EmberGod - Immolation Necromancer

Character Intro and Overview


One of my favourite skill is Immolation. The good thing is that Immolation is an Oskill that can appear on several magic or rare items up to +16 To Immolation. I decided to make a Necromancer because of the Curse Lower Resist and the summons that prevent most of the incoming damage. A Immolation Sorceress has about 15-25k damage. Without Synergies its not possible to come over 5-6k even if you have a +400% fire skill dmg weapon. I got it up to 4,5k. Its not very much, but I can clear Domain and Baal quite good. Some fire enchanted enemies I have to clear up with Hell's Gate or Bone Spirit.
Its just another fun character and I was wondering that it still works to beat up the hell.

Stats and Attributes

Base Attributes

Buffs come from Rings, Amulets that I switch in before the run:
Battle Orders (lvl 63)
Shout (lvl61)
Shock Armor (lvl67)
Fade (lvl55)
Oak Sage is lvl 59



Maxed Synergy for Lower Resist -> Summon Resist
30 into Bone Armor
30 into Killer Scythe
15 into Poison Slash
1 Point into all others



  1. 1 to All Skills forging. The weapon is d-stoned with +% fireskill damage.

14 Square Charms with +1 to All Skills Jewels.
Some Grand Charms.
All Unique Charms (except yellow jellow) are forged and socketed with +1 to All Skills Jewels.

Armor and Helmet:
Rare Helmet with +16 to Immolation, Demon Fleece Unique Armor

Weapon and Shield:
Cinderspark with %Fireskill Damage D-Stoning, Rare Trophy with Oak

3x Rumour of Pain

Rings and Amulet:
Rare To Immolation Stuff, Rare Ring with Teleport Oskill

Master of Fire Kanji

Merc and Merc Equipment

Act2 Hell Combat Merc with Conviction
Magic helmet with Lvl 11 Defiance aura when equipped
Tasselhoff Set
6 Socket Bardike with +8 to All Skills
Rare boots with CtC Shock armor when struck
Mara's Kaleidoscope
2x One ring


  • Crazy idea. -- Ron4nce? 10-02-2014 (Thu) 10:58:01

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