Hawkman - Barbarian

Character Intro and Overview

Hawkman came into existence 60 years ago, being born in the northernmost realms of the Dreadlands. He was schooled as a lad by none other than Deckard Cain. It was here that he learned most valuable lessons for those Barbarians who desire to go beyond simply completing the Hell Mode Quests. Most notable of these were:

1) Above all else, find the secret of accumulating gold. A treasury full of Gold will dramatically reduce the amount of time spent farming for equipment and resources. Research in the Eastern Sun Databank, this Wiki site and on the Phrozen Keep forums will enable one to know, in advance, exactly what types of armor, weapons and jewelry are desireable especially for post Hell Mode gameplay.

2) All players should make use of the provided Gambling Filter which allows one to specify exactly which type of what item is to be gambled for. One will become ever more skillful in obtaining items rarely if ever found in gameplay and exactly those type of items one desires. Once one has the desired type of item, one's Gold can purchase Gems for use in Rerolling the item either to perfect it, if Unique, or to transform it into exactly what one desires. The cost to purchase Perfect Gems is 437,000 if purchased from Akara in Rogue Encampment. One saves 48,348 Gold per Perfect Gem compared to Larzuk's price in Harrogath.

3) One should settle on the type of Helm, Boots, Rings and Amulet are desired as early as possible in gameplay. Either Gamble for them or find them in gameplay. Once obtained, one should begin to use Dragon Stone and Gem Melding Recipes to modify these five items toward the goal of 400% Extra Gold From Monsters and 400% Magic Find on each item. Rivers of Gold and multitudes of Unique/Set items will now be yours. Gold can be used to Gamble, to Reroll, and to purchase Gems for Rerolling, Gem Melding and conversion into Maple Leafs. Gambling can be for Unique/Set items which can be converted into Dragon Stones. Dragon Stones and Perfect Gems can be converted into Maple Leafs.

4) One must carefully research how to convert items found or obtained through Gambling, into Dragon Stones, Maple Leafs and SA Runes. As one Dragon Stones or Gem Melds items, their Level Requirement Penalty, for so doing, will eventually exceed the Character's Level, preventing the use of the item. Secret Recipe 50 uses SA Runes and Maple Leafs to reduce the Level Requirement back to and even below your Character's level, thus enabling use of the item once again. To continue to increase the Mod attribute through Dragon Stoning or Gem Melding, one must have Maple Leafs and SA Runes. Hence the need to know from the very beginning all the methodolgies for gaining resources for the creation of these two items.

5) Use Secret Recipe 37 to add Self Repair to all five armor items, shields, and non-ethereal weapons which eliminates repair cost and the need to do so.

6) Complete the Gem Melding and DStoning of three pieces that can give one 400% Extra Gold From Monsters and 400% Magic Find to a minimum of 1200%. As resources permit, complete the goal of having all five items at 400% for these two Mods.

7) Carefully study the attributes one wants for this Character. Set goals as to what extent one wants to increase these attributes via Dragon Stone and Gem Melding modification Recipes. One must know which attribute modifications can be obtained from Dragon Stone Recipes, which from Gem Melding Recipes, and which can be obtained from both. In the case of attribute modifications obtainable from both types of Recipes, use the type that gives the most modification for the smallest cost in Dragon Stones, Maple Leafs and SA Runes. The cost of Perfect Gems becomes almost irrevelant if you have 2000% Extra Gold From Monsters on one's items because they can be purchased. Gem Melding is generally cheaper, has attribute modifications unique to Gem Melding and two and three desirable attribute modifications can be added and/or increased with some Gem Melding Recipes per each application of said Recipe.

8) As to how one begins to modify items to obtain the desired attribute modifications, there is no set pattern for step by step modification. Each to their own, but increasing damage inflicted on foes and increasing one's life, (ability to survive damage one sustains), seems prudent initially. Defense and All Resistances mods become ever more beneficial as one progresses through the Normal, Nightmare and Hell Mode Quests.

9) To summarize, one has two options when beginning to play the Eastern Sun Mod. One can simply learn as one progresses through the Modes and Quests and apply their knowlege and skills the best they know how. Or one can engage in patient study of all the information available on this Wiki site, the Eastern Sun Database site and the Phrozen Keep Forum site. Take careful notes and create your own personal database for easy reference. This study will save any new player many times the amount of time invested in study as compared to the time spent in wasted effort and mistakes in obtaining and modifying equipment and Characters done on the fly. Before one enters the first game of Normal Mode:

a) Know the armor, weapons, and jewelry one is seeking (one can change their mind later),

b) Know how to use Gamble Filter for Gambling to obtain the armor, weapons, and jewelry one is seeking,

c) Know which attributes one wants for the Character and how much modification of them one desires,

d) Know the Dragon Stone and Gem Melding Recipes that increase these attributes and how to use them cost effectively,

e) Know the Secret Recipes one desires to use with the Character,

f) Know all the methodolgies for using gameplay and Gambled for resources for the creation of Maple Leafs and SA Runes,

10) When one is satisfied with or has "completed" one's Character, create a new one and begin again.

Hawkman, when commissioned to cleanse the realm of evil, methodically searches throughout Baal's world for those who seek to overwhelm us. He does not leave any foes standing. No matter what powers his foes possess, or how many foes seek to destroy him, Hawkman rules. All Slain Monsters Rest In Peace. He is relentless. He owns a treasure house of the most powerful charms and jewels which enable him to become any monsters worst nightmare. He can indeed live a charmed life. He trusts few, never forging alliances with warriors from foreign Barbaric hordes. No enemy can say they have seen him for those who do dwell in the Halls of the Dead. He is wise beyond all knowing for he has attained great skill in choosing which armor to wear and weapons to use and then carefully designing them to possess the attributes he desires. He is ever seeking knowledge on how to become immortal and invincible, for after 60 years of life, he knows his days are numbered. All hail Hawkman.

Whisperings have been heard, from all corners of the realm, that Master Tsuru and the Perfect Cell have combined to create vast hordes of immensely powerful minions whose powers will even surpass those of the terrors found in Nihlathak's Domain. Brother of Hawkman, Hercules has reached Harrogath's hellish gates and has conquered the highest difficulty level of Nihlathak's Domain. In fellowship together, these two Barbarians of the Apocalypse will combine their skills, knowledge and storehouses of armor & weaponry. No one yet knows whether or not even this legendary twosome will have what is required to once again cleanse the Realm of these forthcoming evil minions especially with the Coming of the "One". Brother Hercules, after attaining Level 100, is in residence in Harrogath healing from wounds. Great news has reached Hawkman's ears, Silverdawn, Hawkman's trusted sister, captured in the Sharval Wilds seven years ago, has escaped. She is making her way home to Harrogath even as you read these musings. While missing, she has managed to improve her skills to Level 99. This will compliment and empower Hawkman and Hercules still further. Their defense of Harrogath may yet succeed.

Hawkman V Character.JPG

Stats and Attributes

Barbarians will sustain immense amounts of physical and elemental damage because they normally will physically encounter each and every foe or sworms of foes in battle. Damage and Life must be balanced. Barbs with high Life and low Damage will be defeated just as readily as those with high Damage and low Life. After all, one must survive being damaged, until the damage one does defeats foes. There are many attributes which can be added to the character's equipment which promote invulnerability to any type or amount of damage mustered by foes. Obviously, obtaining armor, weapons, jewels, runes, and charms with attributes you desire is primary, but finding items that can be Crafted with attributes specific to the character being built certainly is not secondary. Equipment, Jewels, Unique Charms, rings, amulets can be Forged for Skills and attribute improvements. They can and should be socketed so that each piece can become even more powerful. Most equipment pieces and jewelry can be DStoned and Gem Melded and thereby be enhanced. Finally, cube recipes can be used to Reroll, Craft, enhance and transform many items to improve a character depending upon how much time one wishes to devote this task.

Barbarian Character Build

Gameplay experience alone can demonstrate the level to which any Mod need be taken. More important to Character building is the choice of Mods one needs to empower their build. Once these are determined, then one must know which Recipes to use to meet these levels at the lowest possible cost. Maple Leafs and SA Runes are not abundantly bestowed upon any Character. No matter how knowledgeable one is as to how to gather resources to make them or how diligently one searches to find SA Runes (or resources to make them), supplying your Character with these two items will both determine and limit one's choices. Even though each modding of a Ring or Amulet increases the Level Requirement Penalty by 4, making it more expensive than if the same Mod is added to items with a Level Requirement Penalty of 3, Rings and Amulets need be Modded but once and then can be shared among all Characters which is the most sensible and least costly method of enhancing Character attributes. When one has a Mod which only needs to be added to one item, mod a Jewelry first, then check Armor, Shield and Helm Recipes. Even if the particular Mod needs to be maxed on several items in order to reach the desired level on the Character, modify Armor, Helm and Shield first. Elemental Damage Recipes have no significant value to a Barb who can convert Physical Damage to Magic Damage simply by selecting Beserk for the attack skill. However, Barbarian Character builds that focus on a particular Elemental Damage can provide enjoyable gameplay. The only Mod pertaining to Mana that a Barb needs is Mana Steal. One needs to study the cost to add each Mod to an item by comparing Dragon Stone with Gem Meld Recipes. When costs are similar, one needs to check their supply of Gems and Dragon Stones before deciding which Recipe or combination of Recipes to use.


Barbs would never concern themselves with Damage Reduction, Damage Reduction %, Magic Damage Reduction, Freeze Target, Half Freeze Duration and - Target Defense Mods. Nor would they use Elemental Absorb Mods because other Mods make them basically immune from Elemental Damage. Barbs are not about to wait for a foe or group of foes to bleed to death from Open Wounds or die from poison damage. Barbs rarely use Shields making the Increased Chance Of Blocking and Faster Block Rate Mods of no concern. Increasing Attack Speed to 360% dramatically reduces the hopes of success for those foes who have the ability to Slow or Freeze Targets.

1) Strength: 200 all possible items.
2) Dexterity: 200 to two items.
3) Magic Find: 1200% on three items minimum with a goal of 2000% on five items.
4) Extra Gold From Monsters: 1200% on three items minimum with a goal of 2000%.
5) Increase Max Life: 60% all possible items.
6) Replenish Life: 60 to three items with a goal of 60 on five items.
7) Life Steal: 100% Total.
8) Mana Steal: 100% Total.
9) Damage To Demons: 500% Total.
10) Damage to Undead: 500% Total.
11) Life: 479 Life to all possible items.
12) Bonus To Attack Rating: 100% minimum with a goal of 500%.
13) Attack Rating: 2000 to three items.
14) Crushing Blow: 100% Total.
15) Deadly Strike: 100% Total.
16) Faster Run/Walk: 120% Total.
17) Faster Hit Recovery: 120% Total.
18) Increased Attack Speed: 120% on three items.
19) All Resistances: 150% on two items.
20) Enhanced Damage: 900% on Weapon and Gloves.
21) Enhanced Defense: 900% on two items with a goal of 900% on all five armor pieces.
22) Max Damage: 50 to Max Damage on Weapon and Gloves.
23) Light Radius: 10 to Light Radius to Helm.

Item Enhancement

Strength: DS five armor pieces to 200 Strength.

Dexterity: DS Gloves and Helm to 200 Dexterity.

Magic Find: DS Amulet and both Rings to 400% Magic Find. GM Helm and Boots 400% Magic Find.

Extra Gold From Monsters: DS Amulet and both Rings to 400% Extra Gold From Monsters. GM Helm and Boots to 400% Extra Gold From Monsters.

Increase Max Life: DS all nine items to 60% Increased Max Life.

Replenish Life: DS Amulet and both Rings to Replenish Life 60%. GM Helm, Boots Replenish Life 60%.

Life Steal: GM Weapon and Gloves to 50% Life Steal each (adds 50 Max Damage to each).

Mana Steal: GM Weapon and Gloves 50% Mana Steal each (adds 50 Max Damage to each).

Damage To Demons: DS Weapon to 500% Damage To Demons.

Damage To Undead: DS Weapon to 500% Damage To Undead.

Life: DS all five armor pieces to 479 To Life.

Bonus To Attack Rating: DS Weapon to 500% Bonus To Attack Rating.

Attack Rating: DS Amulet and both Rings to 2000 to Attack Rating.

Crushing Blow: DS Amulet to 100% Crushing Blow.

Deadly Strike: DS Amulet to 100% Deadly Strike.

Faster Run/Walk: DS Amulet to 120% Faster Run/Walk.

Faster Hit Recovery: DS Amulet to 120% Faster Hit Recovery.

Increased Attack Speed: DS both Rings and Weapon to 120% Increased Attack Speed.

All Resistances: DS both Rings to 150%.

Enhanced Damage: DS Weapon and Gloves to 900% Enhanced Damage.

Enhanced Defense: DS five armor pieces to 900% Enhanced Defense.

Max Damage: GM of Weapon and Gloves for Life and Mana Steal adds 50 Maximum Damage.

Light Radius: DS Helm to 10 to Light Radius.

Elemental Barbarians

GM Weapon to add 400% to Fire, Cold, Lightning or Poison Skill Damage. GM Weapon and/or Gloves to add Fire, Cold, Lightning, Poison and/or Min Damage adds 500% Damage to Demons/Undead, Slows Target 100%, and 60 x 2 Life After Each Kill. One will not need to DS or GM Weapon for these specific Mods. Use Unique Jewels, Forged to add Mods and/or Skills to fill the Sockets in gear and Charms, thus multiplying their beneficial Mods especially those that add xx Elemental Damage. Barbarians using Stun, Concentrate, Bash, and/or Beserk attack Skills receive a 1.25 x All Damage Bonus. Therefore, if the Weapon is at 400% to Elemental Skill, then the Barabarian receives 6.25 to Total Damage for each 1.00 of Elemental Damage added. Characters can take advantage of their sockets in gear, Socketed Charms and Veteran's Grand Charm to place 35 to 40 Unique Jewels into them. Those Jewels can be Forged to add Mods or to add 35 to 40 to Barbarian Skills. Total Damage and other Mods can be increased dramatically when they are increased 35 to 40 times.

Elemental Skills Recipes (Weapons):

1) Spider Silk + Key = 2-5% To Poison Skill Damage (400%)
2) Dragon Stone + Key = 2-5% Fire Skill Damage (400%)
3) Tyranium Ore + Key = 2-5% Lightning Skill Damage (400%)
4) Crushed Gem + Key = 2-5% To Cold Skill Damage (400%)

Elemental Damage Recipes:

1) Perfect Topaz + 3AD = 1 - 15 Lightning Damage (1023), Slows Target 2% (100%), Attacker Takes Lightning Damage Of 5 (1023)
2) Perfect Sapphire + 3AD = 3 - 8 Cold Damage (1023), 2% Deadly Strike (100%), 1 Mana After Each Kill (60)
3) Perfect Emerald + 3 AD = 20 Poison Damage/2 Sec (2042), 3% Open Wounds (100%)
4) Perfect Ruby + 3 AD = 4 - 10 Fire Damage (1023), 10% Damage To Demons (500%), 2 Life After Each Kill (60)

Salamander Stone Unique Jewel

8% CTC a Level 18 Fireball On Striking
Adds 40 to 210 Fire Damage
5% Reduction of Enemy's Fire Resistance
Replenish Life 15

Icestorm Shard Jewel

7% CTC a Level 13 Glacial Spike On Striking
Adds 30 to 160 Cold Damage
5% Reduction of Enemy's Cold Resistance
Regenerate Mana 20%

Sescheronya's Spark Jewel

5% CTC a Level 10 Static Field On Striking
Adds 1 to 250 Lightning Damage
5% Reduction of Enemy's Lightning Resistance
Attacker Takes Lightning Damage of 100

Bohemian Stone Jewel

5% CTC a Level 16 Poison Nova On Striking
Adds 360 Poison Damage over 5 seconds
5% Reduction of Enemy Poison Resistance
Damage Reduced 10


Armor, Helm, Belt, Boots, Rings and Amulet are forged to add +1 All Skills. Gloves and Weapons are forged to add +400 Elemental Damage. All socketed Jewels have been Forged to add +1 to Barb Skills.


All items, including Rings and Amulets are given maximum sockets by the appropriate Recipes. Hawkman's Weapon, Gloves, and Veteran's Charm have sockets filled with Elemental Damage Runes or Unique Jewels to add Elemental Damage.


One tends to seek ways to enhance Diablo Eastern Sun Mod gameplay. Therefore, all Level 100 Characters by King James have restrictions or rules by which they exist in the Realm:

If the Character uses a Merc, then:

1) Use of any type of potion is forbidden
2) Character cannot use any townspeople for healing.
3) Use of any of the Warcries is forbidden.
4) Use of Charms is limited to the Damage Augmentor and the Veteran's Grand Charm.
5) Gameplay is restricted to the Uber areas only. The areas, in order, are Secret Cow Level, Blood Raven's Workshop, Dark Magician's Chamber, Lost Farm, Andariel's Dressing Room, Marsh of Pain, Sarina's Bookstore, Harpie's Nest, Chaos Sanctuary, Moonshine Distillery, Fake Note Factory, Poppy Farm, Naraku Level One, Naraku Level Two, G.Frazier Dome, Naraku Level Three, Bill Roper Memorial Ballpark, Deadend, Nowhere, Nihlathak's Domain, World Stone Keep, and the Throne of Destruction.
6) The /playersX command must be set to 8.

If the Character does not use a Merc, then:

1) The limit on Charm usage is revoked.

If one thinks about these restrictions and how they change Gameplay, then one is forced to conclude that careful Character Build planning is absolutely essential for survival in the Level 100 Realm. Characters planned on the fly will find themselves laying on the ground dead. King James' Characters are designed to be enjoyable Gameplay Characters who survive in this restricted Realm if care is taken.

4) Trail of Tears Quest

This quest is used to test a Barbarian Character's build. Once a Character successfully completes this final quest, that Character can truthfully say I own the Realm. The rules which determine the test are as follows:

1) /playersX command must be set to 8, increasing monster's Life and Hit points to the max.
2) Quest Pathway: Naraku Level One Waypoint, Naraku Level One, Naraku Level Two, G. Frazier Dome, Naraku Level Three, Bill Roper Memorial Ballpark, Dead End, Nowhere, Nihlathak's Domain.
3) Once Character enters Naraku Level One, Character cannot leave an area until every single monster in that area is dead or the Character is dead.
4) Use of all types of potions is forbidden. The Character cannot pickup or use any potions found while on quest.
5) You can wear ony the Damage Augmentor and Veteran's Charms.
6) No Mercs are allowed.
7) If the Character dies in attempting this Trail of Tears quest, then you must start over from the beginning.

King James invites any among you to build a Barbarian Character that is enjoyable to play and who can survive in a Realm governed by the above rules. Once the final quest is completed successfully, the Character truly is worthy of the Hall of Glory. Beware ye evil minions of Baal and Diablo, Hawkman Walks the Earth.


King James personal view of the available Barbarian Skills:


Taunt, Battle Cry, War Cry and Ancient's Call are for weaklings with deficient Character Builds and are not needed by Barbarians with powerful builds nor are they effective. Hawkmam V's foes are dead on the ground while other Barbarians are War Crying with none dead.

Howl, Shout, Battle Orders, and Battle Command have there place for Barbarians seeking to become Level 100. Item Enhancement techniques will allow one to abandon the use of Skill points for any of these Skills as they will, in fact, become unnecessary.

Why would one Leap when one could Leap Attack? Find Treasure is not needed because of Gambling. Ghost Decoy is for weaklings.

Combat Masteries

Close Combat Mastery is a must for all Melee weapon Barbarians. Throwing Mastery, used by throwing Barbarians, appears to be contrived and does not provide me with an enjoyable Gameplay experience.

Luck, Strength, and Vigor of the Ancients as well as Iron Skin and Natural Resistances are not used by Barbarians who have planned Character Builds.

Thunder Strike, Thunder Wave, Nova, Plasma Rain, and Thunder Storm are Skills well suited to those impressed by special effects, but do not belong in the Barbarians Skill package.

Combat Skills

Double Swing is a weak Combat Skill, the use of which can get one killed. Whirlwind and Frenzy Skills are enjoyed by those who worship at the shrine of special effects.

Double Throw, Magic Throw, Phantom Hatchets, and Beserk Fury are all for Throwing Barbarians who are afraid to engage foes in Melee combat.

Finally, we come to the powerful and awesome Skills designed specifically for Barbarians. All four of these Skills synergize each other, thus becoming even more powerful. Bash is the most powerful Skill. Concentrate Skill wards off foes who Stun a Barbarian because it is uninterruptable. The Beserk Skill converts all damage to Magic Damage thus eliminating the need for Elemental Damage to defeat foes who are Physical Immunes.

Therefore, Hawkman the Barbarian is skilled thusly:

Leap Attack (granted by Veteran's Grand Charm)
Close Combat Mastery: 18 Skill points
Stun: 30 Skill points
Concentrate: 30 Skill points
Bash: 25 Skill points
Beserk: 20 Skill points


Hawkman V Electro Barbarian, with items enhanced as described above, has Replenish Life 350 combined with 100% Life Stolen Per Hit. Without these two attributes, he would soon perish in the Realm as he is forbidden by King James from using potions of any kind. Read and critique this Character and his gear.

Hawkman V Helm.JPG

Hawkman V Armor.JPG

Hawkman V Gauntlets.JPG

Hawkman V Belt.JPG

Hawkman V Boots.JPG

Hawkman V Sword.JPG

Hawkman V Ring.JPG

Hawkman V Amulet.JPG

Merc and Merc Equipment


But what of Silverdawn's journey and of her adventures and quests? A sad tale indeed. She and her beloved Hannibal the Barbarian, were seeking to discover the pathway to the Electrocutioner's Horde, a most vile and foul set of Evil Minions. They had journeyed for many days and much distance before finally encountering the Way to the Naraku One domain. Hannibal was exhausted and advised Silverdawn to rest before venturing further. Although she too felt weary, the lure of adventure and reward was too strong. Silverdawn rushed onto the Naraku One waypoint and raced into the interior darkness. Hannibal was not far behind, but as soon as he set foot on the waypoint, he was beseiged by a horde of bonecrushing monsters. Silverdawn heard the noise from the melee and raced to save him. When she arrived, Hannibal lay mortally wounded on the waypoint. Silversawn, in her exhausted state fought with all her might to reach his side, but the battle exhausted her and she was beaten back into the Naraku's darkness. Unable to launch a Town Portal, forward was her only path. What was she to do? How could she avenge the death of her beloved Hannibal? She had been given the map of the domains that stood before her which lead to the deep pathways to the Electrocutioner's Horde, but did she have the heart? Since she knew there were no more waypoints ahead and unable to launch a Town Portal, she knew that she must conquer with the skills she possessed. This much she did vow, she would search every corner, crook and cranny of the three Naraku levels, the GFraizer Dome, the Bill Roper Memorial Park, the Dead End, Nowhere, and Nihlathak's Domain for every Evil Minion and then destroy them all. There can be only One. All would die. Finally, the Evil Lord Nihlathak would be destroyed in the dark fortress where he lurks for it was he who set the trap that slew Hannibal. In the lore of the Realm, this historic journey by Silverdawn has become known as the Trail of Tears.

When it becomes possible for Hawkman V, Hercules and Silverdawn to battle side by side, the Forces of Darkness now inhabiting the Realm of Harrogath are to be pitied. However, the Winds have been whispering about the coming of the "One", Dark Lord of All Creation. This cruel beast has annihilated all life on entire continents. Hawkman has summoned Hercules to Harrogath for one last stand. Will reunion with his brother Hercules and sister Silverdawn enable him to defeat the ultimate evil coming to the Realm of the Eastern Sun? The final battle with Tsuru and Perfect Cell's evil master, the "One" is at hand. But what is this? Ormus is said to have discovered a bridge leading from the Fifth Realm of the Eastern Sun into a Sixth Realm where, it is said, many changes and transformations have ocurred. Hawkman will seek out this realm for the "One" may well be nested there. Another bridge has been sighted to the north which is said to lead to something called Diablo III. They say it is a Realm found only on a computer. Hawkman will have to consult Deckard Cain about what this thing called a computer is and how he might enter such a Realm. Indeed, indeed........


Finding or creating Maple Leafs and SA Runes in the current R6D Mod is absolutely far too restricted. Many more creative Character builds would be available to Players if one's ability to obtain Maple Leafs and SA Runes were to be increased by 300 - 400%. One should be able to build a Hawkman in about 20 months or about 2500 hours of Gameplay instead of about 60 months or about 7500 hours of Gameplay. Mod experimentation would promote Diablo II's replayability in every possible way.

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  • Interesting theory you have for Maple Leaves. But I think that, especially with their recipe use for lowering level requirements, they should be extremely, extremely difficult to obtain. -- Will? 11-22-2008 (Sat) 05:20:17

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