Togg - Druid : Summoning Wereform Caster

Character Intro and Overview

Togg is the wolf of winter, an Elder God from Steven Erikkson’s most excellent ‘Malazan : Book of the fallen series.'

Main Screen.jpg

One thing that I like about ES is that there are so many builds that can be brought to levels of uberness with the right strategy and good equipment. Its not only restricted to Smiters/Hammerdins/Dual dream Sorcs. There are so many builds in the Hall of Glory itself that are testament to this fact. Heck, Im sure it wont be long until someone decides to build a potionmancer who focuses on curses. :P

Togg is a summoner/ meelee/caster and more than durable in p/8 Hell Domain. The reason I went with a Druid is he has the most cross tab synergies and ive been in love with summoners since Diablo was released. Also I am a very lazy player and don’t like having to do too many things during a battle other than holding down a mouse button and pointing. He could easily run most areas in hell even without any resistance breaking seeing as he does Physical, lightning and cold damage.

Ive played the entire game on p/8, right from the get go. Took me 15 minutes to kill a Quill rat on normal Blood Moor, but what the hey? I like more drops. Also I don’t mule. Everything hes wearing, he’s found himself.


  • Most of the numbers are very low compared to ‘pure’ builds (Heck id love to see the damage a Charged Claws druid with an Infinity RW would churn out) but he makes up for it with versatility.
  • Holy freeze and Winter Fury often reduce monsters to popcicles so my Dire pets sometimes stay hungry 
  • I often confuse the Living Ice in Naraku with my Elemental leading to a lot of ‘Why are you hitting mee? I thought we were friendsss?! Oh wait, youre not my guy, die beast from the abyss!!’ moments.

Stats and Attributes

All energy. More Winter Fury damage, more Charged Claws damage, more summons damage. Don’t really need any other stat.

Stat Screen 1.jpg

Stat Screen 2.jpg

Stat Screen 3.jpg


  • Arctic Blast – 1 Prereq
  • Winter Fury – 30 (Max) His main form of crowd control. Slows any non cold immunes and sends them into hit recovery. The damage may seem rather measely, but it is still surprisingly potent and very noticeable even in Hell. Excellent for Dstone farming in Normal and NM Cows.
    Winter Fury.jpg
  • Werewolf – 1 Elementals seem to be the choice for most Lycanthropes, but Togg is a wolf and not a being of Lava, so I stuck with this.
  • Shapeshifting Mastery – 1
  • Charged Claws – 1 (From Veterans Odd Charm to skip most of the useless prerequisites) My main killing skill. Right now it does 20k damage per bolt, which is enough to take down most mobs in two to three swipes.
    Charged Claws.jpg
  • Cow Balloon – 30 (Max) Provides a damage synergy to Charged Claws, gives me more Oak Sages and more life to the Vines. A very classy skill.
  • Ravens – 6 For the extra Dire Wolf.
  • Oak sage – 1 Increased life for the whole party! Woohooo! These guys are surprisingly sturdy and even manage to tank hard hitting mobs if they get surrounded.
    Oak Sage.jpg
  • Spirit Wolf– 1 Prereq
  • Dire Wolf – 25 (Max) My minions <3 . I have named them Shaggy Dog, Ghost, Lady and Nymeria. With salvation, defiance, vigor and DR from PfC, these guys are very sturdy even in the domain. I only ever really need to re-summon them against Metalspark.
    Summon Dire Wolf.jpg
  • Poison Creeper – 1 Prereq. Very handy while leveling up.
  • Volcanic Creeper – 1 Prereq
  • Arctic Creeper – 25 (Max) A synergy for Winter Fury. These guys were originally supposed to be my second cold skill, but even at slvl 100 and with the life boost from Cow Balloon they don’t last very long in Hell. Their AI is messed up and they have measly life which (im assuming) doesn’t get boosted by auras. They still have their uses though, UberD is an environmentalist and doesn’t like to hit them, and they take down those Screamers in the Domain who normally send my minions into Perma-stun.
    Arctic Creeper.jpg
  • Elemental – 1 My God, this guy is a tank. With massive regen and life, he stands toe to toe with even the toughest bosses and still comes out smiling. I never have to resummon him.
    Summon Elemental.jpg
  • Oskill Annihilation - Crushing blow and IAS. Very useful for the summons. Thanks to Lucifer666 for reminding me that oskills do not synergise auras.


All equipment has been forged with all skills and jewels with druid skills. Only two pieces have been Dstoned since I consider them end game. Im mostly happy with what I have, but there are two major places I am lacking. No maples were harmed in the making of this character.

  • Helm – Placidity (He-I-Se-I) in a Hunters Guise with + 3 Winter Fury.
    Placidity Helm.jpg
    4 Druid skills and + 1 Elemental. Resists, defence and increased experience is just the cherry on top. I used an Arch Dimeron RW while leveling up, and it is also a very good choice for end game, but I stuck with this purely for the plus to skills.
  • Armour – Eternal Reign (Te-N-Ka-Wo-To-Ru) in an ethereal Ceremonial Armour.
    Eternal Reign Armour.jpg
    6 to all skills, life, defense and resists. What more could you ask for? I experimented with a magic Royal Armour of Aurora with Holy Freeze, but unless it spawns with a jewelers prefix, Eternal Reign wins out. Izeals Vise is another decent choice, but I don’t have the patience to Dstone it.
  • Weapon – Doom (Hel-Ohm-Um-Lo-Cham) in a military pick.
    Doom Weapon.jpg
    LoD Runewords feature ridiculous amounts of –enemy resists. Ive been swinging this baby around ever since a Treant was nice enough to gift me a Cham. The holy freeze makes me incredibly safe and I think it works on a different animation to Winter Fury. Everything becomes so sloooow. + 2 all skills, -55% cold resist. Dstoned with cold damage. Hail of Bolts is also a fine choice for its IAS and room for Dstoning. I even experimented with Thundergods anger for the lightning mastery and to see how Lightning storm would gel with Winter Fury and it worked for a time.
  • Shield – A simple crafted shield with + 1 all skills and +1 Druid skills and two sockets.
    Crafted Shield.jpg
    Elemental skill forged and socketed with two Druid skill forged Nexus stars. I suppose I could hold out for a 3 socket, but im not holding my breath.
  • Gloves – Magic gloves with oskill Annihilation.
    Magic Gloves.jpg
    63% crushing blow and IAS for my party. I was originally planning on using Fanaticism, but gave up after a few hundred rerolls and no luck. All skill forged and socketed with a Druid skill jewel and a Druid skill forged Icestorm shard. Rumor of pain was my placeholder but I didn’t really need any more resist reduction.
  • Belt – Rumor of pain rolled for perfect -15% lightning and cold resist.
    Rumour Of Pain Belt.jpg
    The popular choice for casters everywhere. All skill forged and socketed with a Druid skill forged Icestorm shard. Dstoned with Max life.
  • Boots – Converted Rumor of pain.
    Rumour of Pain Boots.jpg
    Id like to replace these with a useful oskill now, but im not sure what to hold out for. All skill forged and socketed with a Druid skill forged Icestorm shard.
  • Ring – Yaguls wrath.
    Yaguls Ring.jpg
    A fairly simple choice with resists, + skills and oskill shout. Rolled for a plus +3 to Winter fury. All skill forged and socketed with a Druid skill jewel.
  • Ring – Crafted ring with Druid skills.
    Crafted Ring.jpg
    This is one major gap in my equipment. I hope to eventually replace it with a Crafted ring with ctc Amp, but ive grown weary of trying.
  • Amulet- Grim Creeper.
    Grim Creeper.jpg
    The second major gap. If the vines were durable this would easily be endgame. Ive stuck with it simply because I haven’t found anything better. I would one day like to replace it with a crafted amulet with cold mastery. Concentration forged and socketed with a Druid skill jewel.
  • Weapon switch- Call to arms (Amn-Ral-Mal-Ist-Ohm) for Battle orders and Battle Command and a magic shield with oskill enchant (to increase my wolves AR)
  • Daylight (Hi-Ru-Ma) for the all skills and elemental absorb.
    Id replace this with Master of thunder if I ever make a Kanji.
  • Charms- All unique charms druid skill forged, converted and socketed with Druid skill forged Sescheronya’s Sparks (Other than two which carry +strength/level jewels). Trainers Odd charms socketed with Druid skill forged Sescheronya’s Sparks.

Merc and Merc Equipment

I tried using an offensive Barb, and he was good. Boy was he good. Mosts things got vaporized in seconds with the help of his ancients call. My minions took a back seat then though, so I switched to an Act 3 Cold Merc and he really helped round off the character. Increased cold damage, defense, and dr% for everyone! I couldn’t ask for anymore. Hes a smart chap and stays away from trouble. The only time I have to resurrect him is if I take him down with me. :P
Merc stat screen.jpg
All equipment has been Merc converted (where possible) and forged with all skills and stuffed with knowledgeable jewels.
He completes me. <3

  • Helm -Tiara of aurora with Salvation.
    Merc Helm.jpg
    Boosts resistances and makes the wolfpack much stronger.
  • Armour – Izeals Vise.
    Merc Armour.jpg
    I could replace this with Envy, but the defense boost is only about 10k.
  • Weapon – Rage (Fu-N-Nu).
    Merc Weapon.jpg
    Id eventually switch to a ‘Last Wish’ runeword, but im two Jahs short. Or a Work of God, but that will probably never happen.
  • Shield – Envy (U-Ra-Ya-Mu)
    Merc Shield.jpg
    Let me hear you say synergized Defiance!
  • Gloves – Griez’s Legion for the Protection from Fire aura. The radius is tiny, but a third Hermes gift is just overkill.
  • Belt – Converted Hermes gift for on equip Vigor.
  • Boots – Hermes gift for on equip Vigor.
  • Ring – Zodiac Band
  • Ring – Zodiac Band
  • Amulet – Defiance forged Beads of the Guardian.
    Merc amulet.jpg


Summon, buff, kill. Holy Freeze slows enemies down considerably while Winter Fury chips away at their health and prevents Regen. The wolves engage mobs first and I charge in with a few claw swipes. The merc just sits back and chills. Orders a Mojito I guess.

Anyway, thanks for going through that wall of text and pics. Hes still got a bit of work to do, but im working on a few other characters, (namely his mate, the She Wolf Fanderay)so hes taken a back seat for now. Hopefully, ill get down to finishing him up soon.


  • Hey! Thanks for the info. I kind of figured that out the hard way. I was initially using an Annihilation forged amulet and running might. No extra cb. :( Switched to Concentration and running annihilation simply as utilities. CB and chance of uniterruptible attack. -- BL337zkr!3g? 11-29-2012 (Thu) 17:44:55
  • Nice build,but you should know that only Paladins and Act 2 Might Merc are able to synergyze Annihilation and Concentration,for Player Char Paladins only if they have Hard Skill Points in a Skill that would normally synergyze it,as a Druid you will never be able to Synergyzo those Skills,but you'r Merc can Synergyze Defiance and Salvation since he has Hard Points in Protection from Cold... -- Lucifer666? 11-29-2012 (Thu) 14:58:42
  • Nice build, very original! I'd like to try it when I have the resources -- Iron Warfare? 11-28-2012 (Wed) 23:17:33
  • Original and awesome! -- Acrytex? 11-28-2012 (Wed) 22:10:08

File to attaach: fileMerc stat screen.jpg 748 download [Information] fileMerc amulet.jpg 707 download [Information] fileDaylight.jpg 707 download [Information] fileMerc Shield.jpg 941 download [Information] fileMerc Weapon.jpg 1865 download [Information] fileMerc Armour.jpg 692 download [Information] fileMerc Helm.jpg 1199 download [Information] fileGrim Creeper.jpg 741 download [Information] fileCrafted Ring.jpg 1393 download [Information] fileYaguls Ring.jpg 645 download [Information] fileRumour of Pain Boots.jpg 707 download [Information] fileRumour Of Pain Belt.jpg 630 download [Information] fileMagic Gloves.jpg 765 download [Information] fileCrafted Shield.jpg 1404 download [Information] fileDoom Weapon.jpg 1630 download [Information] fileEternal Reign Armour.jpg 725 download [Information] filePlacidity Helm.jpg 941 download [Information] fileArctic Creeper.jpg 675 download [Information] fileOak Sage.jpg 502 download [Information] fileAnnihilation.jpg 547 download [Information] fileSummon Elemental.jpg 648 download [Information] fileSummon Dire Wolf.jpg 651 download [Information] fileWinter Fury.jpg 644 download [Information] fileCharged Claws.jpg 525 download [Information] fileStat Screen 3.jpg 650 download [Information] fileStat Screen 2.jpg 606 download [Information] fileStat Screen 1.jpg 621 download [Information] fileMain Screen.jpg 562 download [Information]

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