Moonlight - Assassin

Character Intro and Overview

Moonlight is my lvl 94 Whirlwind-Assassin. Since no other OSkill-whirlwind-based build has been posted before, i chose her as my first Hall-of-Fame character.

Her main focus is set on poison damage, although physical might be the slightly more powerful version. I started her after finding a rare eth Dual-Max-Scissors-Suwayyah, checking my Shared Stash i had a nicely fitting circ as well...what was really missing was a second claw. took me damn much rerolling-resources, but 2 weeks ago i finally got one.

Sorry for the poor formating in advance. Although I've been reading here for weeks, this is my first attempt on actually writing something. pictures will follow (...i hope).

Stats and Attributes

  • Strength: none
  • Dex: none (poison focus as mentioned)
  • Vita: none
  • Energy: all


Martial Arts:

  • Fists of Fire, Claws of Thunder, Blades of Ice and Phoenix Strike each 1 point for the Shadowmaster.


  • each Skill 1 point, except Poison Slash which i maxed (Venom-Synergy)

Shadow Disciplines:

  • Venom: Max
  • Shade Armor: 1
  • CoS: Remaining Points (Venom-Synergy)
  • Command Mastery: 25 (for 2nd Shadow)
  • Shadow Master: 1
  • all prereq skills: 1


Hadn't had the resources for mapling the claws so far, most Leaves were used on the bow of my GoldFind-Strafer.

On the entire equip i tried to avoid faster-run mods, even used "heavy" armor items whereever possible to slow her down further. The longer she needs whirling from point A to B the more hits the enemies take. My movement is done almost entirely by Teleport.

Most items are forged +1 All Skills. Most sockets are filled with Bohemian Stones: loads of -%Poison Resist helps making Venom a serious weapon, the up to +10 damage reduce is a small number on each jewel, but if you socket a lot of them it becomes a really nice defensive add.


Rare Circlet +3 Shadow Disciplines/+10 Shout/6% Shielding

the 2 sockets are filled with Assa-forged Bohemian Stones. Circ is Ruby-melded.


Eternal Reign in eth Plated Cuirass. %Max-Life D-Stoned.


2 eth rare Dual-Max-Claws (pics will follow). That little project used up all my gems for ~3 weeks...%Poison-Damage-D-Stoned. socketed with %ed(partly with adds)-jewels.

Until i rolled the 2nd one i was playing with an eth upped 'Warpfist'.


Magic (!) Whirl-Wind-Oskill-gloves, 2nd mod is 'Colorful' --> 80-120 Ele Dmg of each kind. He-forged, Obsidian-melded, socketed with 2 Bohemian Stones.

The Reason i chose magics is Secret Recipe 21, since my movement sucks and my other equip gives poor fc, i needed the 120% for the final teleport cap.


Goldarks Strap, socketed with 2 Bohemian Stones. %Max-Life DStoned.

Needed some Strength anyway, the 2 sockets were nice for Bohemian Stones and I was re-equipping most of my chars for at least some Extragold.


Magics with +8 Oak-Sage. Socketed with 2 Bohemian Stones, Ruby-melded.

NO (!) frw via Secret Recipe 18. Using those until i hopefully find that %Shielding/Oak-Sage belt for conversion.

Ring 1:

Rare 15%-Deadly Strike/+Teleport ring. %Extragold-DStoned. Socketed with Bohemian Stone.

I still couldn't find that damn +Assa-Skills/Teleport ring. With most other OSkills I have at least something more or less fitting, but the Teleport-OSkill seems to be cursed.

Ring 2:

Rare +1All/+2Shadow/+1Assa Ring with +9 Clay Golem. %Extragold-DStoned. Socketed with Bohemian Stone.

Well, after i rolled this one it was obvious i'd use Clay Golems. One of the reasons for my Amulet-choice:


cLoD Metalgrid. Annihilation-Forged. %Extragold-DStoned. Used one of my best jewels here: +1All/(0.625 Dexterity/clvl)-jewel. %crushing-blow-Stat-Forged. Needed the Dex for the Claw-Reqs.

Main Reason for this amulet are the Metal-Golem-Charges, which grant me a 2nd Clay-Golem and make both of them considerably tougher. The AR-bonus, the skill and resists are nice adds.

2nd Slot:

  • Glaive with +11 Battle Orders OSkill, socketed with 2 Knowledgeable Jewels and 1 +Assa-Forged Smiiiff Stone.
  • The Barricade for OSkill Summon Resist and additional Clay-Golem Levels. Some -req-DStoning. Socketed with Knowledgeable Jewel.


All unique Charms, only Deviant Cell socketed (with +Shadow-Forged (0.625 Strength/clvl)-jewel) so far. 2 +Shadowskills Square charms (socketed with Bohemian Stones), I hadn't had the resources for rerolling more yet. Rest are - mostly rare - +Shadow Grand Charms. My Verteran's Odd Charm is socketed with 'Wealth'-RW.

Merc and Merc Equipment

I need my merc for 2 things: Carry around aurora gear, and proc AD and Decrepify as often as possible, since Whirlwind can't proc anything. So my choice is an Act 1 Fire Rogue.

  • Helmet: Magic Circ with Salvation-Aura. Ruby-Melded. Socketed with 3 (0.625 Dexterity/clvl)-jewels, 2 stat-forged cb, 1 Rune-forged for Knockback.
  • Armor: Fox. Wanted the cnbf-effect for my assa and the minions.
  • Weapon: cLoD Faith.
  • Gloves: Mighty Gemword: AD-proc.
  • Belt: Band of Famine: Decrepify-proc.
  • Boots: converted Greiz's Legion. i usually use Hermes' Gift on my mercs, but since i don't want frw here those were out. Might switch to converted Band of Famine or some other proc-gear in the future.
  • Amulet: Band of War: AD-proc. Concentration-Forged. %Piercing Attack DStoned.
  • Ring 1: Band of Pestilence: love the Creeping-Doom-Proc. %Piercing Attack DStoned.
  • Ring 2: Elemental Jewel: Why not complete the Ascencion Set? well, i wanted at least some %Max-Resists, and the 2nd Ascension Ring (including all set-bonusses) has nothing i really need. %Piercing Attack DStoned.


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