Igniss - Furious Enchantress

Character Intro and Overview

Igniss is a Furious Enchantress. Embracing the power of wildness, she turns herself into an awesome presence with toughness and quickness and destroys everything dare stand in her path with her claws imbued with fire and lightning.

In general, Enchantress faces two major problems: how to deal with fire immune, and how to survive melee battle. Usually you need an alternative skill (cold or lightning) to deal with mobs with unbreakble fire immune. However, this alternative is quite weak since you don't have enough points for it and its synergy. So I put my eyes on oskill Holy Shock/Freeze. These two skills, like Enchant, are enhanced by mastery twice. Besides, their slvl depends on equipment, not skill points. With 20 points in corresponding mastery plus 4~5 pieces of item, you get a high level oskill which deals far higher damage than any Sorceress' native skill do with only 20 points. Furthermore, the damage is added to your attack. You don't have to stop attack to cast spell, so the gameplay is much more simplified: click'n'kill regardless of fire immune, while the overall damage output is also raised to a higher level. I choose Holy Shock because it deals higher damage, and more importantly, I've finally got enough crystals to make Kanji runeword "Gold Scarab" and want to give it a try.

Then I worked on the survivability problem. I need more life - the higher the better. Inspired by the idea of Double-Dream Werebear Enchantress in vanilla D2, I tried to incorporate Wereform into this build. Elemental Form is more defensive-oriented, while Werewolf is more offensive-oriented. Both Wereform provide nice life bonus and are accompanied with a good attack oskill in ES. Eventually I decided to go with Werewolf/Fury rather than Elemental Form/Maul because Fury hits multiple times automatically so I don't have to click so frequently. Fury attacks faster than Fanatic Swing (4.5 fpa vs. 5 fpa), compensating the loss of damage for not using FS. Actually, the damage output rate of Fury is higher, considering it's 11% faster and only 13k inferior to Fanatic Swing. Most Sorceress spells cannot be cast in Wereform, but utility skills (Enchant, Fire Armor, Teleport, etc) can still be used so it doesn't make troubles. The only one that might be a problem is Static Field - so I use proc SF instead.

With her extreme damage, she can easily clear most areas in /p8 just like a hot knife through butter. Even domain bosses die within seconds if they're not spawned with double immunity. Their attacks can hardly pierce her defense composed of 10k life/5.6k mana shield/98k defense/102% DR. I haven't done mapling on her equipment yet cause I think she is good enough for now.

Stats and Attributes

With all buff/aura activated:

All points into energy. Energy increases both fire and lightning skill damage, which work twice on Enchant/Holy Shock, so the overall effect of each point is huge.




Skill levels with equipment


You may have noticed that Enchant is not maxed. It is because when I cast Enchant with Burning Sands (totally +24 to Enchant) on weapon switch, Enchant slvl would still reaches Lv100 so I don't have to max it. This little trick saves me a lot of skill points, which are then re-assigned to Fire Armor for more defense and lowering enemy fire resist.


Level 98 Holy Shock
Adds ?~223k lightning damage to attack. It also deals 6~11k damage to everything within 40 yards per second.

Level 47 Werewolf/Level 44 Shapeshifting Mastery/Level 47 Fury
Werewolf: +142% maximal life, +740% AR, lightning absorb 16
Fury: +372% AR, 882% enhanced damage

Level 47 Lower Resist
Lowers 76% Fire/Cold/Lightning resistance of enemy, radius 34.6 yards.

Level 42 Oak Sage
Increase far more life than skill description (+417% maximal Life actually).

Level 42 Battle Orders
Increase 158% maximal life & mana.

Level 42 Valkyrie
Sorceress has the least life among 7 classes and has no native summonings to protect her. It becomes more problematic when she lives her life in melee battle. At the very beginning, I wanted to build an army of revived monsters to tank for her, as Firesnake demonstrated in his comprehensive guide for summoning Enchantress . However, I found that oskill Revive cannot be used in Wereform, so I turned to other oskills. Finally I chose Valkyrie over Shadow Master because Valkyrie are much tougher against hell monsters. She can even tanks Metalsparks in 8ppl if spawned with good equipment.


Mainly for high chance to cast Immolation on striking. It deals an estimated 80k damage in total if all fireballs explode within target. Impressive damage and effects. +2 All skill, 50% WIAS, +defense are also nice mods.

Oskill Holy Shock, all resistance & shielding, DR & MDR. Nice overall mods although the block rate is a little bit low.

Weapon switch
Totally +24 to Enchant. As mentioned above, it raises Enchant beyond Lv100 and allows me to re-allocate skill points into Fire Armor, for higher defense and more -enemy fire resist.

The ultimate item for this build: +16 Holy Shock, +4 All skill, Lv14 Protection From Lightning (+42% to Lightning Skill Damage, +18% DR), and decent defense.

Oskill Oak Sage and huge life bonus. Maybe this is not the best choice, but I think it works quite well so I'll stay with it.

Oskill Werewolf/SSM/Fury. 120% FCR is added via Secret Recipe #21 to compensate the FCR penalty of Aerial Guards.

The +29% Lightning Skill Damage significantly boosts Holy Shock Damage.

Converted from belt. Oskill Holy Shock and shielding. Oskill Valkyrie comes from socketed Larias' Licentious Lament.

Oskill Battle Orders,+1 All skills &+2 Sorceress skill, although BO slvl is a little bit low.

Oskill Holy Shock & +Sorceress skill

Must-have for every Sorceress. It took lots of P-Gems to reroll a good one with +8 Lower Resist and desired staffmods.

Damage Augmenter
All unique charms
Veteran's Odd Charm: runeword "Diablo", +1 All skill, lowers fire/lightning resist, +Str/Dex, +life, a perfect match for this build.
Skiller charms: +Fire tab magic odd charm*9, +Fire tab rare grand charm*1, Enchant rare large charm*1, +Lightning Mastery rare large charm*1, rare small charm*1

In stash
Hail of Bolts (D-stoned 100% Crushing Blow) & Secret of the Ooze (oskill Venom): used against special bosses (Act boss, Throne boss, Naraku boss) with unbreakable fire+lightning immunity which cannot be dealt in usual ways. Very rare case.

Merc and Merc Equipment

Act3 Fire Sorcerer. His main job is to provide Protection From Fire Aura (slvl 43, +129% to Fire Skill Damage, +47% DR), benefiting both offensively and defensively. He also carries a variety of auras: Conviction, Vigor, Salvation, Defiance. He casts two kinds of crowd control spell (Creeping Doom & Shockwave) and provides additional protection, which are especially effective against some annoying monsters.

His equipment is aimed toward auras and +all skills. He doesn't need godly equipment to survive because he always stays behind.

  • Weapon: Runeword "Burn"
  • Armor: Izeal's Vise
    These two combined provide Lv9 Conviction.
  • Shield: Runeword "Envy"
    Lv15 Defiance, synergized by his own Protection From Fire
  • Helm: Magic Hood with Lv7 Salvation
  • Gloves: Iron Fist
  • Belt: Harness of the Gods
  • Boots: Hermes' Gift
    Lv6 Vigor
  • Amulet: Beads of the Guardian
  • Rings: Elemental Jewel*2

All items are forged with +1 All skill, socketed with +1 All skill jewel and Merc converted if possible.


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  • Thanks for your comments. Yeah, I did consider Elemental Form when the idea of wereform enchantress crossed my mind. Maybe I'll give it a try next time to see how fast Elemental Form/Maul can be. I have to heavily D-stone/maple my weapon to reach such attack speed... -- pheather? 12-29-2012 (Sat) 17:57:52
  • Wow thats a nice sorc. Just wondering if elemental form might be worth it since you can get a 2(251 weapon ias jeweled edge) or 3 (183 wias) frame attack with it. Well you do loose the nice immolation but you also gain life and a stun attack. -- Vigr? 12-25-2012 (Tue) 06:21:15

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