Kaorinite - Assassin

Character Intro and Overview

From the moment I started this character, I knew I wanted to try making a Trapsin, as I had tried before and met with general failure due to lack of items both back in the N series and earlier in the R series. After much gathering of equipment and ideas, I decided that I had enough to start the character...and from the get-go, I was not disappointed. Lightning Sentry with Lightning Mastery oskill got to a patently absurd level of damage late game, topping out at about 57k damage at the moment with barely two or three items forged and D-Stoned.

As you'll see in the equipment, there's still a lot left that I could do, but I have to gather the materials to do so first.

Stats and Attributes



(All points are base values.)
Lightning Sentry/Death Sentry: 20
Charged Bolt Sentry: 25
Shock Web: 27
Blade Shield/Burst of Speed: 1
Shadow Master/Pre-reqs: 1


Hooray for ridiculously good circlets! This one was just fun in general to see, spawning with +3 to Traps and an enormous life bonus, on top of +resists and max resists. Forged with +1 to Assassin Skills and socketed with a tab-forged +1 All Skills/+resists & max resists jewel.
The amulet is just a generally good craft. Nothing 100% incredible, but only 1 useless mod out of the whole bunch. Unforged/unsocketed.
Tasselhoff's armor just wins, and this one wins big when you count the socketables. Forged with +1 to Assassin Skills and socketed with 3 tab-forged +1 All Skills jewels.
Weapon 1:
Hello, perfect weapon! A perfect roll on this one made it my off-hand weapon for the sole purpose of big damage. +3 Traps/+4 LS helps immensely, especially when boosted by the enormous + Lightning Skill Damage I have D-Stoned, and there's even a mana boost. Unforged/unsocketed.
Weapon 2:
I picked this as my main-hand weapon for a couple reasons. A nice skills boost, big Mana boost, and even a good Mana Regen boost. Plus, Scissors Suwayyah are just stylish weapons. Unforged/unsocketed.
Runefusion, once again, is just the top pick. Potential for +5 to Traps and a Life bonus, with even a little more Mana Regen thrown in. Unforged/unsocketed.
Ring 1:
This was a fun little rare I picked up with a shockingly low level requirement for what it delivered. +1 All/+2 SD/+1 Assassin at level 33 is just amazing. +3 Steam Sentry/LS and 10% FCR just sealed the deal. Unforged/unsocketed.
Ring 2:
The reason this one is here should be obvious - Lightning Mastery. +3 LS on top was just a bonus, as was the large Mana boost. Unforged/unsocketed.
Tasselhoff's serves the purpose once more here. 2 sockets were the main appeal here, plus the set bonuses. Unforged and socketed with 1 tab-forged skill jewel.
Tasselhoff's boots complete the set here, with no other boots really able to compare to the bonuses from the full set. Unforged and socketed with 2 unforged Sescheronya's Spark jewels.

Merc and Merc Equipment

Coming soon...


  • Congrats Night never the less ive tried to achieve something in between yours like using two slight oh hands and a one point wonder on DTalon to help cast the CtC Ancients call and it worked ok but not so godly that you could break almost every immune in the game but right now it seems your build is going to take the hit or maybe not instead its going to get stronger cause of this patch where adding stats on Energy helps boosting elemental damage, anyway awesome ^^ -- Xc0n? 03-12-2008 (Wed) 21:56:05
  • I feel the chatacter is well built. Nightfire has stated that the gear is not finished yet. I know when Nightfire finishes this character it will balanced and be able to take on any monster. -- Hans? 01-27-2008 (Sun) 23:08:58
  • my sin does 80k lightning at level 90 XD -- wow lol? 01-27-2008 (Sun) 20:49:33
  • ......My assassin does 92k lightning sentry -- level 90 sin? 01-26-2008 (Sat) 20:40:49
  • I am trying one On 32nd now hope it will make its way till hell -- Aniket? 01-23-2008 (Wed) 08:27:19
  • Sorry, but offense *is* taken here. There are many on the forums who would blatantly disagree with your claim that this character isn't "good." While this character isn't *godly*, as you may believe me to be stating, I also stated above that this character's gear is also nowhere near finished. I have a lot of forgings, socketings, D-Stonings, and other enhancements that I could make with the right materials; you'll notice that only 3 of my items are modified in any way other than socketing. I also stated that this was merely a designed attempt at getting it to *work*, given my experiences from previous patches, not making the character incredibly powerful. Lightning Immunes were just too plentiful for my tastes. Think before you decide to senselessly bash a character next time, because the gear isn't the only thing that makes a character - it's the skill of the player, something that, with 7 or so years of experience under my belt, I am not lacking in at all. -- Nightfire? 01-23-2008 (Wed) 04:19:26
  • uhhhhhhh!!!!!! lol This sin isn't good. My sin right now is level 77 and has that much dmg... And she isn't nowhere neat finished. Her gear sucks. No offense >.> -- MetalRuler666? 01-23-2008 (Wed) 01:40:09
  • You are very lucky with the rolls on the items. -- Hans? 01-13-2008 (Sun) 14:26:12

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