Grica - Concentrate Barbarian

Character Intro and Overview


Being a "leet" Barbarian from the day he was born, Grica has taken it upon himself to rid this world of the Three Prime Evils and all of thier minions.

Grica is a Concentrate Barbarian that was created for the GameFace #1 tournament. Characters in this tournament are ranked according to thier score which is determined by thier defense, damage, level and bonus' completed.

He is one of my favorite characters and definitely one that I will be keeping around after the tournament.

Stats and Attributes


Most of Grica's stat points have been put into Vitality. Some were put in Strength early on to equip gear (maybe 15-20 points). These are his stats after warcries. The hp may seem low for endgame Hell, but this is without any D-stoning as you will see in the equipment. His defense here is also while using Concentrate. The resists are higher than they should be. This shot was taken in Nightmare.



I forgot to get a shot of the Combat Skills tree, but I'll get that soon. As you can see, I decided to go for a max defense build. Concentrate, which is my main attack, increases my defense while I use it. Iron Skin is passive and increases my defense by percentage and Shout is a warcry that increases my defense by a percentage for a certain amount of time. Battle Command and Battle Orders are one point wonders, as is Find Treasure (hork, hork, hork). I have one point in each of the "of the Ancients" passives for some extra MF/GF, increased Run/Walk, Vitality and damage reduction. I also have one point in Natural Resistances, which I'd be getting smoked without.

Currently I have 10 skill points to spare. I am planning on saving them until I get my perfect endgame weapon. I'm planning on it being a Titan's Maul so those points will probably go into Mace Mastery to help out my damage for the Grand Slam bonus. I may be switching to a one-hand weapon and shield though. If this is the case, those points could go elsewhere, so I'll just save them for the time being.


OK.... so having screenshots open up in Internet Explorer and totally erase everything that I just put in this section while I'm typing it... THREE TIMES IN A ROW..... is pretty lame. I hate this lousy work computer. Anyways...

(For the third time)

The main focus of Grica's equipment is to get as high a defense as possible. The more base defense I have, the higher my score will be after my skills. Right now Grica is wearing a mix of GF/MF and damage gear. This is becuase the gods of Diablo hate me and I am still looking for many ancient scrolls, gems, jewels, runes, items, etc. But rest assured my Barbarian brethren, I have plenty of really nice defense gear hidden away in my stash.

Just a standard Arreat's Face with a skill forged skill jewel in it. This will more than likely be replaced once I can't stand to wear my gloves anymore.

I love this runeword! It's everything that I want for this build. Highest enhanced defense of any runeword, CBF, Vitality, a great Oskill and it's tailor made for an ethereal armor.

I chose this runeword for my weapon becuase of the Vitality, high enhanced damage and loads of life steal. My life steal was getting pathetically weak when I first got to Act V Hell, so this was a welcome suprise. After D-stoning some extra enhanced damage on there, it has allowed me to complete my Hell Baal bonus on /players 4 and I regularly run the special areas on /players 3 now (quicker, not much difference in drops from /players 4).

I desperately needed some CtC Amp Damage, so I whipped these up. I found my amulet after the fact, but it made no difference (see amulet).

I gambled these recently. The defense is low but the defense added from the Shock Armor makes up for it. The GF/MF is nice as well. These will be replaced later since I have found a belt with nicer mods and a better level Shock Armor.

Good old Goldie's. It's got two MF / clvl jewels in it.

This is a damn good amulet. However, I can't stand to cast Amp Damage. I'd much rather have it on CtC (see gloves) so I don't have to fool with it at all. I will more than likely end up trying to find something better.

Sweet jesus yes. I actually found these after the millions upon millions of gold spent gambling. These are most certainly my endgame rings. They are both forged, but I'm still waiting on a scroll to socket them.

Grica has a few of the unique charms that are forged, but still no scroll to socket them with (feeling like a broken record right now. damn scrolls!). The rest of his inventroy is filled with max damage/attack rating/skill tab/resists charms. Some of them will be socketed as soon as I.... yeah, find the scroll....

Merc and Merc Equipment

My merc is an Act II Defiance merc. His sole purpose in life is too boost my defense while not dieing. At this, he does a pretty good job. He can take a pretty decent beating when you combine his arua with Shout and Battle Orders (and hes D-stoned the hell out for life steal). His gear is just the Nightmare Act II merc set. I'm in the process of hunting down the peices for the Hell set and then his gear will not be touched until mine is done. My only real concern with his gear is getting as many "+ 1 to All skills" on him as possible to boost his arua ----> to boost my defense -----> to boost my score.


  • DIABLO 2 FTW -- Nec_Fury? 03-21-2013 (Thu) 17:01:53
  • derp -- 03-21-2013 (Thu) 17:00:37
  • This is a character from a very old patch. Few of the skills have changed since then. He also built the character for defence since that was part of the scoring component for the tourney. -- Hans? 01-31-2011 (Mon) 20:11:21
  • combat skills please?? -- daniel sh? 01-31-2011 (Mon) 18:45:01
  • Hey, boobers. Is that really you that just posted? How have you been? Jump in the Heptad tourney. We need more competitors. -- Metro? 06-10-2009 (Wed) 15:56:32
  • He often times lurks around the wiki and then says "screw it... i'll wait for D3." -- boobers? 06-04-2009 (Thu) 13:07:20
  • It's old. boobers hasn't been around in months. -- Metro? 09-19-2008 (Fri) 11:06:25
  • how old is this build? the skill trees aren't like that anymore. -- Eaiin? 09-18-2008 (Thu) 21:55:24
  • yeah i just havent really messed with him much. any and all resources were going into Gricas armor. -- boobers? 02-04-2008 (Mon) 18:44:47
  • have u merc forged hes items? There are recipes for upg. merc set, even up to hell version :P ( just to let u know, i dont know if there's any special rules about set upg in that tournament, or any of the other .... -- lordbrox? 02-04-2008 (Mon) 15:20:00
  • Feel free to leave you comments, suggestions or questions! -- boobers? 07-17-2007 (Tue) 16:37:53

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