Marissa: The Fireboltress

Character Intro and Overview

No honorable mention here. This is my first ever sorceress used to beat Hell. She is also used to fight in the secret areas, but as far as Naraku goes, I've tried her on my behalf and it would just put her in retirement. No, it's not a Hardcore sorceress (I'm not that crazy!), but the fundamentals of this Sorceress make it a little too difficult to navigate the Domain areas.

Respective attachments are below and are worth a look.

Stats and Attributes

Current stats:
Strength: 158
Dexterity: 59
Vitality: 322
Energy: 230
Base stats:
Strength: 125
Dexterity: Base
Vitality: 300
Energy: 95
Life: 3723 Mana: 1670


  • Firebolt: Maxed
  • Fireball: Maxed
  • Immolation: Maxed but never used
  • Charged Bolt: 20
  • Meteor: Rest
  • 1 point in Fire and Lightning Mastery
  • 1 point Soul Shiver
  • 1 point Shock Armor

Skill progression:

I had started on Firebolt maxed first, making sure I had my 1-pointer Soul Shiver and Shock Armor. When I got the +4 bonus from Normal Izual, I added Charged Bolt and waited to spend the rest on the Fire/Lightning Mastery.

Then I raised Charged Bolt to 10. From there, I started upping Fireball (25 points) to maximum. Then I added another 5 to Charged Bolt - which was a good idea for the Fire immunes I couldn't bust with Conviction on the ArchDimeron helm (see below) or monsters who were very strong vs. Fire.

I maxed Immolation, added 5 more Charged Bolt and started to go all-out on Meteor for the max.

Skill levels and Damages

Fire Bolt Level: 72    Damage: 25-25K x3      Bonus: 304%
Charged Bolt Level: 64 Damage: 1384-1397 x30  Bonus: 228%
Conviction Level: 30
Lower Resist Level: 27
Shock Armor Level: 37 Defense bonus: 262%


7 jewels with +1 Sorceress Skills

Weapon: Wrath of Asmodeus, forged +1 all skills and d-stoned +% Fire damage, socketed jewel.
Shield: "Dome" Thorned Shield (Ma Ru Ya Ne) d-stoned +life.
Body: "Eternal Reign" Dragon scale (Te N Ka Wo To Ru) d-stoned +life.
Helm: ArchDimeron Grand Crown, pre d-stoned resists; post d-stoned +life / +% life.
Gloves: Runefusion, forged +1 skills, socketed perfect ruby, d-stoned +% life.
Boots: Flickerheel, forged +1 skills, socketed jewel, d-stoned +% life.
Belt: Blazeband (Hemp Band), forged +1 skills, socketed jewel
Ring1: Kilashandra-Ree's Black Crystal, forged +1 skills, socketed jewel
Ring2: Crafted Sorceress ring with +1 skills / +2 Sorc skills, forged resists, socketed jewel
Amulet: Talisman of Fukurokuju (First sorc amulet), forged +1 skills, socketed jewel

Perfect Cell upped to Square Charm, socketed jewel, forged +1 sorc skills
Yello Jello forged +1 sorc skills
Lothar's Will forged +1 sorc skills
"Harmony" (Wa Se I) Veteran's Charm
Unknown Hero forged +1 sorc skills
1 Sorceress Fire skiller.

Jewels used: 4 Nexus Stars, 2 Lady Eboshi's Greeds, 1 Icestorm Shard (for mana regen?).

Merc and Merc Equipment

Mercenary is an Act 5 Offensive Barbarian, who has gone a long way since Boltress. I gave him a nice Colorful Jewel and a "Se" rune on the helm, three "Ni" runes (24% DR) on armor, two "Ya" runes + "Tsu" rune on weapon. He has two Rings of Vengeance. He is also wearing Boots of the Valiant (Battle Boots).

The main reason I got the Act 5 mercenary for this one is because of his Ancients' Call. Usually, LR/Conv is enough to defeat fire immunities, but it doesn't always work. When facing a hard-to-crack immunity, his Ancients' Call usually rends it apart.

Last Words

I have had a LOT of impatience in Act 4 Hell because of the sheer amount of Fire and Lightning immunes. I also had the Black Jade problem. She is the only Sorceress I have used to beat Hell, and she had died only twice. If she died one more time, she wouldn't have a glorious setting; she'd get an honorable mention.

If you hate the way ArchDimeron lowers your Strength, counter it with +Strength charms or hard points so you can wear your equipment!

Please, do leave commentary, I like to hear your thoughts. -Bastige


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