Lila - Fury Assn

Character Intro and Overview

I have a domain worthy strafer and I wanted to create a melee type character that was equally strong. I have good melee necro's, sorc's, zealot, concentration barb, spearazon, etc. but inspired by Blinn (the king of Assn's) I decided to trick out a melee Assn. but using a nice rare fury glove I rolled. Given that I would be using a 0skill attack I figured that the best characters to use were either Barb or Assn due to the ability to innately pump up close combat mastery (melee mastery). Since I use a BO switch, I decided that Assn with Shade Armor would be more hardy.

Fury is an interesting skill - my resulting stats are as follows:


Since fury only counts IAS on Weapon I went with a Katana (-30 speed)and a bit of on-weapon IAS. It is difficult to figure out the fury breakpoints since ES doesn't have a calculator, but I looked at some older D2 sites and it seemed that 90-115 total on weapon IAS would get you close to the minimum. Only a hand to hand weapon might be faster.

Stats and Attributes

All points in strength. Pretty much everything you could want - big Defense, big DR, high life steal and unless I am mistaken pretty much the highest damage build possible in ES. It certainly plows thru the domain. Both my weapon and the Mercs have target is frozen on hit mods - I have no idea if it works, but theoretically it improves the safety of the build.



0 skills

Level 62 Might on right mouse
Level 5 Concentration on equip Amulet
Level 12 Aura of Divinity on armor
Level 41 Shock Armor
Level 10 Defiance Auora

Merc has level 4 Anniliation on equip amulet

Assn skills

Max melee mastery
Max blade shield and synergies
level 49 shade armor from Wealth runeword charm (saved 4 points)

I decided to go all damage since Blinn had shown his 3 spear wielding shadow warriors build, thus no minions and my Might rings vs Iron Skin and Shout.


The weapon isn't quite done - need a few more maples to finish.


Excellent rare helm - probably one of my best rolls ever.


Near perfect rare gloves with fury skills and assn skills.


Unique boots (from gloves), notice the high DS


2 might rings and the waves amulet to get Amp Damage proc.

Rare belt with Shock Armor 0 skill.

My heavily Dstoned Armor I share with all my melee characters.

I splurged a bit on the charms, all the unique ones Pally forged and I added 6 square charms to pump up the might and the fury skills a bit. Also, the before mentioned Wealth odd charm.

Merc and Merc Equipment

This build really doesn't need a Merc but I decided I needed a friend so I chose the toughest one I could build. This Barb Merc has top notch DR and life and also a couple of other survivablity tricks - Etherial Chains of Binding for the cold auora, knockback on the weapon and 100% life steal. No auroras to share except for the weak Anniliation amulet one. No maples were used on the weapon - it started with excellent stats.



  • Well done! Wish I had a lot of that luck :D -- psycho2? 02-11-2012 (Sat) 12:55:28

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