Okuni - Bow Assassin

Character Intro and Overview

Now I do understand I could just put this gear on a Amazon and do 3x the damage. But there's no fun in that and not nearly as cool.

Main reason I made this Assassin was because I always loved PVP/PK in LoD with a BowSin.
Seeing the small amount of damage and health this character has. I surprised myself that I could do Hell Domain with her.
I had originally tried to use her Poison damage for main damage but even with +30,000 Poison damage Venom it didn't seem to do anything.
I might again in the future try a change of gear and try to push her Venom and poison damage to the max with Bramble and lots of Bohemian Stone jewels(What I tried to use originally).

Stats and Attributes

Base Stats:
25 Strength
267 Dexterity
248 Vitality
20 Energy


Image12.jpg Image11.jpg
Other base skills:
Strafe: (Moonlight) Level 33
Multiple shot: (Sightless Archer) Level 14
Guided Arrow: (Widowmaker) Level 16


Jewels in my Gear:
10x Magic Jewel of Wererat.("Dex" jewels)
Forges: All gear is Ne forged for more Dexterity except one ring is Fu forged for Cannot be Frozen. Jewels are forged with Shadow Disciplines.
Used both Bows. Switched between them depending.

  • Personally I still like the Widowmaker more. I never really needed/used Strafe that much in the end. It seems far too erratic shooting if your arrows aren't all heading in the same direction.
    Multi Shot - Guided Arrow down whatever straggler left.
    Can't ask for a simpler recipe for an awesome arrow. P Amethyst + Socket Arrow.
    I used Mighty with Moonlight and Ashitaka with Widowmaker.

Sightless Archer for Multiple Shot oskill.
Tasselhoff's for multiple sockets for lots of added Dex.
Belt to Glove conversion for 2 socket gloves for 1 more He rune((0.625/clvl) +0-62 To Max Damage)
Wave's set for overall bonuses and CTC Amp on Ammy. I did Concentration Aura forge onto the ammy. Without the aura my Attack Rating with all skills was around 9600. LOWER THAN MY DEX!
One ring is forged with Fu rune(Cannot be Frozen.) Also 1 Jewel is forged with Knockback.

Merc and Merc Equipment

Act1 Lighting Rouge Merc.
Usually act1 gear
Faith Marksman Bow(Level 13 Fanaticism when equipped.)
Envy Archaic Armor(Level 15 Defiance aura when equipped.)
Thief Dwarven Faceplate
Cats Eye Ammy
2x Ring of Vengence
25 CTC Fire Armor boots.


File to attaach: filering2.jpg 513 download [Information] filering.jpg 548 download [Information] fileglove.jpg 573 download [Information] fileboot.jpg 573 download [Information] filebelt.jpg 581 download [Information] filearmor.jpg 531 download [Information] fileammy.jpg 564 download [Information] fileImage12.jpg 548 download [Information] fileImage11.jpg 461 download [Information] fileImage10.jpg 574 download [Information] fileImage9.jpg 462 download [Information] fileImage8.jpg 504 download [Information] fileImage7.jpg 597 download [Information] fileImage2.jpg 566 download [Information] fileImage3.jpg 510 download [Information] fileImage4.jpg 516 download [Information] fileImage5.jpg 485 download [Information] fileImage6.jpg 420 download [Information] fileScreenshot002.jpg 608 download [Information]

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