Lunarbreeze - Amazon

Character Intro and Overview

Lunarbreeze is a kind of remake of my strafer amazon from a ladder few seasons ago. Originally I thought of doing a Dance of Death -amazon but when things started to turn harder (late nm ~ early hell) I respecced into bow tree and haven't turned back.

Strafers are very powerful characters in the Eastern Sun so after some playing I learnt that she could make a really good gold finder. The idea of turning her into one grew in my mind for quite a while and after I had reached level 100, I gathered up some easy to get GF gear. She gets really vulnerable with that but that is allright.

She can be described being a glass cannon -type of character as she shoots a lot of arrows very quickly dealing lots of damage but if something reaches her and actually lands a hit, she is in trouble. However her speed, life leech, amount of cc and sturdy Valkyries make it sure that reaching her won't be easy.

She can do any area in the game in /p8 mode easily and most of the areas can be teleported around without too much risk. This gave me the idea of doing gold find in one of the hardest places in Eastern Sun: in the hellish depths of Naraku.

Running gold works this way. She teleports her way using the main combat gear to the entrance to The Dead End. There she creates a town portal, goes to town, swaps her GF equipment on and returns to the Naraku. The Dead End contains only three type of monsters: Gold Scarabs, those annoying swarm things and Master Thieves. None of them are particularly dangerous so her low stats are not a problem. After the dead end is clear, she returns to the town with 5M (rough average) gold.

Most of my equipment is far from perfect. No tinkering has been done yet, d. stoning is very gentle or non-existend (no point doing it until I get items I am happy to burn Maple Leaves with) and even some Jewels could be changed to something better. However when I wrote all this up I hadn't played ES that much for some time so I thought it was a good idea to write something up until I forget it alltogether. Just keep in mind that all the things you are likely to see are not written in stone and can be changed whenever I feel like it. However most likely I won't be updating this page too much as I don't expect to be doing any big changes anytime soon.

Not forgetting things being one reason for writing this page, another one is to find out what others think about my selection of items and way to build up my ultimate Strafer. So if you think I do something more or less horribly wrong don't be shy to tell about it. :) (I'm not going to go too mad because I always know that I'm doing fine with all the mentioned choises. After all /p8 Domain is easy enough for me. ;))

Stats and Attributes

All hardpoints are put into Dexterity for more damage. Strength, vitality and energy are left to the base values.

Here are some screenshots of her stats with buffs and auras on. The left side stats are with main combat gear and right stats are with gold find equipment.

  • Massive drop in her damage with gf gear is caused by the lack of Eagle Eye (Burst of Speed from Thief runeword overwrites it), generic damage modifiers and lesser amount of +skills. Ex
  • Amount of life lost is huge with gf gear as she loses Oak Sage with it and there is slightly less +All Skills to boost Battle Orders.
  • Excessive Crushing Blow with combat gear is caused by the fact that I aimed for 100% crushing blow with earlier gear setups that didn't provide me Annihilation aura or enough ias to use Eagle Eye.
  • With gf gear her resistances fall to around ~0 which would be pretty harsh with only 2k health but luckily The Dead End isn't elemental heavy level.



Here is her skill distribution. As can be seen some vital skills are left without a single base point. Those skills can be obtained with oskills which makes it so that it is better to spend those saved skillpoints in synergys.

  • Slow missiles is obtained from Veteran's Charm.
  • Valkyrie is obtained from one Larias' Licentious Lament Jewel.

As can be seen Valkyrie gets to fairly high level even without hard points. The skill level actually better than on the second image as I use my weapon swap when I cast them. With Defiance, Battle Orders and all the other beneficial auras the two Valkyries of mine can tank anything Eastern Sun has to offer. Only rarely some bosses before Baal can kill them but even then the Valkyries are sturdy enough to give me enough time to recast and rebuff them. It might be possible to go with 0 or 1 point in Decoy and live with one Valkyrie but with just 4.4k life I want to have two around for some extra safety.




Same weapon is used always as it is the most important piece of equipment for any Bowazon. In the end (maybe around year 2111) it will have 900% ED + IAS + other goodies like Life Leech and Mana leech. Until that it is just a low roll Dualmax GMB.

Sockets are filled with 0.25 Max damage / level + x% IAS Jewels. In perfect world the weapon would have enough IAS D-Stoned and those jewels would be something like 40%+ ED with +0.625 Dexterity/level. (Or something similar.)

Quiver choise is based on the fact that I want to have Rest In Peace modifier somewhere.



Titania Crown with 3 open sockets and lvl 10 Defiance.

Sockets are filled with 2x Sescheronya's Sparks and 1x Icestorm Shard. Neither of them is really that important so I could go for more damage but I like flashy stuff like these.

Jewels aside there is one very obvious update to this one: Jewelers (4 os) version of something similar which would grant me one more socket for something nice.


For GF I have a regular Thief runeword. Unfortunately it overwrites EE so that is a bit of a letdown but still does fine and I don't really care.


Body Armor

5 open sockets and of Shielding -suffix. Basically I want to get 6 os of Aurora to replace this but those are so rare that I've lived with this for quite a while. I do acknowledge that I most likely would benefit a bit if I had something else but I like this armor and there hasn't been need to upgrade -> upgrading has to wait until I find that 6 socketed beauty. No d-stoning, tinkering or mapling has been done as I want to be able to discard this item easily if I ever find something better.

Sockets are filled with Nexus Stars that have been forged for Faster Cast Rate (something I would d. stone into a better armor to free up 5 jewel forgings). Nexus Stars are fixing my otherwise very lacking resists quite nicely.


GF armor here. Nothing interesting to comment.


Socketed with Jindujun which is pretty old choise. Jewel would be easy to change to something more interesting.


On belt I again went for sockets and a usefull oskill/aura. Oak Sages are a bit squishy but during my adventures it has survived well enough to claim the spot of one oskill item. I should do more shopping for a +8 one though. Sockets have few Nexus Stars with +1 Amazon Skills forging on each.


Another Suffocation of Indifference to give me more Slows Enemies -stat. More generic offensive properties are not that bad either. Jindujun is there to give some Dexterity and running speed. Jewel could easily be changed to something else.


Concentration forged. Jewel is something coolsounding like Knowledgeable Jewel of Knowledge. Main point is +1 All skills with that jewel so it is again easy to change to something else if I want to. Biggest seller with this amulet is the totally required Teleport oskill. I just don't want to play any character without that skill. All the Faster Cast Rate I have obtained is purely for the Teleport. (Shame Amazon doesn't have 200% FCR breakpoint for 1 frame faster casting like Sorceress and Barbarian do have.)


Both rings have Nexus Stars which are forged with All Resistances forgings. Main point for both rings is the CtC Amplify Damage. I guess one would be enough with the ridiculous rate I hit targets but I hate waiting for some random proccing.

GF rings are again something very common among gold finder characters.



  • All Unique Charms
  • Deviant Cell is the only Unique Charm that I am going to socket as it's size does not increase when doing that. However I haven't done that yet as I haven't found a perfect Deviant Cell yet.
  • Veteran's Charm (No runewords there. I filled it with random Jewels as the only Runeword that really appealed to me was Angel and that requires a Kanji rune.)
  • 8x Acrobatic Square Charm
  • 1x (non-perfect) Square Charm of Greed (these are ideal for GF as you get 30% GF for 4 inventory slots and the socket can be filled with Jewel of Averice that has been Ra-forged)

Weapon swap

Weapon Swap is for oskills. Main hand gives Battle Orders. Unfortunately the best javelin I have found has just +8 BO. Perfect one would be Jeweler's xxx of Skill Master with 4 open sockets (for 4x Knowledgeables) and +12 Battle Orders. (Any +12 BO stick would come pretty close with just 3 sockets.)

Shield could give some interesting skills but among them I picked up Enchant. I don't really need it but maybe my mercenary or Valkyries benefit a bit of the Attack Rating bonus. Again perfect one would have Jeweler's prefix for one more Knowledgeable Jewel.


Merc and Merc Equipment

I might update this section sometime for more details. However the main points are here:

Act 1 Fire Rogue Mercenary

  • Faith (for Fanaticism)
  • Atlastrust (for Annihilation)
  • Rare helm with lvl 10 Cleansing on equip
  • Hermes Gift for Vigor
  • Amulet forged for lvl 5 Concentration
  • Full Waves of Ascension set (for faster curses and some extra crowd control)


  • I had over 2000 dex on my ama, dual max, dstoned to 900ed gmb, max strafe and synergies. I didnt waste points into decoy or passive skills since I killed things so easily. cpt posted a decent setup but my strafer was top for awhile -- DKing? 09-14-2011 (Wed) 18:00:02
  • There is 1 point i dont understand... The acrobatic square charms.. they got +2 passive magic ama skills and +1 amazon skills! how is this possible??? u cant make from a magic grand charm a square charm!!! -- cpt_chaos? 07-25-2011 (Mon) 11:10:39
  • I posted my Strafe Ama. hf -- cpt_chaos? 06-07-2011 (Tue) 22:27:28
  • Thats the point. If u have enuf damage u need no protection. i have valkyrie and merc. thats all. u have a good dualmax bow, but low ED. I just made a HE forge and put HE runes into my bow. I think thats best. try it! -- cpt_chaos? 06-07-2011 (Tue) 14:27:21
  • Points in Dodge I might move around but Decoy is an easy max for more protection. -- blackduck? 06-07-2011 (Tue) 10:25:20
  • yes i see. i ment 500max dmg without forge and socket. I will upload my Strafe Ama today for u. There u can see how u can get about 150k strafe with a good damage gear. But as i can see here - u put 25 skillpoints in dodge and 25 in decoy. 50 points that should went into strafe synergies. That is also a lot of damage -- cpt_chaos? 06-07-2011 (Tue) 09:20:51
  • I'll play around with Wererat Jewels when I play ES the next time and see what'll happen. Can you give me a very brief summary on your equipment as 120k is so much more than my 52k? I doubt that difference is only caused by lack of Dexterity as it should "only" add some off weapon %ed. -- blackduck? 06-05-2011 (Sun) 12:41:09
  • Damage is very low overall. My strafer hit 120k with dmg gear and 90k with gold find gear. I prefered using tassel selt with lvl 60 wererat dex jewels ra forged. put me with almost exact same gold find and easily did hell naraku and teleing -- DKing? 06-01-2011 (Wed) 02:27:53
  • Added images for all the equipment. -- blackduck? 05-27-2011 (Fri) 16:49:59
  • Bow currently has damage of 88-801. (GMB with Fool's, Screaming and 227% ED) -- blackduck? 05-27-2011 (Fri) 15:35:22
  • very low damage with using eagle eye! does your bow have only 500max dmg? -- cpt_chaos? 05-27-2011 (Fri) 07:17:16

File to attaach: filegear_swap2.png 515 download [Information] filegear_swap1.png 539 download [Information] filegear_ring2_gf.png 582 download [Information] filegear_ring2.png 594 download [Information] filegear_ring1_gf.png 567 download [Information] filegear_ring1.png 562 download [Information] filegear_quiver.png 633 download [Information] filegear_helm_gf.png 616 download [Information] filegear_helm.png 660 download [Information] filegear_gloves_gf.png 594 download [Information] filegear_gloves.png 569 download [Information] filegear_charms.png 1281 download [Information] filegear_bow.png 606 download [Information] filegear_boots_gf.png 460 download [Information] filegear_boots.png 568 download [Information] filegear_bodyarmor_gf.png 535 download [Information] filegear_bodyarmor.png 523 download [Information] filegear_belt_gf.png 451 download [Information] filegear_belt.png 547 download [Information] filegear_amulet.png 468 download [Information] fileskills02.png 434 download [Information] fileskills01.png 674 download [Information] filestats06.png 523 download [Information] filestats05.png 554 download [Information] filestats04.png 576 download [Information] filestats03.png 584 download [Information] filestats02.png 544 download [Information] filestats01.png 490 download [Information]

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