TheCredibleHulk - Holyshock/elemental form enchantress

Character Intro and Overview

TheCredibleHulk is my first enchantress and it is inspired by Hall_Igniss. Since the reasoning for the holy shock and how that all works in Ignisses page ill i'm not going to talk about that part at all here like its my idea. The thought was to use maul and elemental form instead of werewolf and fury. Now why would I want to use elemental form instead of fury or just plain fanatic swing. Now with fanatic swing we can reach a 5 frame attack but with the wereforms we can get up to a whooping 2 frame attack. now that is a 150% and if we compare that to the extra damage we get from fanatic swing there is no real competition.
But why go for the elemental form over werewolf?
Now at first glance the werewolf with its skill attack speed and fury look more offensive while the elemental form looks more defensive with its more life and stun from maul but this is only true if you use weapons that don't have an insane amount of attack speed on them. From what I have read here there was no change to how WIAS (weapon increased attack speed) affects the wereform attack speed so every thing here that hasn't been tested my me is based off vanilla attack speed calculators since the es can't handle the wereforms.
Now the if we look the the WAIS breakpoints of a lvl 50 werewolf holding a jewelled edge.
he gets

Frames WAIS
11/7/7/7/7 0 %
10/6/6/6/6 6 %
9/6/6/6/6 17 %
9/5/5/5/5 29 %
8/5/5/5/5 44 %
7/4/4/4/4 61 %
6/4/4/4/4 82 %
5/4/4/4/4 108 %
4/3/3/3/3 142 %
3/2/2/2/2 251 %
2/2/2/2/2 346 %
1/1/1/1/1 504 %

but a elemental form gets with maul
13 0 %
12 2 %
11 6 %
10 15 %
9 18 %
8 29 %
7 44 %
6 61 %
5 82 %
4 108 %
3 187 %
2 251 % EDIT: This one is really at 225% or 226%.
1 504 %

All attack speed calculations are done with the help of

Now we can see that with low WIAS the werewolf attacks way faster but once we reach the 4 frame mark the elemental form over takes it. Now since we are going for a 2 or 3 frame attack the elemental form outshines the werewolf and the extra life and stun don't exactly hurt (a 2 frame maul is a fairly nasty stun lock).

Now I just started a fresh install of eastern sun so she didn't get any hand downs save
for 10k gold I got from a character I made the night before that went towards gambling a hail of bolts and she is still fairly young with cheap gear but that will all change and I will update this.

Note that these are not a real video capture. I just took a lot of screenshots, found all the frames of the animation and put them in a .gif image with 40 ms (1/25sec) between them for the correct 25 frames per second that Diablo 2 runs on.

First we have the 4 frame attack.


Next we got the 3 frame attack.


Finally we got the 2 frame attack.


Yes, it just looks like she is having a seizure.

Recent changes

Will update the skills and equipment soon but I just reached the 2 frame attack. Turns out that 226% WIAS will cut it and 224% will not. So the breakpoint is at 225% or 226%.
My blade is currently sitting at 234% but that's just because I don't have anything better to put in it than an amethyst for the reduced requirements and attack rating. Well and I also haven't found a single IAS jewel yet save for 1 ideal craft.

But the 2 frame attack feels a bit buggy but that's understandable since it's just 2 images of your model that alternate between the frames (1 with your arm at the foe and the other with your arm behind you) so it gives you no sense of movement but rather just like there are 2 images being swapped between really fast. On another note the damage is up to 44k-94k with 1-50k coming from holy shock. Now that gives us an average 69k per hit. Now note that if we were using fanatic swing we would attack every 5 frames so we are attacking 150% faster meaning we would need to do 172.5k on average per hit to keep up if we were using fanatic swing. And well everything that dose not spawn with dual immunity just disintegrates.

Stats and Attributes

Sorry but I while she is changing so fast I cant be bothered to update all the images every time I update one of them so some will be out of date but I will try to always keep the buffed stats and weapon up to date. The gear keeps changing a little bit at a time. Mostly just adding forgings, d-stoneings and changing the jewels around.

Its just all into energy really but I put a few points into vit in the beginning for a bit easier time. Now with items it looks like this.
and when I got all of my buffs on

As you can see oak, elemental form and battle orders boots my life up quite a lot.


Currently working on maxing fire mastery and I have a memory staff on switch for energy shield.


I also the the following oskills
Holy shock - lvl 64
Maul - lvl 13
Elemental form - lvl 12
Shapeshifting Mastery - lvl 13
Battle orders - lvl 10
oak sage - lvl 10


This is the key to the build and the only real difference from Igniss.
As soon as I had a reasonable chance of gambling a item level 86 magic jeweled edge
I spent all my gold, grinded more and spent that on getting one. Then a lot of gems
that I got from secret recipe 14 and running the Halls of the dead in nightmare.
I guess I got very lucky that when I finally got a 6 socketed one it had 75% ed and 10% ias as well. Now according the the WIAS break points I gatherd and posted in the beginning this should put me at a 3 frame attack but it dose get me to the 2 frame attack so I guess its not accurate at the once we get this high(it was also a bit off for the 3 frame break point but only a bit, guess this one hasn't been tested a lot). Now the important part of getting a magic 6 socket jeweled edge but not a white one (besides the forging slot) is secret recipe 20. Now I had forgotten about it and was planing on just skipping d-stoneing +% firedamage and d-stoneing ias on it but with secret recipe 20 we can get the cap of 120% ias on it for just a fraction of the cost of mapleing down the weapon and leave a lot of room for d-stoneing + % fire damage.

The perfect amethysts are just there since I still haven't found a single ias jewel but
while I don't have the resources to fire tab forge them all and due to the quality of my gear they are right now my only source of attack rating I'm guessing ill keep them for a while.

Now the amethysts give the weapon 144 ias and with the 10 it started with you can see I have used secret recipe 20 8 times so far. I will use it 4 more times to free up sockets once I have something useful to put in it.

Once we have a 120% ias on the weapon we need 106% extra or 17.7 from each socket. Now ias jewels spawn with 15%-30% ias so we just need a fairly modest collection of them and the amethysts will do the trick as well.

The goal for the sockets would be to get the speed we need with only 4 jewels and then we need 26.5 ias on average, fire tab forge them and then fill it up with 2 salamander stones or something useful.

As for the reason for a jeweled edge then for the purpose of wereform attack speed then
the base speed of a weapon has the same value as ias on the weapon so jeweled edge with its -30 gives us 30 ias so we dont have to aim for 281. And when attacking at 2 frames per sec the indestructable part is fairly handy. Another (and I guess the only other) contender for our 6 socket 1 handed magic weapon base type would be a viking axe. Now a viking axe isn't indestructable but I guess with the self repair from Secret Recipe 37 it would be ok but I really have no idea if it can keep up at a 2 frame attack. Also the viking base s