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The Summoning Sorc

How do I make an enchantress without having to go melee (which I don't like)? It's simple - let someone else do the job!
In the beginning I had a rather vague idea of what this char was going to be like. I played around with several ideas and did some calculations on how the damage output was going to be. First I thought about a Strafe or Multi Shot act I rogue to enchant. She would do all the damage and I would just be her enchant/aura/curse bitch. The problem was obvious, we would get our asses beaten up unless the equipment was really really godly. Not a real problem, but a downside I didn't want to deal with. The first thing that came to my mind when I thought about survivability were revives. They are basically immortal AND there are plenty of them available that do normal melee attacks. I will discuss the importance of that later on. While building the sorc I came up with various new ideas. I added skeletons, a valkyrie and worked on the item setup until I found a quite good solution.

As you can see I stacked quite a bunch of auras to get the best possible support. My merc is an Act III Sorcerer. His aura gives another 111% fire skill damage. That is also applied to all of my minions. With enchant doing about 22k dmg, each monster does about 47k fire dmg per hit! With 9 revives, 9 skeletons and 1 valkyrie that is more than just noticeable.

Stats and Attributes


You can see that I invested all of my points into energy. I did so because it increases my fire skill dmg and therefore also the damage of all my minions.


Enchant: 30
Fanatic Swing: 25
Meteor Shower: 20
Fire Mastery: 20
Fire Bolt: 1
Fire Shield: 3
Fire Ball: 1
Meteor: 1

99 Points in Fire Skills

Charged Bolt: 13
Teleport: 1
Telekinesis: 1
Static Field: 1
Lightning Mastery: 1

After finishing my enchant I started to push charged bolt. When I noticed it had become strong enought I put the rest of the points into fire shield. That's where any future points will go.


This armor is probably not the top solution, but still great. Resists, defense, skills (even +2 for my merc which means again +6% fire skill damage for me AND then for my minions again) and many other useful stats.

Simple but effective. If I add the damage that the skeleton's hits add to this build this can't be beaten by anything that's not better AND also has skeletons.

These are mainly to increase (read: boost into the sky) the damage of my own main attack skill: Exploding Arrow.

After some considerations it turned out to be best to have Exploding Arrow as an oskill on an item rather than on the bow (oskill or on attack). The reasin is simple: My bow. :)

This is the best possible item for damage (not counting other, better bows with 6 sockets and better stats). It's socketed with 6 -5% fire skill damage Salamander Stones that are all forged with +1 to sorc skills. The fire damage (which is also multiplied with my fire skill dmg%!) and the life replenish are nice side effects.

This is the one and only item for an enchanter sorc. The relation between price and benefit is totally out of reach for any other item.

Good skills, nice attributes, good ring. All skills are more important for this char than for others because of the many oskills she uses.

Sorc classic. Nothing can beat the +7 to lower resist.

Again, just +all skills stacked. Maras could probably beat this with +5 to all skills possible.

2 all skills, 9% piercing attack (not important anymore but handy with mid quality equip)

Since my main skill AND my backup skill for fire immunes can both be cast with left mouse button this is the best helm. Conviction can't get this strong with only aura-when-equipped-items.

Merc and Merc Equipment

My merc is an Act III sorcerer. He is basically my aura bitch. His weapon has Fanaticism, Armor has annihilation and boots have vigor. Besides that his equip is also packed with +1 all skills mod to improve his aura. Each level of his aura increases the damage of my minions by 6,09% (3% per skill level applied twice).

The OSkills

Exploding Arrow:
The splash carries the full damage of enchant (fire mastery is not applied a second time like it is in melee combat!). The LCS tells me I have over 200k fire damage but in reality it should be around 30k+. Against a big crowd it's devastating and even single monsters take quite a beating from it.

The use of this is obvious. With all +skills I have 100% piercing attack. Monsters close to a wall get hit twice. Crowds get hit several times by one arrow, each hit dealing dmg to several monsters.

Obviously the number one aura choice for a character with elemental damage. It lowers enemies resistances by 87%, a side effect is -78% defense which lets my monsters hit more often.

This one is on my charm, that is why you can't see it on my items. I use Captive (Ho Ri Yo). Right now I have 9 revives.

Raise Skeleton:
Skeletons deal melee damage too and they have a much more aggressive AI than most monsters, making them perfect for this build. Unfortunately they die quite fast in hell making it necessary to constantly summon new ones. But they live more than long enought to really hurt badly.

Skeleton Mastery:
Both, belt and charm, have this, which is much appreciated of course! More hit points and damage for my minions. The latter is only a nice side effect though. It also improves attack rating -> more hits -> more damage.

I added this one to my ring. Probably +1 all skills rather than this would be better. But I like a summon that doesn't require corpses and it's cool anyway.

Auras and how they work together

Mentioned above

Protection from Fire:
Besides Conviction this is by far the most important aura of this build. Right now it's at skill level 37 which means:
111% fire skill damage for me, my merc and my minions
41% damge reduction
40% fire absorb, making me and my minions almost immune to fire attacks
And the best thing is that for my minions the damage doesn't scale linearly with this aura increasing but even more since it increases my enchant and then again their fire damage when attacking. Unfortunately this second dmg boost is not applied to ranged attacks.
And now, since I love theorycrafting, I just HAD to add this. If you don't like the math behind Diablo 2, just skip to Fanaticism. ;)
The Facter F by which the fire damage of the monster's melee attacks increases depends on the damage p from the aura (p=slvl*3%) and on the amount of fire skill damage q that the char has before gaining the aura. The formula for F is

This shows that the gain is higher than linear. I also did a little diagram to illustrate what this aura does to minions at several different amounts of q.

As you can see larger amounts of fire skill damage on items and from energy reduce the relative effect of Protection from Fire. This is not to be confused with the absolute increase in damage which will increase with fire skill dmg from any location! Right now my monsters gain about 150% extra damage. That means my merc does more than double their damage!

This is the perfect aura for this build. It increases attack speed and improves the monster's chance to hit (only slightly since the major portion of AR comes from enchant). Damge is also increased which is a nice side effect.

Extremely powerful on summoning builds. The attack speed is increased further AND monsters gain crushing blow which is very effective against bosses and fire immune monsters.
Fanaticism and Annihilation add 51% increased attack speed. Just to quantify this a bit, Skeletons hit every 10 frames instead of 15, effectively increasing their total damage by 50%. These two auras are enought to make my sorc attack at 8 frames per attack which is the maximum speed a sorc can reach with a bow.
Unfortunately even the maximum level of fanaticism on a weapon (which is 12 on magic items) is not enougth to push my skeletons to 9 frames per attack.

This does not affect damage directly, but it makes the monsters walk and run a lot faster. Before I added this aura I often had the problem that it took ages until my monsters got moving and attacked the enemy. Even after doing so it took another while until they reached the enemy, resulting in a fight very close to me and therefore dangerous for my sorc. This problem is entirely solved with Vigor. A few percents of extra life are welcome too.

Aura of Divinity:
Level 12 means +2 to all skills. That is for all my minions and my merc. The damage gain of my minions of over 12% is explained above.

Little Summary:
The fascinating thing about this character is the realative ease with which it cuts through monster armies. Anything that is not fire immune can't stand more than a few hits of my monsters. The rest dies quite fast from charged bolt. I hardly ever have to use static field. Not even fire immune bosses (that even stay immune after LR and Conv) are any problem. Even though I knew it would work somethow I couldn't explain to myself why it works that great until I checked all effects of the auras and figured out how they stack:

  • Minions have a HUGE attack rating (more than 1000% from ench and fanaticism).
  • They attack VERY fast due to two auras increasing their attack speed.
  • Monsters have very low defense (only about one fifth of what is normal) due to conviction.
  • Minons deal crushing blows, only 27% but that's more than enought.

Things that are still a problem

The Wyverns! Those bastards tend to ignore my minions and hit my sorc, not to mention their tornados that pierce everything and stun my army. Though if they get cornered they die within seconds.

Plans for the Future

  • add more allskill jewels
  • check for better gloves/boots/belt
  • give more allskills to merc
  • reroll Burning Sands for higher skill boost


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  • I'll tell you why... you posted the first comment the day after I put it online ;) -- Firesnake/Rychveldir? 11-26-2009 (Thu) 07:53:27
  • Well, I don't know why no comments - I think this is a very well written guide and a build that is unique and interesting. -- Dave? 11-25-2009 (Wed) 20:55:01

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