Mac statbility issues

the page is still a work in progress

NameOSHardwareWith +skillsWithout +skillsUsing 1.11 appComments
Audaces10.5.2IntelCrashing when trying to touch DA, NC or oskill item, crashes on lvl up. Occasional crashes in game Removing DA, NC and oskillers eliminates the problemFine, but can use neither allskillers nor tabskillersOccasional crashes in lvl 2 Blood Raven's Workshop, otherwise fine, except: can't use extra merc slots, can't enter act 5, quest rewards as per vanillaIt looks like the program can't calculate DA passives and oskills when they receive +skill bonuses

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Last-modified: 06-12-2008 (Thu) 13:21:58 (4517d)