Ignith - Shuriken Enchantress

Character Intro and Overview

Ignith is built following Firesnake's concept of Summoning Enchantress: attacking from range and leading a large Enchanted army.

The principal setup is quite similar, with several changes/tweakings:

  • Shuriken replaces Exploding Arrow as main attack skill. The attack speed of Shuriken is faster than EA, while EA shoots slower but strikes multiple enemies in an AoE. Shuriken can be used with a shield, which is also an advantage.
  • Add proc Immolation as damage source. The highest suffix "12% CtC Level 25 Immolation on striking" can be spawned on throwing weapons, and Runeword shield "Sunlight" provides 16% CtC Level 30 Immolation on striking. With 3.7 fpa Shuriken and 100% piercing, the frequent triggering of Immolation is devastating against clustered mobs (e.g. Cow Levels), and very effective against single monster as well.
  • Add Spirit Wolves and Oak Sage. While Enchant grants a constant amount of damage no matter what the minion is, the total damage scales up linearly with the number of minions. Multiple weak summonings are better than a single strong one in such circumstance.

Stats and Attributes

With all buff/aura activated:
Although lacking direct evidence, I believed the damage figures listed here misleading. It should be about 27k since Fire Mastery (+XXX% fire skill damage) works only once rather than twice on ranged attack, as on EA.

All points into energy.




Skill levels with equipment


As Igniss & Frostburn, hard skill points in Enchant are adjusted to just reach slvl 100 with Burning Sands.


Level 27 Shuriken
Main attack skill. Attacks up to 5 targets each round.

Level 33 Conviction
Lowers 81% Fire/Cold/Lightning resistance and reduces 77% defense of enemy.
Oskill Conviction is necessary for this build. On-equip Conviction such as Izeal's Vise is not strong enough to take down enemy's immunity.

Level 31 Lower Resist
Lowers 60% Fire/Cold/Lightning resistance of enemy, radius 24 yards.

Level 30 Battle Orders
Increases 122% maximal life & mana.

Level 28 Oak Sage
Increases 182% maximal life.

Level 34 Spirit Wolf
Summons 6 Spirit Wolves. Although they are not as tough as Skeletons or Revived monsters, it's still good to have some minions which require no corpses to summon.

Level 25 Revive
Revives 8 monsters.

Level 30 Raise Skeleton
Summons 9 Skeleton Warriors.

Level 26 Valkyrie


Mainly for 12% CtC Level 25 Immolation. This adds an expected 9.6k damage. It would be even greater if oskill Vengeance is replaced by Shuriken, but that's too good to be true. D-stoned with piercing% and a little bit crushing blow.

Perfect fit for this build: lowers enemy fire resist, 16% CtC Level 30 Immolation (expected value of damage around 16k).

These two combined increases about 25.6k fire damage, almost equal to that of Enchant adding on ranged attack.

Weapon Switch
Weapon Switch.jpg

All-around good. I've tried Vulcanguard, but found that Knockback pushes enemy out of the radius of Conviction. Hellforge's Finest is also a good choice, but I have no more hotkey for Fire Golem.

The only way to get oskill Conviction.

Oskill Shuriken.

Oskill Raise Skeleton.

Oskill Oak Sage & shielding mod.

Oskill Spirit Wolf & good skill boost.

Oskill Battle Orders.

Must-have for almost all Sorceress.

Veteran's Odd Charm: Runeword "Captive" for oskill Revive.
Damage Augmenter
All unique charms except for Vlad Tepe's Sustenance.
Skiller charms: +Fire tab magic odd charm*6, +Fire tab rare grand charm*3, +Static Fields rare large charm*1

Merc and Merc Equipment

Act3 Fire Sorcerer, carrying several kinds of aura: Annihilation, Vigor, Salvation, Protection from Cold, Defiance.

  • Weapon: Runeword "Grand Leon"
    Level 8 Annihilation increases minions' attack speed and grants Crushing Blow.
  • Shield: Runeword "Envy"
    Level 15 Defiance, synergized by his own Protection From Fire
  • Armor: Runeword "Fox"
    Level 8 Protection from Cold provides Cannot Be Frozen, cold absorb%, and some DR% to whole army.
  • Helm: Magic Diadem with Level 5 Salvation
  • Gloves: Gloves of the Dark Mage
  • Belt: Harness of the Gods
  • Boots: Hermes' Gift
    Level 6 Vigor increase movement speed and some maximal life%.
  • Amulet: Beads of the Guardian
  • Rings: Elemental Jewel*2

All items are merc converted and forged with +1 All skill, but most are left unsocketed.


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