Morphing Charm

Morphing Charms no longer exist, please see here.

What are morphing charms?

  • Some Sets had had a set bonus which transforms you into a monster, like Trang-Oul set in LoD, in the older version of ES.
  • But it proved some skills don't work when you are morphing, so it has been changed several times. No morph sets weren't a decent solutoin. Disabling the morphing bonus by a cube recipe caused a trouble with Druid Wereforms. So the morphing bonus was completely removed from those morphing sets, and the recipes were added to make morphing charms using the pieces of those sets.
  • Morphing into a monster has some drawbacks, skill troubles, slow Walk/Run speed, slow cast rate, etc. So those charms are given some nice stats.

Morphing Charm Changes in R3

  • The old morphing charms can't be used in R3. You can update the old charm to a new one by cubing.
  • In R3, the bonus of the charm only works when you are morphing. It is known that going to another act cancels the morphing, but it also cancels the other bonuses. You can pick the charm up to enable the morphing (and the bonuses) again.
  • In R3, the bonus of the charm is provided by an oskill "morphing", and isn't displayed like a property. But you can see the bonus working at the sub pages of the character screen.

The skills which cause troubles with morphing

  • All Traps (can't be cast)
  • Whirlwind and Dance of Death (can't be used after several uses)
  • Leap, Leap Attack (causes an animation error)
  • Smite(?)

Please add skill troubles you have experienced.

  • trytry -- gfreyg? 07-09-2007 (Mon) 20:12:57
  • Eastern Sun has a huge database and wiki and it's hard for Tsuru to keep track of all pages and update them with every patch. Instead, ES players are encouraged to update wiki pages. I added the waiver and the link on top, but this page can probably be deleted safely now. -- Easytough? 06-28-2007 (Thu) 02:33:18
  • if oyu ablosied them why to you still advertise it jesus -- Steven? 06-28-2007 (Thu) 01:07:26
  • there is no recipe -- raspo? 06-28-2007 (Thu) 00:58:27
  • how to do make them -- chris? 06-28-2007 (Thu) 00:43:53
  • how to do make them -- chris? 06-28-2007 (Thu) 00:43:51
  • Diablo set-sendes error to widow, stopes play game -- Eric? 06-09-2007 (Sat) 04:24:53

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