Excommunicated - Fanatic Paladin

Character Intro and Overview

Excommunicated was, at first, one of my own experimentations in attempting to pass Hell for the first time. Although the objective of this one was to try and maximize his damage output, one change could be made to allow him to better the party damage output (But it didn't change his damage much).

I have not tried Naraku on him yet, but with the success of his passage to King, I might as well try!

Stats and Attributes

Strength: You need to buff this one along with Vitality in order to increase his survivability.
Dexterity: Enough for equipment or block, whichever comes first. Holy Shield and +skill/Combat Skill items will increase chance to block so you might not need much here.
Vitality: If you aren't boosting Strength or Dexterity, put your spare points here.
Energy: Zeal is not much of a costly skill, neither is Vengeance, so I left this one alone.

Here is Excommunicated's base statistics endgame:

  • Strength: 140
  • Dexterity: 120
  • Vitality: 270
  • Energy: 25 (base)

After modifications (as per LCS):

  • Strength: 261
  • Dexterity: 179
  • Vitality: 295
  • Energy: 50

Boosts to life:

  • 214% Increased Maximum Life. His total life after mods is 4807.


  • Zeal: +702% enhanced damage, lvl.42 with synergies
  • Fanaticism: +510% enhanced damage, +439% to party damage, lv.33 with synergies.
  • Damage as per LCS: 6099-17K
    • This includes 36-63 Fire, 32-235 Cold, 2-29 Lightning, 1639 over ?? Poison, 50-150 Magic damage
    • Basic damage boosted 293-862!
    • No Demon damage boost
    • 69% Damage to Undead boost (that Pearl Jewel below)
    • 54% Crushing Blow, 60% Deadly Strike

Defense: 31824 (approx. 18% chance to get hit), 75% block after Lv.47 Holy Shield

  • This includes 53% Damage reduction - which is only -37% when amp'd and 50% when not.
    • 48% Faster hit recovery.
    • 81% Increased Block Chance.
    • 30% Faster block.


  • 78% run/walk
  • 176% IAS - umm what?? HOW?! ...must be those Ideal Craft jewels


  • Fanaticism: maxed first.
  • Holy Shield: maxed second.
  • Zeal: maxed third.
  • Vengeance: Throw a couple in this skill, unless you already have a lot of elemental damage. Not only that, but it boosts your Zeal damage.
  • Might: You can boost this to increase the damage output that Fanaticism gives. If playing solo, this might not be a good option unless you want your merc to deal more damage.


Would you believe this guy existed on Malek's equipment? Malek's set is Lv.45, and what I've done to this set so far was to upgrade the normal pieces to Exceptional (I didn't upgrade the Muscle Belt though): the Blessed Edge and Elven Chain armor.

I also gave him quite a bit of IAS through rune forging and socketables. All socketables were stat forged for increased life except for two - which were stat forged for increased resistances.

I didn't have any "uber" recipes (usually the 35-50 ones) but I re-rolled a #49 so I had a Veteran's Odd Charm. I had another recipe to make the Maple Leaf, which made this charm possible. Such rune has the "Harmony" runeword socketed (Wa Se I).

  • Helmet: Malek's, (Grand Crown) increased life forge with Ideal Craft jewel and resists forge.
  • Belt: Malek's, (Muscle Wrap) +1 Paladin skills forge, Ideal Craft jewel with resists forge.
  • Gloves: Shiva's Touch (Heavy Bracers) IAS rune forged, Lady Eboshi's Greed jewel with increased life forge, four D-Stones on life boost.
  • Boots: Boots of the Valiant (Battle Boots) increased life forge on both boots and jewel, one D-Stone on life boost, jewel is a Pearl jewel (+% ED/AR to Undead).
  • Weapon: Malek's, (Blessed Edge -> Divine Blade) ED rune forged, Jewel forged with +1 combat skills, one D-Stone on damage boost; jewel is a Ruby jewel (+% ED). (+6 upgrade penalty.)
    • I found Recipe #38 to be helpful here - I used it to add Slain Monsters R.I.P. Great against those goatlords and their minions.
  • Armor: Malek's, (Elven Chain - Drow Adamantite Chain) increased life forge on both armor and jewel, one D-Stone on life boost; Jewel is a Nexus Star jewel. (+6 upgrade penalty.)
  • Shield: Malek's, (Barbed Shield) +1 Paladin skills forge, Bohemian Stone jewel with increased resists forge, eight D-Stones on life boost.
  • Amulet: Talisman of Daikokuten - +1 Paladin skills forge.
  • Ring 1: Dual-leech ring with increased life forge.
  • Ring 2: White Rose Petal - +1 Paladin skills forge.
  • The Perfect Cell charm with +1 Paladin skills forge.
  • Veteran's Odd Charm with Harmony runeword (Wa Se I).

(6/15/10) Added note: I could've used Exuberance (A I Ka) but I chose Harmony because of the life and +DR% boost.

(6/15/10) Added note: This character had a lot of stoning room left, I could've done much better damage-wise, but his re-work is promising: I should have more anvils and stones to work with on the new character. I also forgot to mention one very useful recipe for making Maple Leafs: use any un-necessary unique charm with a Rejuv potion and key in the Cube... and get a Maple Leaf and your key back :)

Merc and Merc Equipment

Mercenary? Up until the Throne in Act 5 Hell, I had kept the Act 1 Fire rogue. I had scored a set jackpot that supplied her the Nightmare rogue set, but I didn't have the time to shuffle runes around to upgrade it to Hell when she graduated to capability.

I also can tell you that an Act 3 mercenary can do as well, but suit him with a lot of +Skills equipment with Mercenary Forging on them..

(6/15/10) Also note, if you do choose to use an Act 3 mercenary, or if your current merc takes too much physical damage, consider using skulls for socketing and melding on the armor (and shield if you are using Act 3 merc). Resistance on your merc should be top priority so he doesn't die easily.



  • you need the grand crown and barbed shield, it's somewhere mid Nightmare I believe -- psycho2? 02-13-2011 (Sun) 22:37:35
  • Where did you get most of your malek's gear at? I can only find the sword, armour, and belt. =/ -- Holy_Calls? 02-13-2011 (Sun) 05:07:40

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