Mellisan - Sorceress

Character Intro and Overview

Mellisan wasn t my first ES char, but she is the first char I played serious and I didn t want to play the standard stuff from vanilla, so I decided to make a Lightning Sorc.

Stats and Attributes


Base stats:
25 Strenght
30 Dexterity
365 Vitality
165 Energy


Base Skills:
1 Shock Armor
1 Lightning Mastery
30 Charged Bolt
30 Lightning
25 Lightning Inferno
15 Lightning Hydra
20 Chain Lightning

35 Conviction
49 Lower Resist
53 Firestorm ( ~12k damage, for unbreakable Lightning Immunity )




  • Diablo Veterans( +Energy Shield )
  • all unique charms forged with +1 Sorc
  • 9 Lightning Skillers (most rare with + life)
  • LC with +2 Firemastery
  • LC with +1 Teleport

Merc and Merc Equipment

lvl 99 Defensive Barb

  • eth Royal Crown °Wanderer°, Merc Conversion, DStoned for FHR
  • eth Titans Dagger °Admiration°, Merc Conversion, DStoned for +ed%
  • eth Plated Curiass °Eternal Reign°, Merc Conversion, Dstoned for FHR&max Life
  • Timeloop, °maxlife forged°, socket with Ideal Craft °maxlife forged°, Dstoned for maxlife&Life
  • 2 Madawc`s Frenzy °Life forged°, socket with Nexus Star °maxlife forged°, Dstoned for Lifeleech
  • Beads of the Guardian °Defiance forged°, socket with maxlife forged maxlife Jewel, Dstoned for CB
  • eth Herculean Grip °Life forged°, socket with Ideal Craft °maxlife forged°, Dstoned for maxlife
  • Hermes Gift °Life forged°, socket with Ideal Craft °maxlife forged°, Dstoned for maxlife

No maples were harmed creating the merc´s equip.


  • Meditation aura on your char looks cool! maybe he thought - good looking > 1+ all skills -- cpt_chaos? 04-02-2009 (Tue) 09:05:34
  • Its a Geword called ArchDimeron, you can check it in the Gemwords Department :) -- Xc0n? 03-18-2009 (Wed) 23:23:06
  • How do you get the conviction aura? I dont see it anywhere on the items. -- Bouncy? 03-18-2009 (Wed) 20:40:50
  • Rumour of Pain is a better belt than the Belt of Zeus. The RoP reduces resists of Monsters as long as it is not immune. The -% resists will help the sorc out more than added +% to skill.The sorc will have a lot of added elemental damage from skills and energy. The RoP will make a difference when a Sorc has to use another element to kill enemies in Hell. Belt of Zeus is a nice belt -- Hans? 09-17-2008 (Wed) 05:03:22
  • Why not zeus I wonder? -- Eaiin? 09-15-2008 (Mon) 18:53:53
  • I dont really need the static field as any not LI dies faster by using CB only, if you cast it right in their faces. And anyways my Veterans seems to hate me or sth, cant like get every skill on it, so I ended up on taking Energy Shield, saving me the point from Telekinesis. And for the Boots, I´m currently gathering some money for gambling Hermes, currently I switched to " Heart of the Moon", the Prayer Aura is also pretty nce to have -- Moonie? 08-14-2008 (Thu) 18:38:13
  • Nearly 60k defense is REALLY quite impressive for a Sorceress. Nice job! -- Metro? 08-14-2008 (Thu) 16:09:13
  • id recommend getting static field (from veterans odd charm or a large staffmod charm) and Hermes Gift for the merc. A Meditation circlet on the merc would allow for skill forging on your own ammy. -- goeido 08-14-2008 (Thu) 10:42:52
  • That's some pretty nice damage you've got going on with Chain Lightning. Nice job! -- Nightfire? 08-12-2008 (Tue) 23:44:02

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