Truly incredible, Blinn. An amazing feat. All hail DemonsDeath! -- Metropolis Man? 07-16-2007 (Mon) 12:46:02

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