Frostburn - Enchantress with Holy Freeze

Character Intro and Overview

This character is a realization of my idea posted in ES forum.

She is a successor of Igniss with a more defensive-minded build strategy. Holy Freeze replaces Holy Shock for its global slow effect. Shade Armor is added for more toughness. 75% blocking with enough FBR can be life-saving when facing hard-hitting monsters in Domain. Revived monsters not only absorb damage for her but also deals some respectable damage.

On the offensive end, she still has more than sufficient firepower as an Enchantress. She deals two kinds of elemental damage (fire and cold) simultaneously so she doesn't have to worry about fire immune mobs.

Stats and Attributes

With all buff/aura activated:

All points into energy for more fire/cold skill damage.




Skill levels with equipment


As Igniss, skills points in Enchant is adjusted so that slvl reaches 100 with Burning Sands. Excessive points are spent on Fire Armor.


Level 94 Holy Freeze
Adds about 57k cold damage to attack and slows all enemy within 40 yards by 60 percent.

Level 24 Shade Armor
Reduces damage by 56 percent and increases 181% defense.

Level 29 Lower Resist
Lowers 58% Fire/Cold/Lightning resistance of enemy, radius 22.6 yards.

Level 24 Oak Sage
Increases 278% maximal life .

Level 26 Battle Orders
Increases 110% maximal life & mana.

Level 24 Valkyrie
A tough minion that can be summoned anytime anywhere is quite helpful.

Level 23 Revive
Up to 7 revived monsters. This is inspired by Firesnake's Summoning Enchantress. Revived monsters not only protect her from taking hits but also deal some respectable damage. I prefer reviving ranged monsters since I can easily have them focus fire by properly-placed teleport. Black Souls (and their family) work best because they have an aggressive AI and readily deploy after teleport, and their piercing lightning attack seems to hit enemy multiple times while each hit carries fire damage from Enchant. They can easily take down Duriels clones in MoP within seconds even under /p8.


Mainly for high chance to cast Immolation on striking. +2 All skill, 50% WIAS, +defense are also nice mods.

Oskill Holy Freeze. Gem melding for block rate and FBR.

Weapon switch
Totally +23 to Enchant. I may reroll it to perfect +5 All/+14 Enchant if necessary.

Oskill Shade Armor and +Fire/Cold/Lightning skill damage.

Oskill Oak Sage and huge life bonus. I've tried Kanji runeword "Creature" but don't have enough hotkeys for those oskills, so I'm back to this one eventually.

Oskill Holy Freeze.

Magic one with +16 to Holy Freeze.

Magic one with +16 to Holy Freeze.

Rare ammy with +1 to All Skills and +12 to Holy Freeze.


Rare ring with +1 to All Skills and oskill Battle Orders.

Damage Augmenter
All unique charms except for Vlad Tepe's Sustenance.

Veteran's Odd Charm: runeword "Captive" for oskill Revive.

Skiller charms: +Fire tab magic odd charm*6, +Fire tab rare grand charm*5, Static Fields large charm*1

Merc and Merc Equipment

Act3 Fire Sorcerer, providing several kinds of auras.

  • Weapon: Runeword "Burn"
  • Armor: Izeal's Vise
    These two combined provide Level 9 Conviction.
  • Shield: Runeword "Envy"
    Level 15 Defiance, synergized by his own Protection From Fire
  • Helm: Magic Diadem with Level 9 Salvation
  • Gloves: Gloves of the Dark Mage
  • Belt: Harness of the Gods
  • Boots: Hermes' Gift
    Level 6 Vigor
  • Amulet: Beads of the Guardian, Level 4 Annihilation forged to increase minions' attack speed and crushing blow
  • Rings: Zodiac Band + Elemental Jewel

Weapon, shield, helm, and armor are merc-converted.


  • Very cool. must have taken while to vendor the skill armors. -- Daishi? 12-30-2013 (Mon) 23:14:10
  • Nice enchantress they are so much fun. Just restarted es fresh Im now testing the 2 frame attack idea I posted on Ignisses page a while back. Will put her up here soon. -- Vigr? 06-21-2013 (Fri) 10:02:04

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