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Amazon / Assassin / Barbarian / Druid / Necromancer / Paladin / Sorceress


  • 個人的に参照するデータをまとめる予定
  • 作成者が「ええかげんなヤツじゃけぇ」データが正しいとは限りません(ツッコミ大歓迎)
  • 以下は作成妄想中のもの
    • Lynx鯖Who's Who(どのキャラが誰の?)必要は無いけど、あればパワーランキングとか作れて楽しいかなと。
    • Ignore Taget's Defenceなアイテム、Cannot be Frozenなアイテム


I2+15% Enhanced Damage+30 Defense+30 DefenseEl
U3(+75 AR & +75% EDamage) against undead15% Faster R/Walk7% Increased Chance of BlockingEld
Shi4+3 Mana after each kill+3 Mana after each kill+3 Mana after each killTir
Ka5Knockback+45 Defense vs missile+45 Defense vs missileNef
N6-15 monster Def per hitRegen Mana +20%Regen Mana +20%Eth
Ku7+9 max Damage20% Damage taken goes to Mana20% Damage taken goes to ManaIth
Yo975 Poison Damage over 5 secsPoison Resist +35%Poison Resist +35%Tal
Ki125-30 Fire DamageFire Resist +35%Fire Resist +35%Ral
Ri141-50 Lightnig DamageLightnig Resist +35%Lightnig Resist +35%Ort
Mi154-20 Cold Damage 3 sec durationCold Resist +35%Cold Resist +35%Thul
Ya167% Life stolen per hitAttacker takes Damage of 75Attacker takes Damage of 75Amn
A18+9 min DamageDamage reduced by 7Damage reduced by 7Sol
Tsu1920% Increased Attack Speed20% Faster Hit Recovery20% Faster Block RateShael
Chi20Replenish Life +10Replenish Life +10Replenish Life +10Dol
Sa1Requirements -20%Requirements -20%Requirements -20%Hel
Yu23+15 Vitality+15 Vitality+15 VitalityIo
Ke24+15 Energy+15 Energy+15 EnergyLum
E26+15 Dexterity+15 Dexterity+15 DexterityKo
Ko27+15 Strength+15 Strength+15 StrengthFal
Ra2850% Extra Gold from monsters50% Extra Gold from monsters50% Extra Gold from monstersLem
O30(+75 AR & +75% EDamage) against demons+35% Enhanced Defense+35% Enhanced Defense
Ho3125% chance Open Wounds+16 all Resists+20 all ResistsPul
Me32Prevent monster healMagic Damage reduced by 7Magic Damage reduced by 7
Ru34+25% MF+25% MF+25% MFUm
Ta35+20% AR8% to max Poison Resist8% to max Poison Resist
To367% Mana stolen per hit+8% max Fire Resist+8% max Fire ResistMal
Wa3850% Enhanced Damage+8% max Cold Resist+8% max Cold Resist
Ha3920% Deadly Strike+8% max Lightnig Resist+8% max Lightnig ResistIst
Na40Hit Blinds TargetIncrease max Mana 12%+60 Mana
Ni4220% chance Crushing BlowDamage reduced by 8%Damage reduced by 8%Gul
Se43Ignores targets DefenseIncrease max Life 12%+60 Life
Fu44Freezes target +2Cannot be frozenCannot be frozenVex
Ma45(1/clvl)+1-100 to Life(1/clvl)+1-100 to Life(1/clvl)+1-100 to Life
Hi46(1/clvl)+1-100 to Mana(1/clvl)+1-100 to Mana(1/clvl)+1-100 to ManaOhm
Mo47(.375/clvl)+0-37 to Strength(.375/clvl)+0-37 to Strength(.375/clvl)+0-37 to Strength
No48(.375/clvl)+0-37 to Dexterity(.375/clvl)+0-37 to Dexterity(.375/clvl)+0-37 to DexterityLo
Te50(.375/clvl)+0-37 to Vitality(.375/clvl)+0-37 to Vitality(.375/clvl)+0-37 to Vitality
Ro51(.375/clvl)+0-37 to Energy(.375/clvl)+0-37 to Energy(.375/clvl)+0-37 to EnergySur
So52(2.5/clvl)+2-250 max Fire Damage(.75/clvl)Fire Resist +0-75%(.75/clvl)Fire Resist +0-75%
Mu54(2.5/clvl)+2-250 max Cold Damage(.75/clvl)Cold Resist +0-75%(.75/clvl)Cold Resist +0-75%Ber
Ne55(2.5/clvl)+2-250 max Poison Damage(.75/clvl)Poison Resist +0-75%(.75/clvl)Poison Resist +0-75%
Re56(2.5/clvl)+2-250 max Lightnig Damage(.75/clvl)Lightnig Resist +0-75%(.75/clvl)Lightnig Resist +0-75%Jah