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  • I have been playing D2 since it came out and the expansion pack since it was released. I have been playing various mods since 2003 and never went back to vanilla D2. My favorite mods are ES and Zy-EL.
  • I am a current ES Tourney Administrator and host a few of the tourneys.
  • I also beta test for Zy-El.

My Diary


On August 13th 2009 a true legend of music and the first guitar hero passed away. Lets all take a moment of silence in remembering Les Paul. Please visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Les_Paul to find out more information on Les Paul.


Testing the limits of supermaxing d-stoning/gem melding items to see what the maximum values are.


  • Damn that maul is sexy. It's so pwn, it makes Median skills look like a wimp. -- stingray? 01-13-2010 (Wed) 01:13:42
  • I was getting bored with the cubing and played until the outer cloister and decided to do BRW anda 6 socket ethereal impaler dropped as well as a non socketted etheral impaler dropped. I think I am going to make a Shinigami for the merc and a ES Terminate or a BotD for Aristotle. I decided to do the supermaxing early. I am going to see if I can get an Impaler to 5k damage. -- Hans? 01-12-2010 (Tue) 13:01:26
  • That's a hot Titan's Maul. kingjames lives again!!! -- Metro? 01-12-2010 (Tue) 12:52:12
  • you need 10 chipped ones to upgrade. 10 normal ones to upgrade to full -- Hans? 08-08-2009 (Sat) 18:25:14
  • i would like to know how to create full crystals. the ones you find in ore are all chipped. my email are www.jurgens.marais@yahoo.com -- Storm? 08-08-2009 (Sat) 05:29:10
  • I look foward to it! I expect at least one entry by August 7th! ( I hope you realize that last sentence was partially sarcastic, partially being that I would like a post but no time limit is expected ) ( Long posts rule =p ) -- stingray? 08-03-2009 (Mon) 03:16:44
  • I have been too busy and forget to post here. Likely will add my progress here in the ES tourneys when the forums go down in a few days. -- Hans? 08-01-2009 (Sat) 21:43:12
  • Wah! No entries yet! =p -- Stingray? 07-31-2009 (Fri) 19:47:56
  • It is a feature of PlugY and it only works on Windows/Linux(wine). There is a button on the bottom right hand corner of your stash that will toggle the shared stash. -- Hans? 09-14-2008 (Sun) 20:32:02
  • Could someone please tell me how to use the stash share option. Sorry, for being such a noob, I really wanna use it though! thx -- Mesafalcon88? 09-13-2008 (Sat) 15:15:40
  • remember to equip a cracked skull helm and a cracked cranium basher... ill keep an eye out for them and post screenies ;) -- goeido 07-21-2008 (Mon) 20:58:59
  • Cracked_Cranium would be a Barb or Assassin. -- Hans? 07-21-2008 (Mon) 15:23:46
  • With a page name like this, you just have to make a character named Cracked_Cranium :P Nice to see a page for you. -- Dapaba? 07-21-2008 (Mon) 11:14:05
  • hi hans -- ultimategrayfox? 07-21-2008 (Mon) 04:31:07

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