Items Rebalanced in R3D

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Beast of the Night

Dream Spirit 84 70
+3 To Shape Shifting (Druid Only)
+3 To Summoning (Druid Only)
+80-130 Defense
+15 To Strength
+15 To Dexterity
(1/clvl) +1-100 To Life -> +1-125
All Resistances +10-20 -> +20-40
Damage Reduced By 8-12 -> 8-12%
-4 To Light Radius -> -3

For a highest level requirement druid helm, this helm lacks proper bonuses to be 'worthy' of it's requirement: Shapeshifter/Summoners are not a very viable hybrid (in a sense it could be said that a shapeshifter druid gets +3 skills because these are the two trees it would make use of, however), the attributes and resist all are fairly low, and the subtraction to light radius does seem to fit with the flavour of the name... However, it seems unnecessary considering the modifications on the helmet. A would change of the summoning bonus to either, +2-3 Fury, Fireclaws, or Charged Strike, and augment the resistances somewhat. One way or another, it could use some improvement.

Selection Vote
Needs Major Improvement 12  
Needs Minor Improvement 18  
OK 4  
Needs Minor Nerf 4  
Needs Major Nerf 4  

  • I agree with lordbrox2. This Druid helm is trying to aid in 2 different trees (Summoning and Shape Shifting) when there are much better options available. Given the name of the helm, a Summoning focus seems appropriate. How about dropping the SS mod, boosting the Summoning mod, and adding a Cow Balloon boost? -- Metropolis Man? 01-11-2007 (Thu) 11:58:24
  • I think the DR -> DR% would help a lot, and a small resist boost would be nice as well. I am unsure of the +summoning since most characters that equip this helm will have enough +skills to keep full # of summons once they switch out of the summon buffing gear. -- logger120? 12-26-2006 (Tue) 05:17:18
  • DR% instead of DR would make this helm viable for Shape Shifters. Most Shape Shifters use summons as the "one point wonder" not expecting damage but as the meat shield, so the summon tree bonus won't hurt. -- tsuru? 12-26-2006 (Tue) 02:14:04
  • i would never use that as a summoner or ss druid cause:1, summoner get the rw "animal friend" easy and much earlier than that helm, 2:as ss i would use fury or phys attack prolly and then get a helm with some of this dmg/ed/ias/ml/ll/fhr, jalal seems like 1 of the best for druid(lod) and there is plenty of rw i would go for first -- lordbrox2? 12-26-2006 (Tue) 00:12:24


Battle Dart 29 19 -> 29 24
+2 To All Skill Levels
20% Faster Cast Rate
20% Faster Hit Recovery
Piercing Attack 15%
+100-150% Enhanced Damage
(1.5/clvl) +1-150% Enhanced Max Damage
(3/clvl) +3-300 To Mana -> +2-200
Regenerate Mana +50%
Fire Resist +40% -> +30-40%
Poison Resist +40% -> +30-40%
Replenishes Quantity

Morgue is the ideal throwing weapon and the ideal caster weapon. The catch is, it's level requirement is so low that it is almost irreplacable for non-sorceress casters until much later levels. The scaling boost to mana, the FHR, FCR, fairly high resists, +2 all skills, and regeneration make it a battle dart of great utility. However, the level requirement seems far too low for a throwing dagger with hybrid stats. For the assassins and throw barbarians, this is almost an ideal throwing weapon in the early stages until Olympus Hand (another very powerful throwing weapon) because of it's scaling enhanced damage, +2 skills, and piercing. It is not in need on a nerf on a big scale, however, it could use a minor one because of the attributes it gives for such a low level weapon.

Selection Vote
Needs Major Improvement 3  
Needs Minor Improvement 2  
OK 8  
Needs Minor Nerf 7  
Needs Major Nerf 2  

  • I've never used that weapon before... if it was overpowered, I probably would have... but nope, never. -- Archavius? 01-10-2007 (Wed) 15:41:14
  • It is a exceptional weapon so its not that easy to obtain in normal, so the +2 skills isnt really that much. And like tsuru said the base dmg is low so the ED% isnt overpowered. -- logger120? 12-26-2006 (Tue) 05:20:31
  • Because the base damage of Battle Dart isn't so good, the damage would be ok. But as you said the super-low level requirement and caster mods would be toned down a bit. -- tsuru? 12-26-2006 (Tue) 02:26:08


Scissors Quhab 54 45
5% Chance To Cast Lvl 1 Teleport When Struck -> Level 10 Teleport (12 Charges)
50% Increased Attack Speed
20% Faster Hit Recovery
+80-120% Enhanced Damage
(3/clvl) +3-300% Enhanced Max Damage
+2-5 To Burst of Speed (Assassin Only)
Slows Target By 33%
+150 Defense
Repairs 1 Durability In 6 Sec

There are no significant changes needed for this weapon, however, the removal of the CtC Teleport would augment the dynamics of playing a martial arts assassin. The teleportation
forces the assassin out of the fray, signficantly slowing down killing speed and making it difficult to re-lock a target: physical martial arts assassins get hurt most by this CtC, because they kill their enemies one by one, rather than area of effect (thus, if they lose their target they have to find a new one immediately).

Selection Vote
Needs Major Improvement 1  
Needs Minor Improvement 6  
OK 0  
Needs Minor Nerf 0  
Needs Major Nerf 0  

  • I agree with what's been said here, but I think more charges would be better. Are you supposed to teleport with it once per dungeon? Or will it need to be repaired every 20 minutes? -- Archavius? 01-10-2007 (Wed) 15:43:58
  • CtC Teleport is a really interesting mod. On some characters it is great (like my HC Javazon, CtC Teleport has saved me several times. But for a melee buld the CtC isnt so good. Teleport charges would be a simple sloution and still keep the theme. -- logger120? 12-26-2006 (Tue) 05:23:27
  • The item name is Warpfist, so no teleport won't be good. If not overpowered, a small quantity of teleport charge would be nice. -- tsuru? 12-26-2006 (Tue) 02:06:43

Phase Visor

Savage Helm 50 36
30% Chance To Cast Lvl 8 Meteor On Striking -> 9% Lvl 20 Immolation
30% Chance To Cast Lvl 8 Chain Lightning On Striking -> 9% Lvl 20 Ice Nova
30% Chance To Cast Lvl 8 Frozen Orb On Striking -> 9% Lvl 20 Hell's Gate
30% Chance To Cast Lvl 8 Bone Spirit On Attack -> 9% Lvl 20 Poison Nova
All Resistances +30
-> +140-170% Enhanced Defense 
-> +2-3 To Warcries
-> Gem Socket (2)

Though Phase Visor is unique in the sense it causes all sorts of eye-candy-chaos on your screen, especially if you're a throw barb or frenzy barb, the damage the spells do from the CtCs quickly descends into insignificant damage as you push through nightmare a little bit. A good idea would be to lower the proc rates but increase the levels of each spell, and possibly change Bone Spirit to an alternative spell (such as poison nova, hell's gate).

Selection Vote
Needs Major Improvement 7  
Needs Minor Improvement 4  
OK 0  
Needs Minor Nerf 0  
Needs Major Nerf 1  

  • Such an item should not have CtC skills with a casting timer as that messes up the whole attack routine. Unless the skill is really good (lv 50 Meteor) such a skill hurts more than it helps. The same goes for several other items as well. -- Nameless? 12-27-2006 (Wed) 07:54:05
  • Frenzy, DS, and throw skills all are fast and work with CtC so even a 15% CtC would be good. I don't think taht all the skills can be superb skills, which is why I suggested the novas. Maybe 15% CtC lvl 15 skills (except Static which would need to be lower to keep radius under control). Even if the novas are only doing ~100 dmg each they hit multiple times so this can easily add up to several hundered extra elemental dmg. -- logger120? 12-27-2006 (Wed) 06:06:30
  • didnt know ww doesnt trigger ctc cause i havent been a ww barb yet(i dont like them for some unknown reason) and about the ctc%, its a reason i suggested it to be lowered in last msg, i think 85% of es players would say its too high -- lordbrox2? 12-27-2006 (Wed) 00:29:31
  • Whirlwind doesn't trigger chance to cast on striking, so this helm wouldn't be of much use for such barbs. Bumping up the skills would be good I think, it is only a level 36 req helm so adding superb skills like Timestop and Static may be a little too much with the current CtC rate. -- Blinn? 12-26-2006 (Tue) 21:59:34
  • its just too bad that the all the "nova" skill got very low dmg and isnt useful in hell/nm if its under lvl 15 with no synergy. Lvl 10 nova spells do like 40-100 dmg. some neat skills could be: timestop, static, death sentry(for a minor ce)or ce itself(low lvl, 2-5), blade shield(helps attackers a bit),thunder storm/enchant/meteor shower. Just ideas...... But i think the skills on the helm now is ok, they just need 2-5 more lvls and maybe drop ctc to 5-15, cause with 90% to ctc when strike u cant very often, and with a ww in a crowd it would be a lightshow(with all the fire/cold/lightning) :P -- lordbrox2? 12-26-2006 (Tue) 20:33:56
  • I agree that the CtC meed to be modified. Besides changing the skill lvls you could consider changing the skills. For example Meteor -> Immolation. Actually the ideal skill for CtC on a Barb, IMO, is Static Field. My suggestion is keep the chance and lvl the same but change Metero -> Immolation, Chain Lightning -> Static Field, and Bone Spirit -> Hell's Gate. Basically all nova-style skills except FO which could be changed to Ice Nova to fit a 'nova' theme. -- logger120? 12-26-2006 (Tue) 05:31:16

Wyrm's Wrap

Destroyer Helm 76 61
30% Chance To Cast Lvl 9 Fire Ball On Striking -> 10% Lvl 22
30% Chance To Cast Lvl 9 Ice Blast On Striking -> 10% Lvl 22
30% Chance To Cast Lvl 9 Lightning On Striking -> 10% Lvl 22
Adds 40-70 Fire Damage -> +20-30% To Fire Skill Damage
Adds 40-70 Lightning Damage -> +20-30% To Lightning Skill Damage
Adds 40-70 Cold Damage 6 Sec Duration -> +20-30% To Cold Skill Damage
+100-150 Defense -> (3.75/clvl) +3-375 Defense
Cold Resist +40-70%
Lightning Resist +40-70%
Fire Resist +40-70%
-> +1 To All Skill Levels

Phase Visor's elite cousin. On a Barbarian, the first 6 mods are all nearly negligible. lvl 9 low tier sorc spells will scratch hardly anything by the time you're level 61. 120-210 elemental damage isn't much better either. The defense and resists are fine, but the helm needs a boost because right now it doesn't offer much especially for being elite.

Selection Vote
Needs Major Improvement 10  
Needs Minor Improvement 0  
OK 0  
Needs Minor Nerf 0  
Needs Major Nerf 0  

  • This is much worse than Phase Visor. Possible suggestions (not saying all of them cuz that would be insane): 10% CtC lvl 27 skills, Ice Blast -> GSpike, Lightning -> CLightning (or even CBolt), Mutliply elemental dmg by 5-10 [(200-400)-(350-700)], more +defense -- logger120? 12-27-2006 (Wed) 06:11:36

Rainbow Rocket

Ahab Spear 69 65 	
Adds 50-200 Magic Damage -> 250
Adds 50-200 Fire Damage -> 250
Adds 50-200 Lightning Damage -> 250
Adds 50-200 Cold Damage 8 Sec Duration -> 250
Adds 50-200 Poison Damage Over 2 Sec -> 250 Over 1 Sec
+5-8 To Vengeance -> +17-22 To Vengence 
Replenishes Quantity
-> (2.5/clvl) +2-250 To Max Damage
-> (1/clvl) +10-1000 To Attack Rating

Another high-end unique suffering from Phase Visor Syndrome. This Unique offers nearly nothing in its current state. 250-1000 total elemental damage. Vengeance oskill sounds nice, except that this is a one-handed weapon with no added damage whatsoever so Vengeance with this is just weak. Replenish Quantity doesn't even count as a mod anymore since all throwing weapons spawn with it. For the second highest elite javelin its looking very poor.

Selection Vote
Needs Major Improvement 10  
Needs Minor Improvement 0  
OK 0  
Needs Minor Nerf 0  
Needs Major Nerf 0  

  • I agree that this javelin needs a major improvement, though I think it would be a lot more interesting if it had a high CtC Lower resist (say 40% or so) rather than an oskill or just mega-upgraded elemental damage additions. Paired with the CtC could be a considerable AR bonus (%), so for example a javazon could use standard throws to proc the LR, allowing her to quickly switch to other elemental damage skills. It would be nice if the elemental damage scaled by clvl as well -- :Water? 12-28-2006 (Thu) 03:01:24
  • The elemental damage portion needs to be ramped up considerably. I think the vengeance oskill should be dropped entirely given the non-existant physical damage this is doing. Besides Loggers suggestions there are also the +XX% elemental damage and -XX% enemy resists mods to consider. -- Blinn? 12-27-2006 (Wed) 21:41:26
  • This weapon is so underpowered it would harldy be effective in Nightmare and its elite. With no Ed% and low elemental dmg it is un-useable. This looks like it was intended to be the end game back-up weapon for a throw barb (elemetal dmg to counter the barb's phys and mag dmg). Possible suggestions; Large increase to the elemental dmg (5x?), other mods to help against PIs examples: open wounds, CtC, Sorc Masteries (this would make this weapon more friendly to Amazons and possibly Paladins[+0-1 to all 3 masteries like Unknown (rw) Armor; this will be much more expensive to reroll]), oskill Lower Resist, etc. -- logger120? 12-27-2006 (Wed) 06:23:43

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