Metalshadow -Necromancer

Character Intro and Overview

I more or less finished this character up awhile back, but I only just recently realized that I'd forgotten to update. I spent a ton of time streamlining my equipment for better damage, especially my charms and jewels. My life total is much lower than it was when I was halfway through, but my damage is much, much higher as a result.

I really wanted to stretch the limits of what a Necromancer can do, not just in terms of the melee build, but in a general sense, with this character.

Stats and Attributes

So yeah. Lots of damage. Between my Defiance forged ammy, Bone Armor, and oskill Fire Armor and Shout, I was able to break 400k defense, albeit only by the ittiest of bits. Berserk does so much damage that I don't even bother using poison dagger anymore.



I mostly use Amp Damage, with Iron Maiden occasionally thrown in against huge crowds. My damage, defense and resists are good enough at this point that nothing really gives me a problem. Even the Domain bosses generally get vaporized by my damage output.

In addition to my respectable defenses and resists, I also keep 16 skeletons and four golems running around with me at any given time, all of which are durable enough to survive even the toughest areas, thanks mostly to oskill battle orders.

I'm currently running the following oskills:
Level 57 Berserk
Level 43 Fanaticism
Level 44 Fire Armor
Level 39 Shout
Level 37 Battle Command
Level 37 Battle Orders
Level 35 Close Combat Mastery
Level 41 Heart of Wolverine




Nothing terribly screenshot worthy; for rings, I've got a fu-forged Zodiac Band d-stoned with 33% crushing blow and 3% deadly strike and socketed with a skill-forged Ideal Craft, and a maple-forged Blackmage's Knucklebone d-stoned with %life and resists that's socketed with a +1 all skills jewel, while the amulet is a defiance-forged Cursed Donut with %life d-stoning and a +1 all skills jewel. Not super special or anything, but they get the job done.

I have all of the unique charms, all socketed and skill forged, along with a bunch of square charms and on odd charm, mostly assailant's or striker's, a few +24 assailant's large charms which will eventually get replaced with square charms, and two rare grand charms that'll eventually get replaced by a socketed odd charm. My weapon switch is a Call to Arms Phase Blade and an LoD Homunculus with two +1 necro skills jewels in it (they used to be +1 alls, but I sort of stole them to use on my up-and-coming Melee Sorc)


Terminate is probably one of my favorite runewords in the game. I could probably reroll the damage a few times, just to get a perfect 1145%, but 1144% is pretty much the same... so yeah. I'm not that obsessive.



So, I tinkered the crap out of this thing, back before I realized that I could break the ED% cap by d-stoning BEFORE I put in the runeword, so... yeah. I'll probably start this armor over again and try to max it out, but that won't be for awhile.



Magic gloves rule. I got tired of the itty bitty radius on the Fanaticism aura from my Merc's 'Rage' runeword, so I gave him Hound to beef up his Concentration instead, then grabbed these gloves and so I could use fanat myself. The Dragon rune thats socketed in them is also the only Kanji rune I own.



My eventual plan is to maple this down enough so I can baseup it, which I probably won't get around to for awhile, since my melee sorceress has been eating up leaves like mad.



Might maple these down a little and work in some more ruby/diamond melds, but that's about it.



Pure sex. That's pretty much all there is to say about this thing.


Merc and Merc Equipment

The merc is currently giving me level 14 Concentration, level 8 Annihilation, level 24 Thorns, level 8 Salvation and level 15 Vigor. Salvation bumps the durability on my summons up to pretty nice levels, while thorns gives them a little more damage output via reflection and open wounds. The huge speed increase from vigor is a ton of fun, and helps all my skeletons and golems keep up with me, and the life increase isn't bad either.

Right now, my iron golem is made out of a cleansing circlet, which works pretty well.

Unfinished Goals

This character is pretty much done, minus a few loose ends here and there. There a few things that bug me that I'll eventually fix, but my aforementioned Enchantress is getting most of the leet loot thrown her way now, so it'll probably be awhile.

  • Tidy up loose ends on armor/helm/belt (tinkering, slight amounts of maple leafing)
  • Maybe d-stone some +magic/poison damage on my weapon

And just for fun, a shot of me with all my homies:



  • Absolutely fabulous -- purdypog? 11-14-2009 (Sat) 06:15:58
  • I dont think runewords run out of tinkering space.. :> -- Zavior? 02-07-2009 (Sat) 17:09:47
  • Not much anymore, no =) I mostly finished this character up awhile ago, and his stats and a couple of his equips have changed a lot, I just haven't gotten around to updating. -- MetalShadow? 02-05-2009 (Thu) 02:22:14
  • dude, this necro is wicked sick.... heh, i bet you don't have very many problems in hell do you? -- Oblivian? 02-04-2009 (Wed) 23:42:46
  • I did that already. I have been getting other emails, so I know it isn't a problem with my email. -- Nashako? 09-01-2008 (Mon) 19:16:59
  • Nashako: Check the spam or junk folder in email. The confirmation email may be in that folder. -- Hans? 08-31-2008 (Sun) 21:42:30
  • Dang. Thanks for the info. I guess I'll start using some random items. -- Nashako? 08-29-2008 (Fri) 20:28:10
  • Nope there is no way to recover the item. Once you make a golem out of it, it is gone forever. I used to keep a small pile of junk aura items for this purpose, it shouldn't be hard to find some magic or rare items with a decent Might, Annihilation, or Fanaticism, and those items are otherwise worthless so it wouldn't matter if the golem eats it. -- Blinn? 08-27-2008 (Wed) 23:12:13
  • I have 2 questions. First, when I summoned a metal golem, I tried unsummoning it and I lost the target item. Is there any way to get rid of the golem and keep the item? I thought there was. Second, I signed up for the Phrozenkeep and I never got the confirmation email, so I cannot activate my account. Anybody know a solution for this? My account is named Nashako. -- Nashako? 08-27-2008 (Wed) 22:42:40
  • Hold on with obsidian melds on Death Reaper. The recipe as of R5D also gives the unnecessary "Attacker Takes Lightning Damage of 5" per meld and tsuru is going to fix it soon I believe. Just to save your weapon from a garbage mod and help, if only a little, not to hit 8Kb .d2s cap. :) -- Easytough? 08-26-2007 (Sun) 21:56:58
  • Awesome necro.. Any chance you can upload your save so i can try mimic then go off in my own direction? please :))? -- Simon? 08-26-2007 (Sun) 13:56:22
  • A really nicely done necro indeed! -- Battle_Mage? 06-04-2007 (Mon) 13:47:10
  • Wow, very nice! and Mega Points for doing it all as a Melee Necro. -- Blinn? 06-04-2007 (Mon) 03:55:50

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