Updated July, 12 2009

updated for patch R6x series

NOTE: ES3.00 R series CAN be installed with LOD 1.11, and 1.11b, but it is a 1.10 mod. This means no new Uber quest, no special keys, no special torches, etc. This version of ES doesn't care which version of vanilla LoD you have, as long as it is v1.09+. Properly installed, you can still play the latest version of Vanilla on b.net or ES with no conflict (as long as you don't try running both at the same time, that would be bad.)

Before Doing Anything Else

Back up your entire diablo 2 folder by copying it to a new name

Clean Install OF Diablo II:Lord of Destruction

Skip this if your LoD is already "clean"
{Do not open Diablo II before you patch it, you'll have to do it all over if you do}

  1. Uninstall Diablo II then Delete the Diablo II folder (c:
    program files folder) <-To insure a clean install
    1. run Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Systems Tools -> Disk Cleanup with all options checked
    2. run Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Systems Tools -> Disk Defragmenter
    3. reboot computer
  2. Install Diablo II then Upgrade to LoD
  3. run Blizzard's LoD patch 1.11b -> download from GamersHell here
  4. Restart your computer

Installing Eastern Sun 3.00

  • Go to tsuru's Eastern Sun 3.00 Database website and download the files you need
    • es300_Rxx_full.zip (Full version) OR es300_Rxx_patch.zip (Patch version)
      For the first time install, you need the full version.
      The patch version requires a specific Full version or later. If you have installed one of the required Full version, you can use the patch version. The patch version may not be available if the update contains many changes.
  • Install of Full version:
    1. double click to open the archive
    2. run es300_Rxx_full.exe. change the install path if yours is different.
  • Install of Patch version:
    1. double click to open the archive
    2. run es300_Rxx_patch.exe. change the install path if yours is different.

do not install eastern sun into a directory name containing spaces, such as c:\diablo 2

Play The Game

  • Use the ES shortcut on your desktop
  • Use the LoD shortcut created by Blizzard to play vanilla Diablo II (or Battle.net)
  • If you purchased Diablo II & LoD from Blizzard's online shop, you will need a Lord of Destruction CD to play Eastern Sun.
    • You can mount the Lord of Destruction MiniCD as a virtual drive to pass the CD check.
      1. Download and install Alcohol 52% (or any other VirtualCD ROM tool). -> fileAlcohol 52% Free Version

!!!The LoD MiniCD provided by Stabby_McTwist. -> fileDiablo+II+LoD+MiniCD.zip !!! the link is dead. we needa new upload from someone who owns it.
you may edit this and put it here.

when u have the disk image you may drag and drop it onto alocohol or virtual disk etc.

Additional Goodies

Start -> Programs -> ES 3.00 Patch R for some optional features from Tsuru

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