Matsukaze - Summoner Assassin

Character Intro and Overview

Matsukaze is the Assassin of my 7 softcore chars. She is a Ranger/Summoner build which is my favourite build strategy. The front row of her army consists of 7 Revives, which get a lot of fire support from Matsukaze herself, 2 high-lvl Shadow Masters and an act 1 Fire Rogue with offensive auras on equip.

Excess skillpoints are invested in Venom synergies, boosting her Venom damage to over 40k.

Even though her equip isnt complete she has no problems with Hell Baal or most of the Naraku/Domain areas, she got killed once by Fatalstorm, though.

To do list:

  • reach lvl 96
  • get and socket Unknown Hero from my GF char after tourney

Items to look out for:

  • 4 socket Shinobi Cloak with Shadow Master and Venom staffmods
  • better circlet (+1 all, +2 Assa, +2 Shadow skills)
  • better shield (+1 all, shielding, Spirit of the Wolverine, 3 sockets)

Stats and Attributes

I investet her stat points mainly in Energy, to boost summon damage, Shadow Master skill levels and Venom damage.

  • Strength: enough for equip
  • Dexterity: enough for equip
  • Energy: all remaining points


  • Summoning Mastery: Max
  • Shadow Master: Max
  • All other Assassin skills: 1 pt
  • Remaining points in Venom synergies


  • Battle Orders: +8 (on switch)
  • Might: +43
  • Heart of the Wolverine: +7
  • Throwing Mastery: +3
  • Revive: +2
  • Skeleton Mastery: +3


Items are forged +1 all skills and socketed with +1 Assassin skill jewels or Assassin skill forged unique jewels if possible. The screenshots are old, some of the pieces have been socketed, forged, and/or dstoned already.

  • Ethereal DualMax Throwing Dagger, dstoned ed%
  • Rare shield with +1 skills and 5% Shielding
  • Rare circlet with +2 Assassin skills and 10% Shielding
  • Sorrow RW Shinobi Cloak
  • Magic gloves with +15 Might
  • Rare belt, dstoned +176 life
  • Rare boots, ruby melded
  • Rare ring, dstoned 30% pierce
  • Rare ring, dstoned 30% pierce
  • Rare Ammy


  • All cheap unique charms, Vlad Tepeshs, Something Wicked, socketed +1 all skills jewels if possible, forged assassin skills.
  • Captive RW odd charm
  • Shadow skills grand charms

Weapon switch:

Oskill Battle Orders Javelin

Merc and Merc Equipment

Act1 Fire Rogue
Her job is to carry around Aurora gear and to provide some fire support

  • Rare Ancient Bow with Fanatism on Equip
  • Atlastrust body armor
  • Suffocation of Indifference gloves
  • Timeloop belt
  • Hermes Gift boots
  • Beads of the Guardian, concentration forged
  • Elemental Jewel ring
  • Ring of Vengeance


  • Why remaining points into Venom synergies, and not in Venom itself?... Also, have yu considered the Offensive barbariam to reduce the targets elemental Resists? It would increase both venom damage from you and all the charge ups and traps from the SMasters, as well as their own venom... no? -- Chando? 06-09-2010 (Wed) 02:37:50
  • Whats the killing speed? is it playing on p8? -- goreaniket? 11-03-2009 (Tue) 10:16:52
  • That's a nice looking throwing dagger! -- Dapaba? 07-12-2008 (Sat) 11:45:52

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