Treehugger - Druid

Character Intro and Overview

Treehugger was initially an experiment to see if Creeping Doom was viable as I hadn't heard anything about the skill before I started. Suffice to say, Creeping Doom is an awesome skill.. Lots of damage and Stun. The only downside being that it is a bit mana intensive.

Currently I'm working on getting his gear up to par before levelling him more. I'm pretty sure I can double my damage through jewels, more forgings and d-stoning the weapon, as well as a few gear changes. We'll see how it goes though..

Stats and Attributes



Creeping Doom - Max
Tornado - Max
Sandstorm - Max
Arctic Blast - Max
Acid Rain - Remaining points
Oak Sage - 1
Prerequisites - 1


Any recommendations on gear would be appreciated :D

There's still lots of d-stoning and some socketing left to be done.

I plan on replacing Goldark's and Summer with Runefusions when I find the scroll..

Stonewall will eventually be Rift when I find a Re as well.


Merc and Merc Equipment

I'm using an Act 5 Offensive Merc for the Ancient's Call, mainly for breaking immunities.

Gear is Merc Hell Set and Achilles at the moment. Will be upgrading it all when Treehugger has all he needs.


  • Get an item with Pierce Flesh & Bone oskill to lower your enemies magic resistances. And Tardan, 13k Creeping Doom can kill anything that's not magic immune within seconds because monsters are hit by 10-16 missiles. -- Rychveldir? 01-26-2009 (Mon) 06:14:25
  • Nice idea, working my self on a Arctic Blast, Winter Fury, Sand Storm Druid, but doesn`t it take quite long to kill in hell with only 13k dmg?Cose I got quite stucked in hell and my Druid deals with Winter Fury 8k,Sandstorm 4K, Arctic Blast 32K Dmg . -- Tardan? 01-09-2009 (Fri) 17:33:42

File to attaach: fileTreehuggerGear.jpg 544 download [Information] fileTreehuggerStat.jpg 391 download [Information]

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