Ghali - Sandstorm Druid

Stats and Attributes


Base Attributes
470 Energy


NOTE: I got a problem with my Diablo2 Installation. I only get 1/1/2 Skillpoints at the quests(den,rada,izeal). Means I miss about 12 Skillpoints.
Cyclone Armor 30
Arctic Blast 30
Winter Fury 30
Tornado 23
Sandstorm 1



Every Item is forged with +1 to All Skills. D-Stoning mostly + % Max Life, + Life, Faster Cast Rate or some resists. The weapon is d-stoned with +% wind skill damage.

10 Odd Charms with +1 to Elemental Skills and socketed with +1 to All Skills Jewel.
All Unique Charms(except yellow jellow)are forged and socketed with +1 to All Skills Jewel.

Helmet and Armor:
Insight Runeword, Rare Earth Spirit with +Skills and Amplify Damage Curse.

Weapon and Shield:
Rare Shillegah D-stoned with +%Wind Skill Damage, Rare Shield with Inner Sight.

3x Runefusion Gloves converted:

Rings and Amulet:
Rare Rings with Skills and one with Teleport, LvL 75 Druid Amulet

Veteran's Odd Charm:
Master of Water

Merc and Merc Equipment

Act3 Hell Cold Sorcerer Merc with Protection from Cold Aura
Harlequin Crest Shako
Tasselhoff Set
6 Socket Jeweled Edge with 8 To All Skills
4 Socket Magic Shield with 5 To All Skills
Rare boots with CtC Shock armor when struck
Mara's Kaleidoscope
2x One ring


  • Thank you for the compliment, but this char is clean and absolutely rebuildable online. "and even kanji runes" - wow kanji are sooo impossible to get. As you can see in the Hall of Glory, many have kanjii runes. You never really played ES I think, Its possible to switch jewels from 1 character to the other, the same with a water kanji rune. When i played online i had about 50 +1 to all skill jewels and 3 Kanjii Runes. That was my Sandstorm Druid online 3 years ago -- Bronko? 06-13-2013 (Thu) 08:11:18
  • this build is cheated like all other builds. this guy got tons of +skill jewels and even kanji runes. you cheater! cheater! cheater! -- chtuluh? 06-12-2013 (Wed) 16:52:22

File to attaach: fileweapshie-gha.jpg 662 download [Information] filespells-gha.jpg 574 download [Information] fileskills-gha.jpg 1166 download [Information] filesats-gha.jpg 750 download [Information] filejewelery-gha.jpg 678 download [Information] fileinventory-gha.jpg 647 download [Information] filehelmarm-gha.jpg 1165 download [Information] filecharm-gha.jpg 618 download [Information] filebobegl-gha.jpg 634 download [Information]

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