Melee Mastery

With the arrival of Katanas as a new, available option for melee damage in Eastern Sun, Claw Mastery has been changed to Melee Mastery for this particular purpose.

What makes Melee Mastery different to Claw Mastery?

Apart from the fact that Melee Mastery affects all melee weapons instead of just claws, it is now a proper synergy to some skills. Though Melee Mastery suffers from diminishing returns in terms of deadly strike like other mastery skills, it works very well in conjunction with C/C physical MA assassin builds. This is primarily because per 2 points in melee mastery you receive +1% block with Weapon Block. Keep in mind Weapon Block also suffers from heavy diminishing returns after 17+ points, to a point where you will need 2 or more points to improve it by one per cent. Per point in Melee Mastery Dragon Claw receives +8% melee damage. This is very effective because instead of adding an extra 8% damage per point in Melee Mastery, if your main skill is Dragon Claw, it will essentially receive 16%.

Skill Point Investment

Keep in mind that there is no real need to maximise your points in Melee Mastery. If your primary finisher is Iagiri or Dragon Claw you will eventually receive more damage and attack rating output from those skills, because of the diminishing returns of deadly srike on Melee Mastery (ergo making it less effective for +AR or +damage purposes). It would be a better idea to put around 15-21 points in Melee Mastery, depending on your +skills, and if your primary weapon(s) is(are) a Katana or Claw(s).

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