Eastern Sun Development

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ItemRebalancing_R5 The discussion about rebalancing the underpowered/overpowered items.
New Item Images The workpage for improving item images.
Runeword Discussion
Crystal and Crystal Recipes

(Old) Crystal and Crystal Recipes The discussion about the new items (Crystals and Kanji runes).
(Old) PhysAttackBalancing The old workpage about the physical attack damage. The physical attack damage were rebalanced in R3, based on the discussion.
(Old) Act 5 New Areas The discussion about the unfinished areas in Act 5 (Naraku 1-3, etc.).


Damage Caps The report about the damage caps and rollovers.


Spell Damage Calculator
Attack Speed Calculator PHP version of Animation Speed Calculator, based on the animation speed change in R3.
(Old) Animation Speed Calculator


(Old) Runetool The old workpage for smiiif's runetool, updated by Stabby_McTwist. The current version of ES bundles the latest runetool.

Character Utility

Nameless' CharacterUtility tool has been updated beyond that which is included in the Eastern Sun 3.00R6D installer. You can find the latest version on the linked page.

File to attaach: fileGlideWrapper084c.exe 147 download [Information]

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