Zinwrath - Paladin

Character Intro and Overview

Zinwrath was the first character that I made in the R1A patch(feels like so long ago :P)
he was originally going to be a Holy Shock/Zeal Pally but when i found Diablo's Crest, I
knew he was destined to use Holy Fire. I'm not very big on skill switching or pre buffing(Bad I know, but i do use a BO belt when going into big battles)

Stats and Attributes

Originally I put quite alot into Str and Dex, But when I got to Hell I shifted alot of the
Str points into Vit and a few into Dex(AR,AR,AR....) but now everything is going into life
and as soon as i find D stones they go into +4% max life, I would go for life steal on my weapon, but i rather go for more fire damage.


Holy Fire is my main concern here, with Zeal coming in second, Vengeance is on backup for the unbreakable fire immunes, and even better its a dual synergy :)

  • Holy Fire - Max
  • Vengeance - Max(Synergy for HF AND Zeal :))
  • Protection from Fire - Max(Synergy for HF)
  • Zeal - 13(need more!!!)
  • Salvation - 14(Synergy for HF)


I'm a sucker for uniques, but everything is either +skills or +% fire damage, when I get time I'm going to check out the RW's and see if anything can help me. I was lucky enough to finally(!) get some unique charms, too forever(Uber D is probably sick of me :P), unfortunatly I'm missing alot of very usefull scrolls that could make me alot better, and I'm also saving up for more anvil stones to do some forging on my rare jewels. I'm going to redo my Diablo's Crest as i wasted some D stone space on it early on, and it can be MUCH stronger.
Current Unique Charms:

  • Yello Jello(+1 Pally skills Forged)
  • Unknown Hero(+1 Pally skills Forged)
  • Perfect Cell(+1 Pally skills Forged)

Merc and Merc Equipment

Currently I'm using a Conviction Merc to help Break resistances, but his gear needs ALOT of work, so currently hes using the full Hell set, Harness of the Gods, Zodiac Band, Beads of the Guardian, 2x Rain RW's, got some good stuff waiting for him but i need materials...


  • you're doing a pretty good job, I have an attraction to sets but I've yet to make a golden hero (all uniques) ;) -- psycho2? 10-29-2010 (Fri) 21:34:33
  • i have a hf pala as well, id suggest rumour boots, glove and belt rerolled to -15 fresists, get the dwarven faceguard unique (tweaked by a lot and its quite good), i personally prefer righteous avenger for weapon but thats just me (3sockets are quite a goodie to pass up), a ring with fire mastery, for the armor, i use lothats cape (unique shinobi cloak - fire dmg +2as and shade armor oskill for +def) for the shield i use herald of zakarum again for the slots.. these are just ideas.. =) -- nsyd3g? 10-29-2010 (Fri) 17:08:16
  • Recommending putting your current Greiz's Legion gloves on your merc and wearing either Fireheart's Hand Iron or Rumors of Pain gloves. -- Daishi_GD? 06-03-2010 (Thu) 13:58:57
  • derpy nice toon =D -- derp? 06-02-2010 (Wed) 17:01:39
  • yeah, he still needs alot of work, the resists and def made Hell baal, well, HELL :P, i've never ever noticed the knockback(freeze target seems to cancel it...) gonna do more tinkering for life and stuff(only got +-3.8k with BO...), gotta spare some points for HS.... -- Necrolis? 09-15-2007 (Sat) 09:06:00
  • Nice damage, but your AR and defence is not good enough to survive hell. ITD only works on normal monsters and you will have a hard time hitting anything below 15k~ AR. Just as you will have a hard time with a defence below 15k, monsters will almost always hit you. Your resists are fine, your life needs improvmement, but you're working on that. Hint: iincrease life % grows stronger with every +life point you get, so watch out for those +20 life small charms, and tinker your gear with +life, you'll notice the difference. -- MasterKazoom? 09-13-2007 (Thu) 14:27:37
  • Vulcanguard is kickass armor for any character focused on Fire damage, I prefer it over Hellforge's finest. KB is annoying for sure, but I think it's worth trying to cope with in this case. -- Blinn? 09-13-2007 (Thu) 04:48:08
  • Get at least a one point on Holy Shield it helps blocking and it raises you defense also, and also dittch that armor it has knockback and get something useful like for example Hellforge's Finest, and get yourself some jewelry with oskill fire mastery -- Xc0n? 09-13-2007 (Thu) 02:32:47
  • reroll the rumour of pain and the vulcanguard for better stats.. -15 fire resist and maximum fire damage % -- goeido 09-12-2007 (Wed) 08:57:23

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