Stabby_McTwist - Nova Barbarian

Character Intro and Overview

This character is my first after I reinstalled ES an year ago. For a long time I wandered between builds, before finally settling to a Nova Barbarian. I am really not regretting that, as I am pretty sure, this build is may be the best, toughest, bad-ass caster kicker in ES. Nova is an extremely good skill, Plasma Rain is a good support skill for very tough bosses. Add to that the natural toughness of a Barbarian and his passive skills. Add to that the skill every and any elemental caster would want in their arsenal - Ancient's Call and you have a mountain of a man wandering and frying everything around in seconds. He is most probably, one of the very few builds in ES that can do without a merc. Yes, you heard me. Without a merc! This is due to the best crowd-control skill in the game - War Cry. The picture is just getting ready to be painted ...let's begin!

Stats and Attributes

The stats and attributes are no-brainers - all-energy build, vitality & strength come from passive skills.


Screenshot108.jpg Screenshot109.jpg

Screenshot110.jpg Screenshot111.jpg Screenshot112.jpg

The build of the skills is pretty easy...

  • Max Nova
  • Max Thunder Storm
  • Max Plasma Rain
  • Max Thunder Wave

1 pointers - Ancient's Call, War Cry, Shout, BO and prerequisites ; Thunder Wave, passive Barb skills. Left points - in War Cry for the Nova synergy bonus.


Screenshot099.jpg Screenshot100.jpg Screenshot101.jpg
Screenshot102.jpg Screenshot102.jpg Screenshot103.jpg
Screenshot104.jpg Screenshot105.jpg Screenshot106.jpg

Charms are - all 7 unique charms, all forged and socketed wherever possible with knowleadgeable jewels. Noob charm has the "Master of Thunder" Runeword, a SLIGHT mistake by me, forgetting Nova is a native barb skill and he will only get +3, but nonetheless - a very good addition. The other charms are Combat Masteries GCs, turned to Odd Charms and socketed with +1 All skill jewels. The Damage Augmenter is not forged.

The MF/GF are 1502/786, which means that a couple of clears of Lost Farm and DMC make him full(8 million gold). Currently, I have more than 500 Million Gold in Shared stash, which eventually will be spent on gems & gambling for some new character.

Merc and Merc Equipment

Merc is using Hell set weapon and armor + a Knowleadgeable diadem of Aurora, lvl9 Meditation on equip on it(thanx to Stabby for that one!) and nothing else. He is a A2 Conviction merc for additional resist breaking, though AC is doing quite well on its own. Weapon and Armor have been socketed with P-Obsidians. Diadem is merc converted. He is very viable, rarely something gets a chunk of his life, Domain & Dome are the only places he is not very secure.


Well, as I said - this barb is totally owning most of the special areas in the game. Only the 2 Domes(particularly their bosses) + Domain are a bit of trouble. He has an Oak Sage and a Shadow Master which are very good meatshields when necessary. With BO and Oak - life is 11k, mana - 3,7k. Most of his equip as it is seen is not d-stoned, some not even forged. I wonder if it is worthwhile to push the limits of the character and spend resources on him, just to see where he can get in terms of damage and life.

When playing this guy, there is nothing complex, except the finger dexterity. You need total of 4 skills, but you have to switch them often - Teleport, War Cry, Ancient's Call and Nova. Stun everything (War Cry), get its resists in the drain(AC), fry with Nova! He is as good in big mobs as with single targets. But the more targets - the merrier for him!



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