DualGluttony (Lucifer666) + Golden_Pig (bastige)

Character Intro and Overview

This was originally an experiment by forum user Lucifer666 in an effort to see just how much gold could be amassed using basically the obvious +% Extra Gold From Monsters runewords and equipment. For that reason, I am supplying you with both his setup and my setup, and they will be separated by character. If you were thinking of experimentation in this category... This barbarian specializes in double "Gluttony"-runeword weapons, along with other items to increase survivability. While not a power build, this can easily bring your characters a LOT of money.

Stats and Attributes


All Strength.


75 Dex, rest Strength



War Cry on LMB; Battle Command, Battle Orders, Shout and Double Swing on RMB for primary switch.
Berserk on LMB and Ancients' Call on RMB for alternate switch.
All passives except for Throwing Mastery are 1-point.


30 Double Swing, on left button
25 Frenzy, as synergy to Iron Skin and Double Swing
20 Berserk, as synergy to Double Swing
1-point Shout; 3-point Battle Orders; 6-point Battle Command
1-point passives except for Throwing Mastery; rest of the points were split between Close Combat and Bash.



From the Forums:
Full Tasselhoff (Dstoned +Life %) Edit:(forged Ra for more GF and torso Ni for DR%)
Mighty Viper Hands(gem melded Diamonds)
Thief Dwarven Faceplate(Dstoned +Life %(finished)now Dstoning GF)
Dual Gluttony in Hellfire Swords (Obsidian,Sapphire,Skull melded,and soon Diamond melded)
Band Of Pestilence (ctc Creeping Doom very very usefull) (Forged +1 Barb) and Socketed with + 1 Barb Rare Jewel with +7% Life +14 Min Dmg and some minor mods
Mad Celt Shining Sparkly socketed Ni rune and forged +1 Barb
Smaqdouns Painful Pride (Forged CBF) and Socketed Nexus Star Forged +1 Barb skills


Weapons: "Gluttony" Hellfire Swords (regretting it)
Armor, Belt, Boots: Tasselhoff's Traveling Gear
Armor socketed: 3x Lv.60 Strength jewels, all forged +1 Combat Skills; armor forged +16% Life; will be d-stoned +% Life
Boots socketed: 2x Lady Eboshi's Greed jewels, one forged extra gold, the other +16 resists; boots forged +1 all skills; will be d-stoned +% Life
Belt socketed: 2x Perfect Skull; belt Ni-forged for 8% DR (total 20% DR)
Gloves: Suffocation of Indifference, socketed with Perfect Amethyst; Chi-forged to negate life drain (I didn't do that forge for this guy); will be Obsidian-melded
Helm: "Thief" (Nu Su Tsu To) Conqueror Crown, will be d-stoned +% Life
Ring1: Madawc's Frenzy, socketed with Fu for Cannot Be Frozen; forged +1 all skills
Ring2: Mad Celt's Shining Sparkly, socketed with Perfect Diamond; forged +1 all skills
Amulet: Band of War, socketed with Perfect Diamond; forged +1 all skills

Play Style


Barbaric Devastator on weapon switch for a powerful Berserk attack. Main weapons are "Gluttony" Hellfire Swords. War Cry stuns monsters, making them easy targets. With the Band of Pestilence, monsters are also bleeding and CtC Creeping Doom helps keep most monsters stunned.


"Gluttony" Dire Flails, I chose them because of the faster speed, and same reach of the swords. While my style is a little more risky, since I don't use the War Cry or Pestilence ring, I do have the Suffocation of Indifference gloves for the slow, and Band of War to amp monsters. If I face difficult physical immunes, I'll start to use Berserk. Dead monsters are searched using Find Treasure.

8/13/12: Switched to Hellfire Swords. While the minimum damage went up, max durability and speed went down. Once I hit the Burst of Speed proc, though, everything is OK.

Shared tactic

War Cries are casted in a regular basis: Battle Command, then Battle Orders, then Shout. The difference between the two of us: Lucifer666 has 18 points Battle Command (which give +4 all skills) while I have 6 (only +2).

Merc and Merc Equipment


Act 2 "Might" mercenary which uses Concentration on equip weapon Dragon's Breath and Atlastrust with Lv.6 Annihilation-on-equip. Helm is Wanderer for Melle Mastery,Elemental Jewel for resists,Eye of Etlich for +2 All and Socket and the equipment is Merc converted for DR%.He also wears full Achilles Set which is generally the best melle merc support Set...


Act 3 Lightning mercenary, Iron Wolf N set (I didn't get around to giving him the H set yet), two Dragon Eye rings which give a total +28% extra lightning damage boost. The only aggrivating aspect is that I didn't pull the RIP mod from his armor yet... which can prevent dead bodies from being searched.


We're on the Eastern Sun forums. I (bastige) can be reached there as thepsycho2, of course.

Feel free to discuss my tactics here.

  • I would try to join up but I cannot get Hamachi to behave on this computer, unfortunately. :( -- psycho2? 08-13-2012 (Mon) 22:07:56
  • hmm not sure if this is the place but it seems the only place i can find that ES ppl are still somewhat active that i can post on. do you fellows play online? i have gotten hamachi but all of the servers listed here are full or non existant. only one i have been able to join is Dgs Eastern sun and its only got 2 other members who i rarely see active if at all. Thanks in advance :D and sorry if this isnt allowed :( -- Sooper? 08-13-2012 (Mon) 21:20:08
  • Make it 2107% GF now...bwahahaha,and it will be much more... -- Lucifer666? 04-16-2012 (Mon) 11:34:36
  • Around 1700 GF and can be much more,all equip except Tasselhoff is easyly obtained... -- Lucifer666? 04-11-2012 (Wed) 11:46:26
  • My barb (now 91) has 1708% gold find. Some of this is from Lady Eboshi's Greed jewels. -- psycho2? 04-11-2012 (Wed) 10:29:14
  • Hi, seems nice builds and not so hard to find equipments! How much GF for each build? -- DarkIceX? 04-10-2012 (Tue) 20:32:13

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