Moved from the readme (Need to be rearranged) Hirelings losing life on level up [#zcf743be]

If hirelings have Max Life bonus, they lose some life when leveled due to a bug
of D2. The life regeneration doesn't start until they are injured, they leech
life, or you give a healing pot.

Magic/Rare/Unique Quivers
Unlike magic throwing weapons, magic quivers disappear when used up. Please
don't overlook the red quantity warning icon.

Other Graphics Glitches
The effect of Venom and Telekinesis is invisible when cast as a CtC skill,
but they normally deal damage.
Lightning Fury's sparks seem to carry Poison damage and Cold Damage. But the
green/blue color upon monsters disappears in a second, and don't last for their
full duration. So it is considered a display bug.

Growing D2yymmdd.txt
D2 wrongly detects addressing a set item by its name in cube recipes as an
error, and the error log D2yymmdd.txt in the D2 folder grows large. This file
is automatically deleted after a week or so.

Shadow Master's Headgear
Shadow Master always wears a Cap or its upper version, instead of mimicking
caster's headgear. This is to avoid oskill Shadow Master causing an error when
the caster equips a Druid Pelt or a Barbarian Helm.

Unclickable Entrances/Stairs
Assigning some skills to Left Mouse Button sometimes causes this issue. Please
switch Left Mouse Button to Normal Attack and click the entrance again.

Character Select Screen
The new equipments which don't exist in LoD may not be displayed correctly in
the character select screen. This is a limitation of D2.

Psychic Slash on Left Click
When Psychic Slash is on the left click slot, pressing shift while running shows
your character 'gliding'.

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