What's Wiki/PukiWiki?

Wiki is a database engine, where anyone can take part in building the database. You can edit any pages in a Wiki, unless the page is frozen by the administrator. PukiWiki is one of the Wiki clones born in Japan, and very popular due to its advanced functionality.

Ok, then can I post anything I like?

Eastern Sun Wiki is a database, so please post the information you like to share with other ES players. Fan articles like Eastern Sun Trivia are also ok. But please use Phrozen Keep ES Forum for questions and bug reports.

How can I edit an existing page?

Click [ Edit ] at the top of the page. Then PukiWiki shows an edit screen, where you can edit the source text of the page. If you save an empty page, the page is deleted.

How can I make a new page?

Click [ New ] at the top of the page, and enter the page name. If the page already exists, PukiWiki opens the page in edit mode. Use the dropdown list to copy another page as a template. Modifying a similar page is an easy way to make a new page. Also, undefined WikiName and BracketName show a prompt ? to create a new page. If you like to make a new page of a word in another page, edit the page, enclose it between [[ and ]], and click the ?. See Links section of Text Formatting Rules for details.

How can I format a PukiWiki page?

Why are there strange characters like *** in the source?

See Text Formatting Rules to learn how to format a PukiWiki page. You can also display this reference in the edit screen. (Click • Show Text Formatting Rules under the textfield.)
Caution: When you display Text Formatting Rules, the page is reloaded and your edit is lost. Please copy your edit first.

Can I display an image in a PukiWiki page?

Yes. You can attach an image to the page by [Attach], and display it by &ref;. See Embedding Images and Files section of Text Formatting Rules for details.

When do you use the "Do not change timestamp" checkbox in the edit screen?

If the timestamp isn't changed, the page isn't listed in Recent Changes. You may like to check this checkbox, say, if your edit is only correcting a single typo.

How can I find the page I want?

How can other users find the page I made?

You can browse the list of all pages by [All Pages], and search specific word(s) by [Search]. Also, the administrator usually makes an index at the MenuBar or FrontPage. When you make a new page, it's a good idea to add your page to the index.

Is there a test page where I can practice?

You can freely edit the practice page SandBox?.

What's the strange string attached to links, such as (3m)?

The string (3m) shows that the page was updated 3 minutes ago. (5h) means 5 hours ago and (8d) means 8 days ago.

What's the (dagger) in the headings for?

Why are there strange strings like [#ab8c62f1] in the source?

By default, PukiWiki automatically adds an anchor of a random string to each heading. The dagger is a link to the heading. When you click the dagger, the url is displayed in the address window of the browser, which you can copy and paste to make a link to the article from another page. This function can be disabled by the administrator. See the last section of this page.

I'm afraid I'll destroy a Wiki page by mystake.

I'm afraid someone may destroy Wiki pages intentionally.

PukiWiki backups all the pages periodically and users can see the difference from the previous version by [ Diff ], and from hundreds of the older versions by [ Backup ]. Users can thus restore the destroyed pages easily, which lets you recover the mistake and discourages any malicious conducts.

What happens if multiple users edit a page simultaneously?

PukiWiki automatically detects and warns about the conflict. In case of a conflict, please copy your edit, reload the page and edit the latest page again.
When you edit a page in a row, Pukiwiki may wrongly warn about the conflict because of the caching of the browser. If all the listed conflicts are your edits, please ignore the warning and push the Update button again.

Are there any special settings in this Wiki site?

  • WikiName isn't linked automatically. Please use BracketName instead.
  • Pressing Enter in a paragraph makes a new line.

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