Lemmesee - Paladin


Character Intro and Overview

This is my first character that I really tried to push to hell and beyond. When you look at the name you see he was a mere testing template at first, but well, I got kinda stuck with him when he worked out pretty well ;). He's beaten Baal on Hell, but only /p2.

D2 is like a lurking addiction to me, sometime I have to stop playing, but I always return. My paladin has gained two levels, the gear has been d-stoned and forged further and he can take on more dangerous areas.

Stats and Attributes

http://www.g-fashion.de/mvogel/stats.jpg http://www.g-fashion.de/mvogel/statsother.jpg http://www.g-fashion.de/mvogel/statsother2.jpg

screenshot made in hell difficulty, fully buffed with BO, Shout, auras and Oak Sage.


1 pt in Holy Shield (and all necessary skills)
1 pt in Concentration, Holy Ward and Conversion for Synergy (and all necessary skills)
25 pt in Zeal
25 pt in Revenge
20 pt in Fanaticism
22 pt in Sacrifice
With all +skills and +skill tabs I have about +25 to defensive auras, +30 to combat skills, and +28 offensive auras.


My equipment is mostly runewords / elite uniques / crafted & rare equipment I was lucky enough to find. My weapon is a very rare DualMax Celestial Blade. I have d-stoned and forged almost everything to max, with my only limitation the amount of maple leaves I have. My charms are mostly skilltab / unique charms with +skills. I have a few +ar, +life and +resist charms to fill in some gaps to survive in hell.

My Rare Celestial Blade. ED% Forged, ED% D-Stoned, tinkered with fangs, socketed with one ed% jewel and one +palskills & ed% jewel, giving a combined 40% ed.
My final shield choice, I love that runeword.

Dual Leech, CtC Amp and other, very nice mods. allres-forged and d-stoned with max life% and allres. Socketed with a 33% ED% jewel.


Boots and gloves are basically the same item, but it is way too good not to wear it twice.


My new boots, +2 pal skills through forging and jewel. CtC Static Field, Deadly Strike, Crushing Blow, Attack Speed, Max life%, some really sweet bonuses.

I chose this belt over the old one because of +1 Shout oskill. So nice bonuses for blocking, some nice +str and +vit, d-stoned maxlife%, and the jewel gives 15% ed, 10% ar%, and +1 paladin skills.

One of my finer crafted rings with +2 skills and BO. The resists are nice as well. Socketed with a 12% ed / 10% ar% / 87 psn damage jewel. Finally d-stoned with Deadly Strike.

Blinn's gift to me. Socketed with a 250 psn damage jewel. D-Stoned with Deadly Strike.

A new unique that I'm wearing due to the critical strike & melee mastery oskills. Still a lot of d-stoning space left.

my lovely crafted paladin amulet. Socketed with a 32% ed jewel.

My Unique Charms:

My 'perfect' Perfect Cell. Forged with +palskills. Jealous, anyone? :D

A rather normal Yello Jello. Have to forge it sometime.


  1. palskills forged Lothar's Will. The only one I have, so it's precious to me.

forged with +palskills and socketed with a Emerald (I don't have a +skills jewel atm -.-). Again, I only have the one on all my chars, so this is a pretty important charm to me.

Merc and Merc Equipment

I use the act 1 frost merc with the full hell set socketed with ED and other damage jewels


Boots: Orcish Wargarb, untouched
Belt: Smiles of Fortune, untouched, socketed with ed% jewel
Gloves: Heartrand's Gaunts, untouched
Amulet: Collar of the Minotaur, untouched
Rings: 2x Ring of Vengeance, untouched


  • Overall pretty solid. Might I recommend getting 26% more FHR to make the 86% breaking point. *thumbs up* -- Daishi_GD? 06-07-2010 (Mon) 10:28:43
  • Masterfully done, I could've done much better with my paladin but only when I find killer stuff for him ;) love the damage btw -- psycho2? 06-04-2010 (Fri) 15:38:04
  • a good general merc set is achilles. i always up it and put it on a merc, and sometimes, even my melee chars. -- will? 02-19-2009 (Thu) 04:29:15
  • This page will get a huge update today :) -- MasterKazoom? 09-11-2007 (Tue) 07:13:00
  • There are a few bows with CtC Amp or Decrepify. I'm pretty sure there is a unique pair of gloves with CtC amp as well. It might be worth it to invest some d-stoning in a low level pair of gloves with amythest gemword. -- boobers? 08-16-2007 (Thu) 19:40:11
  • I was actually looking for an effective way to spam amp, are there any good items besides amethyst gemword that have ctc amp, preferably for my rogue? -- MasterKazoom? 08-01-2007 (Wed) 12:46:11
  • do you have ctc amplify damage somewhere? if not, maybe use the amethyst gemword gloves for your merc. -- goeido 08-01-2007 (Wed) 10:45:04
  • Database, unique armor, ctrl+f, "suffocation of indifference". You'll like it :) -- Blinn? 07-30-2007 (Mon) 21:15:26
  • I'll switch those two then ;) and whatever Suffocation of Indifference is, I'll check it out :) -- MasterKazoom? 07-30-2007 (Mon) 14:20:32
  • This is what the wiki says about it in the known issues: "Min/Max Damage and ED Jewel Bug: If a jewel with Min/Max Damage and Enhanced Damage is socketed into armor, the ED part doesn't work correctly. Please socket those jewels into weapons." It looks like its a problem with the jewels, but it makes no mention of the base items so I assume gloves can have ED% and +max, just that a jewel with both is calculated wrong. -- Blinn? 07-27-2007 (Fri) 03:57:58
  • I too am a big fan of suffocation, I've always thought it odd that people chose Achilles so often when Suffocation has so many nice mods, the +max dmg, slow and LL you just can't beat, plus the STR bonus also helps out your dmg also. Only issue perhaps is gemmelding ED, It does boost your dmg though, i've tested it with a simple wa forge, which is odd cause like BLINN says it seems to cause problems with jewels. Perhaps it just counts which one gives you more dmg? sorta like melee vs. barb masteries? any thought on this blinn? Anyways if you have the runes you can always runeforge HE and put a HE rune in it for a whopping ton of max dmg lol. -- Frome? 07-27-2007 (Fri) 03:19:18
  • You might want to switch the jewels for your weapon/gloves. ED% and min/max on the same jewel work correctly only in the weapon, so by switching them you should be able to eek out a little more damage. Personally, I'm a fan of Suffocation of Indifference for gloves, gotta love slow! -- Blinn? 07-26-2007 (Thu) 22:04:41
  • "This pic does not exist" <- that's what I get when I click the link :( -- MasterKazoom? 07-26-2007 (Thu) 17:37:23
  • Found a pic of the sword I mentioned. This is the way it was crafted, before D-stoning, socketing etc. filealbum_page.php?pic_id=2127 -- boobers? 07-25-2007 (Wed) 16:16:52
  • You may want to try crafting a weapon. I see you enjoy doing that (so do I! <3 craftsman tourny) and you can get some really nice weapons. In that tourny I had a Holy Fire pally I was trying. He ultimately didn't make it, but he did craft a really nice sword before he went down. The Elite pally only blades can be crafted with some hella good skill bonus and some really good damage for a one hander as well. -- boobers? 07-25-2007 (Wed) 16:07:26
  • Well, I've D-Stoned my equipment a bit and also tinkered a bit, but it's not that great yet. pictures will follow. -- MasterKazoom? 07-25-2007 (Wed) 15:33:00
  • remember to dstone your items! you can add much max life to your items, as far as AR goes look for striker's charms, they give a pretty hefty boost to AR. -- frome? 07-25-2007 (Wed) 02:27:41

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