PandaCookie - Assassin

Character Intro and Overview

Updated for R6D!

PandaCookie is a Shuriken Sin. I've tried to focus on her strengths to an absurd level rather than balance offense/defense and so on, so she has some interesting facets. She has an abnormally tight distribution of skill points, and a very heavy slant towards offense. She also fights in close with Dragon Blade in rare situations like against Fatalstorm.

She is a glass cannon pushed to dangerous limits, with only token amounts of VIT, no Battle Orders, no melee tanks, and a relatively weak Shade Armor. The payoff is she hits like a broadside from an AC130, 10 rapidfire piercing knives each hitting for 49k-184k with over 80% CB and DS.

Stats and Attributes

I put only enough points into VIT to reach 6k life, and then threw everything else into DEX. It would probably make little difference if I went all DEX, I just wanted to hit 6XXX for the nice number.

Crushing Blow is not counting lvl 12 Annihilation from the Rogue, so it's actually higher.

She does NOT have Cannot Be Frozen, it would be nice but she has done fine without it.

She also has no run/walk, so she runs rather slow. Again, it would be nice but I haven't felt the need to really get any at the expense of damage.



I tried to streamline skill distribution as much as possible since this build already has few needs to start with. Staffmods cover just about everything except the essentials, so synergies can be as high as I can hope for. She also totes a lvl 86 Might, as well as oskills for Pierce, Throwing Mastery, and Penetrate.



Generally everything is very strictly geared towards a few things:
Might oskill
min/max and %ED
Crushing Blow and Deadly Strike
sockets (gloves, belt, and boots all have 2 each in addition to the mods I'm really after)
resistances, +life, and +%max life are later considerations

Weapon switch is an "Obedience" runeword Odysseus Crossbow with Borgov's Bolts for Warrior summoning
The helm is an "Austria" gemword


Merc and Merc Equipment

Diane the Fire Rogue, only small equipment changes with R6D, not worth redoing this section for. Also a glass cannon, she has less than 4k life since I use no Battle Orders, so occasional deaths are to be expected... I'll gladly pay the 50k tax when it comes up though, it doesn't happen that often considering how low it is. She made it through the last /p 8 Nihlathak Run without dying once.

Eagle Quill Ancient Bow
Screaming/Fool's rare, forged with He, socketed with 2x more He Runes, and D-stoned for %ED. With max damage already through the roof, this bow would be sweet if I was swimming in Maple Leaves.

Atlastrust Chest Guard
level 8 Annihilation, Crushing Blow for the whole party. Otherwise it's kind of weak, but I'll take it anyway. Forged with No runes, D-stoned for resists, socketed with a temporary %ED jewel.

"Thief" Dwarven Faceplate
Burst of Speed is great with Strafe, and free Scimitars come in handy at odd times (those things can tank Reziarfg and Reporb easily). Melded with Emeralds to boost her damage.

Viper Hands of the Skill Master
Yep, magic gloves. +8 pierce, and then He forged, Obsidian melded, and double He socketed. Quite impressive for a blue.


Suffocation of Indifference War Belt and War Boots
Both He forged before item type conversion. Combined 84% slow, nice max damage bonus and life leech.

Band of War Amulet
More Annihilation for all. "Sorrow" is great, but this amulet helps curse more monsters and do it faster. D-stoned with Deadly Strike.

Ring of Vengeance Rings x2
Nice low level rings, and I had a couple very decent low level jewels that worked well with them. Both are No forged.



  • You raise the bar again Blinn. -- Daishi_GD? 09-01-2009 (Tue) 04:46:16
  • what are u doing when your dagger is empty? u normally must wait till he replenishes! very stupid at this char! -- cpt_chaos? 08-25-2009 (Tue) 13:56:08
  • wouldn't the ghengis khan tusk helm be better for shuriken sin? i know that's what mine's packin', it's got +3 throwing mastery, cb, +50 minimum damage, IAS, +3 shadow disciplines, +12 berserk, and deadly strike.... i think that's no contest -- will? 02-12-2009 (Thu) 21:32:26
  • That bug fix applies only to the three elemental Shock Auras, and maybe PFE also. Everything else still stacks, including Annihilation. I get 54% CB with no aura, 81% with just the aura, and 89% with both items, so it does work. -- Blinn? 04-11-2008 (Fri) 00:12:29
  • annihilation on ammy and armor?..... They dont add up..... u do know about the bug from lod that is patched everywhere?..... -- jeez? 04-10-2008 (Thu) 20:50:05
  • Saves Cookbooks hehe. Socketing charms has a big thirst for them and FCR does almost nothing here, so I didn't. -- Blinn? 04-10-2008 (Thu) 00:53:30
  • When you're using blue gloves for yourself and your merc, why not use secret recipe 21 a couple of times on each? Although no big difference, it's for "free" and makes summoning and cursing faster... -- SajberHippien? 04-09-2008 (Wed) 21:50:09
  • I guess I should better improve my PH barb with shuriken rather than making a shuriken assa with PH. He has less minions (Valkyrie and Clay), but higher life and physical damage potential. -- goeido 11-06-2007 (Tue) 08:52:59
  • Well I gave the helm a try. Phantom Hatchets is nice, but with my current equipment PH had only 7 missiles. A lot of +all skills will be needed to get more out of it, but I think it could be a very good choice for an attack skill. -- Blinn? 11-06-2007 (Tue) 00:20:41
  • Nope, my helm slot was taken up by a Discontent Runeword. Phantom Hatchets look great, but I took Discontent just for aesthetic reasons. The Shadow Warriors have practically zero punch with this build, but I wanted a second warrior just to make the party look "complete". -- Blinn? 11-05-2007 (Mon) 23:10:43
  • im thinking about a slightly different shuriken build, with a focus on venom and synergies and some +% poison skill damage, using pierce poison and bone as main curse. Did You ever try sightless archer for phantom hatchets oskill? -- goeido 11-05-2007 (Mon) 09:05:56
  • awsome damage unfortunatly i don't have alot of stuff for forging etc but i still killed a diablo clone on 1player -- Craig? 08-30-2007 (Thu) 16:20:56

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