Base Damage

  • 2H weapons 230% -> ?
  • 1H weapons 100% -> ?

Skill ED Change (New)

Single Target (Slow)

SkillOld EDOld ED/LNew EDNew ED/LRemarks
Leap Attack1505025060Requires some space.
Charge1203020055Requires some space. Knockback automatically makes the space if the space is available.
Bash2004018045Knockback prevents continuous attacks.

Single Target (Normal Speed)

SkillOld EDOld ED/LNew EDNew ED/LRemarks
Guided Arrow0510020
Concentrate1001212030Nerf def bonus a bit
Iaigiri1502012030Nerf def bonus a bit
Berserk1501520040Magic Dmg
Sacrifice180(20-40)8050Life Loss

Single Target (Fast) / Multiple Target

SkillOld EDOld ED/LNew EDNew ED/LRemarks
Fend7013--60% -> 80% Rollback
Killer Scythe7010701350% -> 80% Rollback
Zeal06*010*after slvl 5
Fanatic Swing06*010*after slvl 5
50% -> 100% Rollback
2/3 -> 1 Weapon Dmg
Double Swing3065010
Dragon Claw1001210014
Double SmashFaster than Zeal in Elemental with much WIAS.
Iron Claws157507Faster than Zeal in Elemental with much WIAS.
Feral Rage6088010


SkillOld EDOld ED/LNew EDNew ED/LRemarks
Dance of Death-508-5010Stun

Skill ED Change (Old)


SkillED bonusRemarksNecessary Changes
Multiple Shotnone3/4 Weapon DmgMore Weapon Dmg?
Legendary Arrow0+5/lvl5/8 Weapon Dmg
Strafe5+5/lvl3/4 Weapon DmgMore Weapon Dmg?
or ED++
Phantom Hatchetsnone3/4 Weapon DmgMore Weapon Dmg?
Shurikennone*More Weapon Dmg?
*No ED bonus because Strafe routine can't add Throw ED

Assassin Melee

SkillED bonusRemarksNecessary Changes
Tiger Strike100+20/lvlCharge-up skill
This can be used with
Dragon Tail and isn't a
true single target skill

Animation Speed

An attack consists has 3 parameters: Start Frame, Action Frame and Animation Lenght.
This translates into 3 attack phases. Discounting rounding differences, the phases are as follows. Divide the duration by the speed increase (100+EIAS):

First Attack, duration = Action Frame - Start Frame
Follow-Up, duration = Action Frame * Rollback (only when more than 1 attack, e.g. Zeal)
Return to Neutral = Animation Length - Action Frame - 1

The Action Frame also defines when the actual attack takes place, the arrow appears, ...

e.g. An Amazon has 2 / 11 / 18 animation data with 2h spears. This gives a 9 frame First, 11 frames FU and 6 frames RtN with Zeal or an 15 fpa single attack.

The Start Frame is not found in the animation data, it may be hardcoded.

I played a bit with the numbers, here are some first results (based on my calculator, I didn't test anything):


  • 2H Swing: 352
  • 2H Thrust: 352
  • 2H Sword: 352

With an animation speed of 352 he gets a 4/4/4 Zeal / 8 fpa attack with spears and a 4/4/3 Zeal / 7 fpa attack with 2h Swords and Poles/Staves, ...


  • 2H Swing: 352
  • 2H Thrust: 352
  • 2H Sword: 352

With 352 he gets a 4/4/3 Zeal / 7 fpa attack with all 2h weapons.


  • 2H Swing: 404
  • 2H Thrust: 404
  • 2H Sword: 404

With animation speed 404 she gets a 4/4/4 Zeal / 8 fpa attack with 2h swords and spears and a 4/4/3 Zeal / 7 fpa attack with Poles/Staves.


I don't think we need to do anything with the Druid, at least his attacks with 2h weapons are almost the same speed as with 1h weapons.


  • 2H Swing: 288
  • 2H Thrust: 288
  • 2H Sword: 288
  • Killer Scythe: 60% rollback

The Necro is only slightly slower with 2h weapons than with 1h weapons. To give him about the same speed I would increase the animation speed to 288. His Killer Scythe currently gets 3.5 follow-up attacks, if we want him to get 4 fpa, we would reduce the rollback to 60%.


  • 2H Swing: 336
  • 2H Thrust: 336
  • 2H Sword: 336
  • Fend: Reduce ED% for oskill Fend

Increase the animation speed to 336 for 2h weapons, then she gets a 3.5 fpa follow-up with spears and a 4 fpa FU with other weapons assuming 60% rollback.

One option would be to keep Fend at 60% rollback and make it Amazon specific. To penalize existing oskill items, you could reduce the AR/damage bonus when you don't have any hard points in it (like the elemental Masteries). It would still be useful for other classes as a very fast attack to apply CB, but it might not be that desireable.

The other option would be to move all the action frames for the zon 2 frames ahead, and increase the attack speed to 352 for 2h weapons, this would give her a 3/4/3 fpa Zeal with spears and 4/5/3 fpa with other 2h weapons.
With an animation speed of 256 and an action frame 2 earlier, she would get a 3/4/4 Zeal with 1h thrusting and 4/5/4 with 1h swinging weapons.

If you move the action frame, the animations could look strange, though, because she would then hit earier than before and the animation would rollback before the actual "hit" frame.


  • 2H Swing: no change
  • 2H Thrust: ?
  • 2H Sword: ?

The Sorc doesn't need any balancing between 1h and 2h weapons, her fastest melee attack is actually with Staves. She is quite slow with 2h swords and spears, though. Fanatic Swing with gives her a decent attack speed (with 50% rollback), but it could use a lower damage penalty and better synergies (especially synergies from skills that are useful to a melee sorc, like in the N patch).

If you want to give her a useful attack speed with 100% rollback attacks, then you'd have to move her action frames 2 forward, just like the 'zon.

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