The Hall of Glory

Lorelai - Melee Enchantress

Character Intro and Overview

Risk vs. reward personified. Lorelai can vaporize almost anything in a few shots, but her low physical damage means she doesn't leech much and has to rely on potions, +life replenish, and her shield's Redemption aura for healing. She does have a 58% chance to block, but her defense is not spectacular. This means that she generally ends up relying on her ability to kill things before they kill her first.

Lorelai can handle any area in the game at /p8, though she has to take certain parts of Naraku and the Domain a bit gingerly. Metalspark is the toughest encounter for her; taking him head on gets her wiped out very quickly, so she has to break him and his buddies up and take them out one at a time. If Metalspark spawns with a Might aura and/or Extra Strong I usually end up having to kite him to death with Meteor Shower because he just deals way too much damage with Zeal. Fatalstorm and the other Domain bosses pretty much get vaporized in a few seconds, though. Telekilling Nihilathak and his copies and watching the resulting fountain of items is incredibly fun.


All buffs and auras are active here. Without Oak Sage I have around 3400 life.




  • Fire Armor: 1
  • Enchant: Max
  • Fanatic Swing: Max
  • Meteor Shower: Max
  • Fire Mastery: Max
  • Soul Shiver: 1
  • Lightning Mastery: 1
  • Cold Mastery: 1
  • Static Field (and prereqs): 1
  • Aerial Guard: Remaining points

I don't actually use Aerial Guard, the only reason I have points in it are for the passive %DR, to keep me from getting cut to ribbons when my energy shield drops.

I thought about maxing Fire Armor instead of Mastery, but I have enough -resist on my equipment.

Meteor Shower does about 36k fire damage and 4.7k physical. Kind of sad, considering that I have almost +700% to fire skill damage.


  • Energy Shield
  • Blizzard
  • Lightning Hydra

I thought my energy shield would get zapped fairly quickly without any hardpoints to lower the consumption rate, but it actually didn't end up making a big difference. I use the Blizzard and Lightning Hydra staffmods to deal with unbreakable immunes. They're more effective than they sound.


  • Conviction
  • Lower Resists
  • Oak Sage
  • Battle Orders
  • Valkyrie

The Valk provides a much needed meatshield. With Oak Sage, Battle Orders, and my merc's PfF aura, she's pretty tough, and deal a decent chunk of damage, as well, thanks to Enchant. I'll probably add a Shadow Master, as well, once I've socketed the rest of my unique charms.


Items are mostly forged with +1 all skills or +sorc skills and socketed with sorc-forged unique jewels (Salamander's Stones and Jindujuns, mostly) or life forged +all skill jewels

  • Blade of the Fallen Angel, +%fire skill damage
  • cLoD 'Phoenix' RW petrified buckler, d-stoned with +life and +%life
  • "ArchDimeron" GW Tiara, +%life d-stoned
  • "Insight" Archmage Robe, +2 Fire Mastery +1 Blizzard. Can't decide what to d-stone/gem meld this with. More +life?
  • Runefusion, +life and +%life d-stoned
  • Baseupped Rumor of Pain, skull-melded
  • Boot converted Rumor of Pain, +life d-stoned
  • Rare Ring
  • Killshandra's, +3 Chain Lightning +3 Energy Shield, +%life d-stoned
  • Mistress' Leather Collar, annihilation forged and +%life d-stoned

I went with Insight instead of an ethereal Eternal Reign because the extra defense didn't make a very big difference, and I wanted to annihilation forge my amulet. I ran triple RoP for awhile but it felt like overkill, so I switched my gloves for Runefusion for the extra +1 to fire skills.

The immolation and firestorm procs on BotFA, even at level 18, actually deal a ton of damage, as does the firestorm proc from Phoenix. The lightning and nova procs on BotFA basically just make cool noises and special effects, though. The enhanced damage from Phoenix doesn't do a lot since my physical damage is fairly low, but the -28% to enemy fire resist, +max lit and fire resist, redemption aura and flat +life were too good to pass up. 'Sunlight' would probably be even better, but I don't have nearly enough crystals.


  • All unique charms, sorc skill forged. Only Deviant Cell has a socket at the moment.
  • 'Abandon' RW odd charm
  • Fire skills grand charms
  • lots of +life small charms

Abandon is mostly for the Fade proc. If Aerial Guard were worth using, I'd probably replace Abandon with something else (AG overwrites Shade Armor/Fade/BoS).

Weapon switch:

  • Magic oskill BO Javelin
  • 'Rift' runeword shield

Rift will eventually get replaced with a skill-forged, +all skill jewel socketed +1 skill shield.


Red Death - Act 3 Fire Sorcerer

I love this guy. Crowd control with Shockwave and Creeping Doom, and the %DR from PfF keeps Lorelai from getting turned into hamburger by harder hitting monsters, especially when her energy shield gets dropped. The extra fire damage is nice, too.

His gear is set up for Auras on equip and a lot of +skills to juice up his PfF aura. Most of it is +all skill forged or +%life forged, with +all skill jewels socketed.

  • Horn of Balor
  • Stonewall
  • Eternal Reign Plated Cuirass
  • Harlequin Crest
  • Iron Fist
  • Rumor of Pain
  • Rare boots, socketed with 2 +%life jewels (will eventually be replaced with Hermes' Gift, when I get around to chitting them up)
  • Seraph Hymn
  • 2x Zodiac Band unique ring

Ideally, I'd like to replace Horn of Balor with Work of God (unlikely) and Seraph Hymn with Mara's Kaleidoscope.

To do list:

  • If I ever managed to pull together the Crystals for Work of God, I'd ditch Conviction on my RMB and get oskill Holy Shock for a bit more versatility (Switching my Insight armor for Golden Scarab would be ideal, but replacing Archdimeron with an oskill helm would probably be more realistic). The pulse damage is wimpy, but the on-weapon damage benefits from the mastery bug in the same way that enchant does, so it's pretty easy to get 20k or more lightning damage with just one hard point in lit mastery.
  • Replacing cLoD 'Phoenix' with 'Sunlight' is also on my list, but I might actually end up preferring Phoenix; I'd have trouble giving up my Redemption aura.
  • Socket the rest of Lorelai's unique charm collection and start adding socketed magic charms
  • D-stone more fire damage onto BotFA, get up to 60% life or +200 life on her other gear
  • Finish replacing +sorc skill forgings with +all skill forgings.


  • Mostly, though the +2 all skills are also a nice bonus. Firestorm and Immolation are basically the only powerful ctc skills, mostly because they're really good even without synergies. Even at level 18 they add a fairly noticable chunk of damage, especially Immolation. Blizzard and one or two other skills are also pretty good, but also aren't quite as easy to get. BotFA is much more readily available, and has some other fairly nice mods to sweeten the deal. -- MetalShadow? 07-21-2009 (Tue) 11:22:03
  • Sounds nice, did u choose the blade of the fallen angel just cause of the proc spells ? -- Isaku? 07-21-2009 (Tue) 08:48:09

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