Character Intro and Overview

As the description says, KoalaCookie is my primary gold finding character. She hasn't been used in a long time since gold drops were nerfed, IIRC she used to pull in about 7 million per Cow Level run. Now it is probably less than half of that. I didn't spend many resources on her equipment (hence the Obsidian in her bow still), she gets first pick of all gold find related gear but everything else is snatched up by the Assassins first. Charms are all unsocketed except for a 3 socket Odd Charm.

Stats and Attributes

Magic Find/Gold Find:
530%/2972% with Strafe
784%/3636% with Find Item on switch



Some of the bigger contributors to her Gold Find total:

Merc and Merc Equipment


  • I can't remember but I think Dwarf Star is very slightly ahead in Gold Find. Elemental Jewel has nicer mods otheriwse though, so I think losing 5-10% GF for it is worth it. Not like it'll dent your total GF much. -- Blinn? 05-09-2008 (Fri) 19:53:15
  • hey is Elemental Jewel better for GF or is Dwarf Star? Dwarf Star starts with 100% GF... i think Dwarf Star is level req 47 (dont remember tho) -- Krunkcleanup? 05-09-2008 (Fri) 08:56:36
  • gluttony says its only for melee weapons. and besides, i need to kill monsters somehow :) -- Blinn? 12-01-2007 (Sat) 05:56:52
  • Why not use a gluttonny bow? :) -- Will? 12-01-2007 (Sat) 02:18:36
  • I've been trying different things, but in the latest configuration her important skills with regards to killing are max Strafe, 1 point Inner Sight, max Slow Missile. I beefed Valk up a little bit as well, hopefully some added longevity makes up for having weaker equipment. -- Blinn? 08-10-2007 (Fri) 00:43:06
  • Blinn what's your char skills layout ? -- Xc0n? 08-08-2007 (Wed) 15:00:17
  • Wow, thanks alot for a quick answer, I've decided to make my own goldfind bowama, yougot me inspired ^^ -- Daniel? 08-06-2007 (Mon) 09:39:32
  • the best goldfind areas for zon is the cow level, a wide open area with many monsters. for crafting/dstoning, look at the recipes page -- goeido 08-05-2007 (Sun) 11:51:48
  • What areas do you goldfind in? Also seems like a very nice char, im still to dumb to know how to craft/forge/Dstone or whatever got 50 or something dragon stones that I have no idea how to use :P -- Daniel? 08-05-2007 (Sun) 09:32:47
  • Just a rare. 25% piercing + 25% slow quivers make me happy enough. Pierce skill only gives me 62% so I actually can use the extra pierce. -- Blinn? 06-11-2007 (Mon) 20:40:27
  • do you use a socketed quiver? -- goeido 06-11-2007 (Mon) 14:36:39
  • Correct. It's a Thief helm, but it's just the runeword with no melding or anything else yet. -- Blinn? 06-08-2007 (Fri) 20:58:34
  • I guess your helm is a Thief runeword (maybe topaz melt). -- kennz? 06-08-2007 (Fri) 09:34:59
  • oops, I thought they were the same as RA, didnt play LoD for more than a year. -- goeido 06-08-2007 (Fri) 06:36:47
  • hey Goeido, Lem runes gives 75% GF in gloves and weapons! -- Blinn? 06-06-2007 (Wed) 15:52:19
  • If You want max gold find, replace the LEM runes with RA forgend goldfind jewels. They give more than 70% extragold -- goeido 06-06-2007 (Wed) 07:24:32

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