The PH Barb works basically like a multishot zon. He is a lot tougher (more life and a shield) and does more damage (Ethereal weapon and Throwing Mastery) but his attack speed is slower(Barb: 9 fps, Zon: 7 fps) and ethereal weapons take time to replenish.

(Since the base build doesnt need many skill points, he is a good choice for hybridization.)

R6 Update: Double Throw got improved and Ghost Decoy is a good skill for a thrower, so skill section gets updated.

Base Stats

Its possible to get all str and dex from equip and Strength of the Ancients, but additional points dont hurt since they improve throw damage.

as needed for equip
as needed for equip or block or more for damage
enough to survive without shield


New R6 skill plan

Throwing Mastery
1+ any excess skill points
Battle Commands
1 or 18
Ghost Decoy
Max - 3 really tough tanks are a dream for any ranger
Phantom Hatchets
1 (at least 22 with equip for max missiles) - ideal farming skill
Double Throw
Max - bosskiller and for tough monsters
Double Throw Synergies
any excess skill points - more damage than throwing mastery but doesnt improve Phantom Hatchets damage.
Strength of the Ancients, Natural resists


(good but can be replaced by dstoning)rare gloves
Might or Fanatism
(Fanatism if using Might merc)rare gloves (also transformed to belt and boots) and jewelry
CtC Amplify Damage or Decrepify
ctc amp on jewelry or weapon, ctc decrep on sorrow RW armor or set belt.
Revive from runeword charm, maybe dual skeleton arm on switch

Double Throw Summoner variant

This variant relies on necro summons, with 2 Skeleton Arm unique Sacred Wands on weapon switch. Since it has enough meatshields, it can use 2 spears and use Double Throw as bosskiller. As armor, Sorrow RW is recommended. In R6, this variant works fine even without skeletons because of the Ghost Decoy Skill.

Summon Skeleton Oskill
from Belts/Boots/Jewelry
Summon Vampire Oskill
from Belts/Boots/Jewelry
Revive Oskill
from HoRiYo RW charm

Shuriken variant

This variant uses a shield (for example Seduction of Pain unique Thorned Shield) and a Throwing Dagger and uses oskill Shuriken as bosskiller instead of Double throw. Lots of free skill points allow hybridisation.

Melee on Switch variant

This variant uses either oskill Wereform or the Concentrate skill and a 2h weapon on switch to deal with bosses.

Melee Mastery
1 or Max
Oskill Wereform
from transformed rare gloves


The most important thing about equip is getting max pierce, decent attack speed (for throwing daggers: 125 ias, 60 ias with Atlastrust merc) and as much damage as possible. Slow is definitely helpful, and one ctc curse is a must.

(Ethereal) DualMax rare, depending on variant. Throwing Daggers are needed for shuriken, Throwing Hatchets have the best damage/speed ratio, Ahab Spears have the highest damage but need most IAS
Weapon switch
Dual Skeleton Arm, or Prebuffers with lots of +War Cries skills, or non-ethereal replacement weapons which can be replenished easily.
Leorics Plate(ctc amplify) or Sorrow Runeword(ctc decrep, slow)
Arreats Faceplate or good rare circlet
Shield(If using shuriken oskill)
Seduction of Pain (unique Thorned Shield)
Rare with Pierce or Aura oskill, obsidian melded
Circle of the Ancients +6 dual throw or transformed rare gloves with oskill
transformed rare gloves with oskill
Beads of the Guardian or good rare/craft, dstoned pierce
good rare/craft with ctc curse or oskill aura, dstoned pierce
unique charms, max damage charms


If You want to use oskill Might, take an A2 Concentration merc, with Fanatism as main Aura the A2 Might merc is the bodyguard of choice.

Act 2 Desert Mercenary (Might or Concentration)
Elite rare with Aura on equip, Merc forged
Rare circlet with Holy Freeze, Merc forged
Atlastrust, Merc forged
Hermes Gift
Concentration forged Beads of the Guardian
Zodiac Band
Zodiac Band

Strategy & Tips

Plays basically the same way as a Multishot Amazon. Double Throw or Shuriken replace strafe against bosses and tough monsters. Best in open areas with many monsters like the cow levels. Works very well with ctc curses, freeze, and slow effects.


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