Usha - Exploding Arrow Enchantress with Full Raistlin's Salvation Set

Character Intro and Overview

Usha is an Enchantress built with full Raistlin's Salvation Set, attacking with oskill Exploding Arrow behind group of minions.

Raistlin's Salvation has several intriguing features:

  • Good skill boost to Enchant
  • Oskill Amplify Damage & high crushing blow%, providing a way to deal with FI mobs
  • Good resistance & +MaxRes, defense, and oskill Dodge

However, it also possesses a few shortcomings:

  • Occupying some important slots, especially helm (unable to use "ArchDimeron" for oskill conviction)
  • No +All Skill, meaning that oskill levels would be quite low
  • Low life & stat bonus

Obviously Raistlin's Salvation is designed for an Enchantress. While its weapon can be converted into Rune Bow, it fits Exploding Arrow Enchantress build best so that low life might be less troublesome.

Equipments besides Raistlin's Salvation are chosen based on the concept of Summoning Enchantress: as many minions as possible (Revive, Skeleton, and Spirit Wolf).

Stats and Attributes

With all buff/aura activated:

All points into energy.




Skill levels with equipment


As other Enchantress of mine, hard skill points in Enchant are adjusted to just reach slvl 100.


Level 27 Exploding Arrow
Main attack skill.

Level 25 Lower Resist
Lowers 54% Fire/Cold/Lightning resistance of enemy, radius 20 yards.

Level 22 Battle Command
Increase all skill level by 1. Duration 240 seconds.

Level 22 Battle Orders
Increases 98% maximal life & mana.

Level 23 Oak Sage
Increases 152% maximal life.

Level 21 Summon Spirit Wolf
Summons 6 Spirit Wolves.

Level 17 Revive
Revives 6 monsters.

Level 23 Raise Skeleton
Summons 7 Skeleton Warriors.

Level 21 Shadow Master
Abdorbs some damage and helps dealing with fire immune mobs.


Set item bonuses are not shown here because they cannot be displayed when equipped (too many mods).

A trick here: cube The Staff of the Magius (in the form of Rune Staff) with Rogin Oil, and then convert its base to Rune Bow (cubing with thawing potion twice). 2H Melee Passive is preserved even though it is now a bow! It greatly increase defense and grants additional 29% dodge chance beyond oskill Dodge from full set bonus.


Weapon Switch
Weapon Switch.jpg
Oskill Battle Command & Battle Orders.

Shield Switch
Shield Switch.jpg



Oskill Exploding Arrow.

Oskill Raise Skeleton.

Oskill Oag Sage.


Oskill Summon Spirit Wolf.

It's no longer a must-have as in other Sorceress build, since The Staff of the Magius has oskill Lower Resist already. But it's not a bad idea to push LR slvl higher.

Veteran's Odd Charm: Runeword "Captive" for oskill Revive.
Damage Augmenter
All unique charms except for Vlad Tepe's Sustenance.
Skiller charms: +Fire tab magic odd charm*1, +Fire tab rare grand charm*12, staffmod large charm*5

Merc and Merc Equipment

Act3 Fire Sorcerer, carrying several kinds of aura in addition to his own Protection from Fire: Conviction, Annihilation, Vigor, Salvation, and Defiance.

  • Weapon: Runeword "Burn"
    Level 5 Conviction.
  • Shield: Runeword "Envy"
    Level 15 Defiance, synergized by his own Protection From Fire
  • Armor: Izeal's Vise
    Level 4 Conviction, combined with "Burn" to provide Level 9 Conviction.
  • Helm: Magic Coronet with Level 5 Salvation
  • Gloves: Gloves of the Dark Mage
  • Belt: Harness of the Gods
  • Boots: Hermes' Gift
    Level 6 Vigor.
  • Amulet: Beads of the Guardian, forged with Level 4 Annihilation
  • Rings: Zodiac Band & Elemental Jewel

All items are merc converted and forged with +1 All skill, but most are left unsocketed.


File to attaach: fileWeapon.jpg 110 download [Information] fileWeapon Switch.jpg 109 download [Information] fileShield Switch.jpg 108 download [Information] fileRing2.jpg 115 download [Information] fileRing1.jpg 145 download [Information] fileHelm.jpg 116 download [Information] fileGloves.jpg 99 download [Information] fileBoots.jpg 98 download [Information] fileBelt.jpg 105 download [Information] fileArrow.jpg 103 download [Information] fileArmor.jpg 106 download [Information] fileAmulet.jpg 112 download [Information] fileslvl_full.jpg 105 download [Information] fileslvl_base.jpg 115 download [Information] fileLCS.jpg 97 download [Information]

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