Mjolnir - Paladin

Character Intro and Overview

Enter Mjolnir. For those of you who don't know, Mjolnir is the name of the hammer used by Thor. It was rumored to have been made out of a meteorite that fell to Earth. It's also been said that it was forged by characters in Greek mythology to overthrow the gods. You Halo fans will recognize it as the name of the armor worn by Spartans (MJOLNIR). It is roughly translated into "lightning".

Mjolnir is a Holy Shock Paladin. He is my tournament character for The Vanity Fair. I chose this build for the lack of diversity actually. The fewer skills he has to focus on, the stronger those skills will be. Since the rlvl of jewels/gems socketed is a major scoring factor in Vanity Fair, I intend to get as many + to skill jewels as possible. The highest rlvl suffix/prefix on a jewel is actually + 1 all skills at rlvl 67.

Stats and Attributes

These stats are actually all messed up. I took all the jewels out of my socketed gear to check the total rlvl, and forgot to reequip the gear or any of the jewels before taking these screen shots. I'll get the actual numbers next time.



As you could probably guess by now, Holy Shock is Mjolnir's main attack skill with Zeal to help dish out the pain. He also uses a Annointed Bear to help keep the heat off him. The bear can actually take a crapload of damage once he's BO'd and Shouted. He's also got one point in Holy Shield like any good Paladin. He uses Fanaticism for those pesky lightning immunes that just won't break. The IAS and CB make pretty much anything short work for the Merc and Bear. He also has a decent level Vengeance for the very ocassional lightning/physical immunes.


As you can see, the bear is pretty beastly with just one hardpoint in him. After buffs, he's a monster. Holy Shock damage varies a lot depending on what warcries I have on ATM, but slvl 73 is where it is with no buffs. Almost 30k lightning damage added to each regular attack with almost 9k arua damage behind that. Zeal + 30k lightning damage is fun. I need another 30 or 40% IAS to reach the fastest (i think) breakpoint.



First off is Darien's set. From the start, I had planned on using this set. The peices and set bonus' are all pretty decent. It wasn't going to take up either one of my weapon or shield slots (both of which are important for + to Holy Shock) and it comes with 6 sockets to boot! It cost me almost every gold peice I had saved from the start, but was very worth it. All six sockets are filled with +1 Paladin +1 Offensive Aruas jewels. With these three peices alone, I get a whopping + 13 to all Paladin skills with an additional + 6 to Offensive Aruas! The all resists, ML/LL, all stats, IAS and everything else make it and awesome choice for the build IMHO.


His gloves are just a random pair of 2 socket gloves with the "Ancient" gemword in them. The CtC Lower Resists was very much needed in NM and goes perfectly with my New Act II Conviction Mercs arua. Between the two, most lightning immunites are broken. Once I get some + all skills gear on the Merc and maybe a decent item with Oskill Lower Resists, I should be able to break practically all lightning immunities.


My jewelry is somewhat lacking. Both of the crafts replaced skilltab rerolled blues. I end up with a higher level Holy Shock, but a lower level Bear/Fanaticism. The main reason for taking the crafts, was to get my resists up a little bit before starting Hell. The strength and life bonus' are also very welcome. The former allowed me to clear about 6 or 7 small charms out of my inventory. The second ring is just too good to let go yet.


Mjolnir's boots are the unique sharksin boots "Flickerheel". Obviously these are here for the added lightning damage and the -% enemy lightning resists. The Dexterity and the CBF were also very much needed.


His weapon is the almighty Agent of the Light. I only thought it was appropriate that he had a mace (hammer) for a weapon. He gets a whopping + 11 directly to Holy Shock, + 3 to all skills on top of that, plus the forging. It is D-stoned with +% lightning damage.


His shield is a nice little rare that I picked up in NM. The defense is HORRID, but the mods are too good to pass up. Another +4 to Holy Shock with some all resists and DR%. Since I screwed up the stats, you can't see, but I have 34% DR total.


Merc and Merc Equipment

My merc was switched after I took these screens, which was a few days ago, so he is no longer there. I was using an Act V Defensive Barb. Now I am using an Act II Conviction Merc. He's just got the Hell Act II Merc set with random gems and runes (LL/ML/DR) so he can stay alive.


  • Thats VERY low lol -- omg? 01-27-2008 (Sun) 20:47:10
  • Using Thundergod's Anger will give you more damage. I am using it and hitting 30k Aura and 121k max zeal damage. -- Dking? 01-24-2008 (Thu) 20:59:22
  • Haha. No I miss, ALOT. It was one of the things I was working on was dex/ar charms. Even at like 1 or 2 hits per zeal (5 swings) I was still slaughtering. Well over 30k per hit and the arua pumping behind that for 10k a pop. Keep in mind also, that screenshot was with very little gear on. I still need to get the correct screenshot and post it up. Hes out of the tourny now though, so I will be pimping him out from the shared stash soon. Lvl 100 Holy Shock, here I come! -- boobers? 09-21-2007 (Fri) 14:59:27
  • Just a question how the heck can you hit any monster with that amount of atcking rate, i would increase it to at least 15k. -- Xc0n? 09-18-2007 (Tue) 00:55:01

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