Diabola - Lightning Sorceress with oskill Firestorm

Character Intro and Overview

Diabola is a Lightning Sorceress, with high level oskill Firestorm as her secondary weapon.

Like Igniss & Frostburn, the basic concept is to use a high level oskill, plus 20 skill points into corresponding elemental mastery, to help dealing with those immune to main tab skills.

Diabola is built around three items related to oskill Firestorm:

  • Unique Devil Mask Diablo's Horns (+30 to Firestorm)
  • Runeword Odd Charm "Diablo" (+28 to Firestorm)
  • LoD Runeword Armor "STONE" (charged Level 16 Molten Boulder, which synergizes Firestorm).

The former 2 pieces combined provide +58 to Firestorm, which obviously outnumbers all other oskills can attain with only 2 pieces. Level 16 MB charges on "STONE" not only raise Firestorm's damage by 80%, but also increase its missile number from 5 to 8.

To take advantage of Diablo's Horns' +Lightning skill dmg & "Diablo"'s reduce enemy lightning resistance, Lightninig skills are chosen as main tab. Because 20 skill points are spent in Fire Mastery and most equipments are not optimized for lightning skills, the damage of Lightning skills (Chain Lightning & Charged Bolts) is comparatively low, but still sufficient to kill most monsters in /p8 Domain.

Since two of the central equipments are about Diablo, this character is named after a feminized name of the Prime Evil. By the way, she also possesses the ability to transform herself into The Lord of Terror, which is kind of funny especially in Chaos Sanctuary.

Stats and Attributes

With all buff/aura activated:

All points into energy.




20 skill points are spent in Fire Mastery, otherwise are similar to standard Lightning Sorceress build.

Skill levels with equipment



Level 89 Firestorm
Deals 77079~77552 Fire damage per second in a large AoE (8 missiles).

Level 39 Lower Resist
Lowers 68% Fire/Cold/Lightning resistance of enemy, radius 29.3 yards.

Level 39 Battle Command
Provides further +1 All skill.

Level 33 Battle Orders
Increases 131% maximal life & mana.

Level 34 Oak Sage
Increases 218% maximal life.

Level 34 Valkyrie
Level 34 Shadow Master
Level 16 Clay Golem (charged skill, two golems can be summoned)
Tanks. With Act2 merc's Prayer, they can withstand most kind of damage and rapidly recover from injury in /p8.


The 3 key pieces for oskill Firestorm:

  • Diablo's Horns: +30 to Firestorm
  • "Diablo" Odd Charm: +28 to Firestorm
  • "STONE": Level 16 Molten Boulder charges as synergy.

Other equipments are selected towards more +All skill to raise Firestorm slvl. However, due to lack of Knowledgeable (+1 All skill) jewel, most sockets are filled with +Sorceress forged unique jewel.

Good +All skill bonus (+3, plus oskill BC), -15% enemy Fire/Cold/Lightning resists, stat bonus.

Nice +All skill bonus and -16% enemy fire resist. It took a lot of effort to make a second Sun Kanji rune though.

Weapon Switch
Weapon Switch.jpg
Oskill BO Javelin.

Shield Switch
Shield Switch.jpg
A random choice just to raise oskill BO level.

The Molten Boulder charges synergizes Firestorm, and the charged Clay Golems serve their role well as meat shields.

Huge bonus to Firestorm (+30) and +Fire/Lightning skill damage% makes it the one and only choice for this character.



Oskill Oak Sage & shielding mod.

The amulet with most +All skill.

Without saying, the standard Sorceress Ring.

For +2 All skill and FCR.

Veteran's Odd Charm: Runeword "Diablo", +1 All skill, +28 Firestorm, reduces enemy Fire/Lightning resist, all mods are essential for this build.
Damage Augmenter
All unique charms except for Vlad Tepe's Sustenance.
Skiller charms: +Lightning tab magic odd charm*7, +Lightning tab rare grand charm*2, Staffmod (Lightning Mastery & Ice Nova) magic large charm*1

Merc and Merc Equipment

Act2 Prayer Merc is chosen to improve survivability. His own Prayer synergize on-equip Meditation & Cleansing, providing triple healing efficacy. He also carries Conviction to lower enemy's resistance. Besides, he also has several CtC equipments to help stopping/slowing enemy.

  • Weapon: LoD Runeword "INFINITY"
    Level 12 Conviction Aura.
  • Armor: Runeword "Eternal Reign"
    Level 12 Aura of Divinity grants further +2 All skills.
  • Helm: Arthur's Crown
    Level 12 Cleansing Aura.
  • Gloves: Shiva's Touch
    20% CtC Level 10 Glacial Spike on striking.
  • Belt: Blustone's Belt
    40% CtC Level 5 Ice Nova when struck.
  • Boots: Hermes' Gift
    Level 6 Vigor, synergized by Prayer, increase movement speed and maximal life%.
  • Amulet: Eye of the Beholder
    20% CtC Level 3 Glacial Spike when struck & on striking. Forged with Level 7 Meditation Aura.
  • Ring1: LoD Unique Ring Carrion Wind
    8% CtC Level 13 Creeping Doom on striking
  • Ring2: Elemental Jewel


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