Character Name: Smarneff
Druid Tree Focused on: Elemental

Concept †
Now the concept into this ordeal is first off, relying fully on Molten Boulder...which of course is a flaming ball of magma and rock. Isn't it funny how it looks and all. When in doubt, use something cheap and get a character to have people look at you and give your character a middle finger because it owns so much. Anyway, the reason I came up with this is because before 1.10 came out, the elemental skill tree was didn't really have any powerful anything. Until this came out on legit Diablo II expansion, that is when they were really good.

Skills †
The main skills focused on here are as follows (without skill adds):
Volcano: 30
Molten Boulder: 25
Firestorm: 20
Now you're wondering why I picked this build..its because first off, it physical as well as fire damage. Of course the idea is to make sure the mob isn't both fire and physical immune or else you might be a little boned.
Spending Stat Points †
This build can be a little costly in mana. I have a hard time keeping mana up with the regen rate as it is. So far it is level 70, and so far I found gear that perfectly works. When you first level it up, get enough strength to get a good piece of equipment on so you don't die so fast and so easily. Currently Plate of Spikes (Unique Gothic Plate) seems to be my best bet right now. You can get 70 strength and use that if you want...though later on you might want to think about getting something else. I will see what works later on with this build, but for now, about 70 strength if not 50 strength will be ok.

Strength:70 (Stick with about that much and you should be ok for a while)

Dexterity: base (since when in the right mind do you really need it, you'd kill the mob by the time it gets to you, and you're not going melee anytime soon so really, not needed)

Vitality: As many points as you possibly can get (Will be one of your focus points, you need to stay alive right so figure....get it and get as much life as possible to keep alive in case of mobs that really just don't like you) (Currently at 265 vit)

Energy: About 100 (Might change, but this is your mana pool, it is a costly build so get about this much if not a little more on energy and you will be ok.)
These are my life and mana rates, one will be base, the other will be with the +'s I have, so it will be set like this (Base/base with bonuses)

Life: 875/1,276
Mana: 385/726
Resists: (Fire/Cold/Lightning/Poison)
Normal: 95/75/90/75 (Some gear adds for the max resist to certain elements)
Nightmare: 95/50/90/75


Equipment †
This is just a rough estimate of what I have, as soon as I discover any better ones, I will update it, but for now this is what I use. All Equipment posted will be what I currently use, exactly as it is seen, there might be a full change so check the database site for further details about a specific unique item if it is unique. The key focus to your equips for this build is as follows: + to Mana, + to Life, + to skills, + to resists, + to elemental/magic absorb (if you can, don't really have to, just might help), and Damage Reduced by % (if you can, if not...that is fine too, you'll keep your distance anyway)

Weapon: Lucrecius' Power (Bone Wand) [Despite it being a bone wand, it helps with mana A LOT]

  1. 1 to all skill levels
    30% Faster Cast Rate
    Freezes Target
    1-100 to life based off character level (ups by 1 per level)
    1-100 to mana based off character level (ups by 1 per level)
  2. 52 to mana
    61% damage goes to mana
    Halves Freeze Duration

Helm: Alizee's Flaming Horns (Unique Antlers)Defense: 17

  1. 20% Faster hit Recovery, add 8-29 fire damage, +120 to max fire damage based on character level, +4 molten Boulder, +21 mana, +12% max fire resist, Fire Resist 40%, +5 Light Radius

Armor: Armor of the Dragon Mage (Chaos Armor) Defense: 551 (Another Good one to use, but actually slightly better. Instead of dealing with Iron Maiden curse, you deal with immolation, fun isn't it? Also this armor adds to mana unlike your Plate of Spikes, which at about lvl 60 or so, you should get it.)
50% chance to cast lvl 10 Static Field when Struck
50% chance to cast lvl 10 Immolation when Struck
16% Faster Run/Walk
20% Faster Cast Rate
adds 1-100 mana based off character level (1 per level)

  1. 15% max Lightning Resist
  2. 15% Max Fire Resist
    Lightning Resist +87%
    Fire Resist +74%
    Requirements -90%

Shield: Raven's Shield (Unique Kite Shield) Defense: 25 Block Rate: 28%

  1. 1 to all skills, 20% faster block rate, +7 defense vs. Missile, +72 life based on character level...(2plvl I think), +32 mana, regenerate mana 20%, all resist +20, +3 to light radius. (Skill bonus adds will be the key well as regenerate mana and + to mana, like I said if I find something better, I will use it...and inform others how it is as I go.)

Gloves: Beast Claw (Rare Sharkskin Gloves) Defense: 35
10% faster hit recovery, +144 to attack rating based on character level, +14 to mana, lightning resist +20%, poison resist +6%, Damage Reduced by 1, +3 to light radius (a few were helpful, but needs more resists and mana)

Belt: Smiles of Fortune (Demonhide Sash) Defense: 27 (Great for MFing, but that's really it)

  1. 17% Increased Attack Speed
  2. 3% Mana Stolen Per Hit
  3. 5% Life Stolen Per Hit
    20% Chance of Crushing Blow
    17% Deadly Strike
    10% Chance to Open Wounds
    109% extra gold from monsters
    173% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items

Boots: Demon Stalker (Rare Crystal Boots) Defense: 109
6% chance to cast lvl 5 shock armor when struck, +2% faster cast rate, adds 1-47 lightning damage, +50% enhanced defense, +72 defense based on character level, +8 to strength, Poison resist 5% (an ok one...I mean, if it had more of faster cast rate I'd really keep it, but it doesn't..but the skill when struck does come in handy, increasing your defense a bit. Needs more resists since in nightmare he does get owned a bit)

Amulet: Chromatic Druidic Necklace of the Mammoth (Better than Amulet of the Apprentice)

  1. 2 to Rabies (why do I need this...I am not a shape-shifter)
  2. 32 to life (good bonus here)
    All resist +30 (another good one right here)

Ring(1): Viridian Druid's Seal of Accuracy (Druid Only Ring)

  1. 9 to dex (since why would I need that exactly?), Poison Resist +16% (just try to find something better, try finding things that add to all druid skill levels or elemental druid skill tree adds. Either one of those is fine as well as resists and all that other good stuff mentioned.

Ring(2): Shadow Hold (Rare Druid Only Ring)

  1. 12 Dexterity (Useless)
  2. 32 Life (Good, but could be better)
    All Resistance +15 (Good, but should get something that absorbs elements)
    Poison Length Reduced by 50% (Good for anti-poison)

Inventory: The Charms Focus here is ones that add the same thing, but if they don't have any, the main ones you need are these (Stick to small charms as much as possible, unless the grand/large ones are rare, also stick to those that + to life, mana, skill tabs, resists, and maybe some that reduces damage if possible.) (As much as possible replace any + to life and plus to mana types with ones higher than your current ones..if you get any that add to both of them, do the same. Like for example, if you have a bunch of small charms that add to life..and your highest one is +20 to life and your lowest is +3 to life...sell that one and get rid of it so you can get more small charms that add more life. Same with the mana ones, unless you got a VERY GOOD mana regen rate then there is nothing to really worry about all that much, but it is rare that you can get one that high. Also get The Perfect Cell Unique Charm as it will help with regeneration for life and mana, as well as getting Lothar's Will for mana and +1 to all skills.)

Strategy & Tips †
You want some tips, I'll give you some tips, here's what you need:

  • Get equipment that focuses on any stated in the equipment category. If the unique item you find ends up higher, replace it, you never know when it'll come in handy and save you in battle.
  • Save Super Mana Potions, until you get a high enough regenerate mana rate, or high enough mana to not worry about it. This build is mana costly so get as many things that + to mana A LOT until you have enough to not sweat it so much. Still save them for Mana Burn minion mob battle...they are a complete pain in the butt...and kill those ASAP will be your beneficial to you.
  • Stay away from anything that adds to attack rating, or damage, you won't need it, you'll be relying on Molten Boulder.
  • This skill is high damage based, but keep in mind, it is also costly, kills almost anything in one hit, yes, ONE HIT, mine does 3764-3823 total damage, though it maybe mostly fire based, it has physical damage adds to it as well.
  • If you get a mob that is both immune to fire and physical, just bend over and take it like a man, you won't be able to do anything to them, just run, unless you're in a multi-player game, have them deal with it.
  • You really don't need to have a merc, but if you direly want one so badly, get an Act 2 mercenary with its complete set and has the Meditation aura. You may think "What's the point in him, he sucks", ask yourself this question "Do I wanna get boned by mobs when I run out of mana so quickly while I'm in combat?"
  • Try to line up the mobs as best as you can, though being next to the wall sometimes helps as its AoE damage does own most mobs in 1 hit (mostly in normal this will happen, but since molten boulder has knockback, I think this will come in handy).
  • Lastly, when leveling this skill up, focus on its synergies first. Yes it does help molten boulder out a bit, but remember, without the synergies it will be weak and it will be horrible to deal with, so remember to level up synergies, and keep in mind your mana when trying to level up this build.

Thank you for taking the time to read it, as I work with him more, I will update most areas that I can until the character is finalized or deleted, whichever comes first.

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