OuterFury - Shuriken Assassin

Character Intro and Overview

OuterFury is actually my second Shuriken Assassin to have passed Hell, but this one has been done a little better. I've gained a little more help to make this character more viable, and to add, this character has completed without an Assassin set.

Stats and Attributes

Strength: 189
Dexterity: 294
Vitality: 195
Energy: 70
Base stats:
Strength: 135
Dexterity: 200
Vitaltiy: 180
Energy: 25
Life: 2482 Mana: 434


I've decided to run a Blade Shield most of the time but even then, I didn't really need to use it. And as per suggestion, I did 1-point Shade Armor (actually, 2-pointed). Here was the breakdown:

  • Shuriken: maxed
  • Blade Shield: maxed
  • Shadow Master: 12
  • Command Mastery: maxed*
  • Iaigiri: 1
  • Dragon Blade: 1
  • Blade Sentinel: rest
I was going to use three (!) Shadow Warriors but opted for two Masters because they were
more efficient, and my merc wasn't that survivable of a tank to permit.


This is the weapon she uses now:

This was her endgame equipment:

  • Weapon: Assassin's Stiletto (Throwing Dagger), Wa-forged and socketed with a Jindujun, +1 Assassin Skills forged.
  • Armor: Lothar's Cape (Shinobi Cloak), +1 All Skills forged and socketed with a rare +% ED jewel, forged +1 Martial Arts.
  • Gloves: "Mighty" Gloves (2x Amethyst), d-stoned +% Life.
  • Shield: "Dodge" (Ka Wa Su) Dragon Shield, d-stoned +Life.
  • Boots: Spirits of the Dead (Phase Boots), forged +1 All Skills and socketed with a Fu.
  • Helm: Tiara-fied Spirit of Genghis Khan (Tusk Helm), forged +1 All Skills and socketed with an Ideal Craft, +1 Assassin Skills forged.
  • Belt: Band of Famine (Mesh Belt), socketed with a Nexus Star, +1 Assassin Skills forged.
  • Ring1: Band of Death, forged +16 All Resists, d-stoned +Pierce.
  • Ring2: Band of Pestilence, forged +16 All Resists, d-stoned +Pierce.
  • Amulet: Band of War, forged +12 All Resists, d-stoned +Pierce; socketed with a Nexus Star, +1 Assassin Skills forged.

Lothar's Will, Yello Jello, Perfect Cell all +1 Assassin Skills forged.
No skillers.
"Exuberance" (A I Ka) Veteran's Charm.

Merc and Merc Equipment

Mercenary is an Act 2 Nightmare mercenary (Might aura) with the Mercenary Set N equipment and (gasp!) Waves set also equipped. Also, has Heart of the Moon (Rogue Boots) equipped for the Prayer aura (which was OK for a while). I would've switched him for a Fanaticism merc but I thought it would be too dangerous. Also, I would've switched him for an Act 3 Lightning or Cold mercenary but I also thought that wasn't too good of an idea.

When it comes to mercenary, actually, your mileage may vary.



File to attaach: fileouterfury_weapon.jpg 268 download [Information]

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