Dynast - Static Field Zealot

Character Intro and Overview

Screenshot001.jpg Other1.jpg
Basic Zealot build just with some equipment I thought would be funny.
Worked better then expected. Main idea is just to cast Static Field with every strike.
I like him so thought I'd share.

Overall not huge physical Zeal damage. But with the Static Fields you hardly notice the lower damage. Nice trait to this build was in a swarm of monsters. By the time you get around to it. Everything would be more then half dead. Which made up for the low damage.

Stats and Attributes

Base Stats:
300 Strength
45 Dexterity
190 Vitality
20 Energy


Combat.jpg Offensive.jpg
Everything is pretty straight forward here. Just Aura + Zeal/Synergies.
Base Skills:
Sacrifice - 30 Base
Zeal - 25 Base
Vengeance - 25 Base
Hypno Blast - 8 Base
Fanatcism - 20 Base
1 Point in Smite/Charge/Holy Shield.
Teleport oskill from Angel charm runeword.


Call to Arms in off hand for buffing.
4x Sescheronya Spark Unique Jewels.
2x Strength jewels.
Level 75 Paladin Ring/Amulet + 60 Paladin ring(Nothing too special).
Good high % CTC Static Field on Striking Weapons. Very unnecessary considering the rest of the gear but it's all for fun.
Indom.jpg Exile.jpg
Indomitable for high defense/dodge/life/FHR. I wasn't super picky about armor.
Exile for Defiance aura and CTC Life Tap. I did consider using Hadriel's Barricade Unique Akaran Rondache because it also has CTC static. I found Exile kept me alive.
The rest of the equipment should speak for themselves.
As much CTC Static on striking I could find.

Merc and Merc Equipment

No Merc. Partly to do with my choice of shield.


  • TNfCAjuCPblveVoyze -- Rllfguyh? 03-10-2014 (Mon) 10:47:55
  • oSKZDPyVMbBFX -- Cbdudsgo? 03-07-2014 (Fri) 19:08:55
  • I've seen this one here and it looks like there isn't such a thing as "too much of a good thing" here -- the static would weaken but your Crushing Blow would do them in it seems. I like the setup; not something I'd try until I have the right equip though -- psycho2? 09-08-2010 (Wed) 12:03:56
  • Herculean Grip because of the 8% CTC Lvl 11 Static Field on Striking. Like all the rest of my gear. -- Daishi_GD? 09-07-2010 (Tue) 18:51:10
  • I like the oldschool exile runeword, don't see too many of those. I wonder what the fascination with Herculean Grip is though, I see it a lot and I don't see anything really great about it. There are easier ways to get deadly strike, and the elemental damage is negligible... -- Mmew? 08-25-2010 (Wed) 08:57:09
  • Please do not talk about servers. -- Hans? 12-14-2009 (Mon) 08:08:14
  • Awesome! I thought I was the only one with a kanji on the server xD -- Rychveldir/Firesnake? 11-25-2009 (Wed) 08:54:22
  • Didn't know you got all these crystals already. Haven't played in a long time -- DKing? 11-01-2009 (Sun) 15:20:23
  • My friends and players on the server I play pitched in. Took a f**king long time still though! -- Daishi_GD? 11-01-2009 (Sun) 13:08:05
  • How in the world did you get a Shinigami weapon?! -- stingray? 10-31-2009 (Sat) 23:19:43

File to attaach: fileHerc.jpg 697 download [Information] fileHelm.jpg 655 download [Information] fileAmmy.jpg 303 download [Information] fileExile.jpg 650 download [Information] fileIndom.jpg 584 download [Information] fileShaefer.jpg 637 download [Information] fileShinigami.jpg 568 download [Information] fileStat4.jpg 575 download [Information] fileStat3.jpg 520 download [Information] fileStat2.jpg 553 download [Information] fileStat1.jpg 598 download [Information] fileOther1.jpg 545 download [Information] fileOffensive.jpg 549 download [Information] fileCombat.jpg 606 download [Information] fileScreenshot001.jpg 586 download [Information]

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