Goeidos R6 Character Builds Compendium


This page tries to compile all popular or at least viable character builds in ES R6. I will try to link to existing character builds pages as possible, and maybe write a few new ones. I at least tested most of the builds listed here via skill reassignment, and played several of the builds untwinked in tourneys.

The first part contains an explanation of build categories and equipment and stat assignment tips for these categories.

The second part contains the character build sections sorted by character class.

Each build section contains (or will contain) a short intro,

  • build category
  • main attribute
  • main skill tab
  • main skills which need hard points in order of importance
  • links to complete Character Builds or The Hall of Glory pages.

Disclaimer: most of the builds listed are either popular builds used by many players or were originally developed by other players from the Phrozen Keep ES Forum or this Wiki. I do not claim having invented them myself.

Feel free to comment or suggest character builds for adding in the comments section.

Build Categories

Each build has a main attack type and a main damage type. Depending on these, certain general recommendations on stat allocation, equip and oskill choices can be made.

Attack type

Attack types explain how the damage is delivered to the targets. Depending on Attack type, certain equipment and stats are necessary or recommended.


This kind of attack needs to hit the target with a melee weapon to be effective. A high attack speed and a good chance to hit (high AR or ignores targets defense) will improve this kind of attack. Melee attacks are the only attacks that carry "on attack" ctc skills. Both Melee and Ranged will carry "on striking" ctc skills, crushing blow, deadly strike, and prevent monster heal.

An exception are only Paladin Smite and Assassin kick skills.

Melee type chars need to be considerably tougher than Summoners, Rangers and Casters, since they have to stand closer to the monsters to do their damage.


A Ranger needs to hit his target with a ranged weapon (bow or throwing weapon) to deal damage. Ranged attacks carry "on striking" ctc skills, crushing blow (with reduced effectiveness), deadly strike, and prevents monster heal. In addition to a high attack speed, rangers also need a high piercing attack percentage, either from the Pierce skill/oskill or from equipment. The "slows target" mod is especially useful for rangers.


Casters damage their targets directly with their skills. For them, weapon damage an speed is not relevant, they need faster cast rate instead. Since they dont hit their targets, they cant use ctc skills, and have to rely on oskills for curses.

To replenish their mana pool, casters need mana regeneration and mana per kill.


Summoners have their summons deal the damage to the targets. Weapon damage is unimportant to them. The best way to improve damage is to invest hard points in energy and to equip high damage auras. Summons also benefit from defensive Auras and Barbarian Warcries.

Summons are somewhere between attack type and damage type, since they benefit from high skill levels and +% summon skill damage.

Damage Types

Weapon damage

This kind of damage requires a high-damage weapon and is boosted by hard and soft points in Strength and/or Dexterity, +min/max damage, +% enhanced damage, by physical resist lowering curses like Amplify damage and by +% enhanced damage auras like Might and Fanatism.

The most important thing for a weapon damage char is a high-damage weapon, an ethereal rare dual-max with either self repair or Wo rune forging is top choice.

Skill Damage

This kind of damage is unaffected by weapon damage but is boosted by high skill levels, hardpoints Energy, +% Skill damage, oskill elemental mastery, -enemy resists, and resist lowering oskills like lower resists, pierce flesh and bone, and conviction.

Skill damage chars dont need high damage weapons, instead they use weapons with high skill boosts and other useful stats.

Merc Choice

The reason for choosing a merc should normally be getting a skill that the char cant have. For example, act 5 defensive mercs can easily be replaced by oskill battle orders on switch.

Top Mercs

Act 2 Might Mercenary

The main advantage of this merc is his might aura. Of course, a char could use Might oskill, but the merc has hardpoints in might, so he will synergize Annihilation (crushing blow for minions) and Concentration auras on equip. Thus, for chars who want damage auras, its best to get a Might Merc and Fanatism oskill for themselves.

  • must have: Annihilation on equip
  • benefits from: Concentration on equip
  • best suited for: Weapon Rangers, Weapon Summoners, Weapon Melee

Act 2 Prayer Mercenary

When this merc runs Meditation and Cleansing auras on equip, he will replenish life very quickly. This is especially helpful for chars with no or almost no lifeleech. Prayer also synergizes Vigor.

  • must have: Meditation, Cleansing, and Vigor auras on equip
  • best suited for: skill damage chars who dont need resist breakers

Act 5 Offensive Barbarian

This merc has Ancients Call, which is the best resist breaking skill in the game, and unfortunately not available as oskill. Battle Commands and War Cry are just the icing on the cake.

  • Best suited for: skill damage chars (not wind skill damage, though) who do not have curse-type resist breakers (Lightning Barbs have Ancients Call, Necros have Lower Resist and Pierce Flesh and Bone, other chars could get curse oskills)

Act 1 Fire Rogue

The main feature of the act 1 Fire Rogue is Strafe, which allows her to cast ctc curses and slow on everything in sight. Inner Sight and Slow Missiles are an additional bonus.

  • must have: ctc curse, slow
  • best suited for: Single-target weapon melee, weapon summoners

Act 1 Cold Rogue

The Cold Rogue has Freezing Arrow, providing the best merc-based crowd control in the game. Like the Fire Rogue, she also has Inner Sight and Slow Missiles.

  • must have: cold duration items, ctc curse
  • best suited for: weapon melee

Special Ops mercs

Some mercs are only useful for certain builds.

Act 3 Fire Sorceror

This merc is ideal for a summoning enchantress, since he will more than double enchant damage from summons.

Not recommended mercs

Act 5 Defensive Barbarian

Any late midgame or endgame char can (and will) have Battle Orders oskill in his weapon switch, so this merc is rather useless later on.

Act 3 Cold Sorceror

Protection from Cold aura is nice to prevent summons from getting frozen, but summoners would prefer an act 2 Might Mercenary for synergized Annihilation.
This one gets really useless as soon as "Fox" runeword is available (which needs a gold rune)

Act 3 Lightning Sorceror

Protection from Lightning is hard to get, but on the other hand not really necessary. Lightning skill damage chars should better get an act 5 Offensive Barbarian for resist breaking, Lightning Barbs should opt for an act 2 Prayer Mercenary.

Act 2 Mercenaries with other Auras

None of the remaining auras can impact the game as much as Might or Prayer can. Conviction may be useful for certain casters (who already have curse resist breakers, and dont need an A5 Offensive Barb), but these could also use an Act 2 Prayer Mercenary with "conviction on equip" items.

Character Builds sorted by class

  • Recommended builds are marked with three stars ***, other popular builds with two stars **

Amazon Builds

The best Amazon builds are ranged builds. Most Amazons will get the useful one pointers from the passives/magic tree, especially Decoy, Valkyrie, Critical Strike, Penetrate and Pierce.

Javazon ***

  • Lightning/Fire/Poison Skill Ranger
  • Energy
  • Spear tab
  • Lighting Fury, Pyre Javelin, Plague Javelin, Frost Javelin, Jab

Physical Spearazon

  • Weapon Melee
  • Strength
  • Spear tab
  • Jab, Fend, Dance of Death

Elemental Spearazon

  • Lightning/Magic/Poison Skill Melee
  • Energy
  • Spear tab
  • Lightning Strike, Viper Bite, Shadow Strike

Physical Bowazon **

  • Weapon Ranger
  • Dexterity
  • No tab
  • Multishot, Strafe, Decoy, Valkyrie

Fire/Lightning Bowazon

  • Fire/Lightning Skill Ranger
  • Energy
  • Bow tab
  • Lightning Arrow, Immolation Arrow, Exploding Arrow, Magic Arrow

Cold/Poison Bowazon

  • Cold/Poison Skill Ranger
  • Energy
  • Bow tab
  • Freezing Arrow, Poison Arrow, Cold Arrow, Magic Arrow

Fire Wall Zon

  • Fire Skill Caster
  • Energy
  • Passive tab
  • Fire Wall, Decoy, Frost Nova, Pyre Javelin, Fire Strike

Assassin Builds

Most Assassins will get Shade Armor, Shadow Master and their prerequisites. Investing 25 or 30 points in Command Mastery will help any build.

Samurai ***

  • Weapon Melee
  • Strength
  • No tab
  • Dragon Blade, Blade Shield, Iaigiri


  • Special Fire Skill Melee
  • Martial Arts
  • Dragon Tail, Tiger Strike

Poison Shuriken

  • Weapon/Poison Skill Ranger
  • Energy
  • Shadow tab
  • Venom, Cloak of Shadows, Poison Stream

Elemental Charge-Ups

  • Fire/Lightning/Cold Skill Melee
  • Energy
  • Martial Arts tab
  • Phoenix Strike, Fists of Fire, Claws of Thunder, Blades of Ice

Lightning/Fire Trapper

  • Lightning/Fire Skill Caster
  • Energy
  • Traps tab
  • Lightning Sentry, Shock Web, Lava Sentry, Steam Sentry

Cold Trapper

  • Cold Skill Caster
  • Energy
  • Traps tab
  • Cold Blast, Ice Fangs, Cold Wave

Barbarian Builds

Most Barbarians will get Battle Commands, Natural Resistance, the Ancients skills and their prerequisites. Putting 18 points into Battle Commands is always good.

2-Hand Barbarian **

  • Weapon Melee
  • Strength
  • No tab
  • Concentrate, Bash, Berserk, Stun

Dualwield Barbarian **

  • Weapon Melee
  • Strength
  • No tab
  • Double Swing, Frenzy, Berserk

Thrower ***

  • Weapon Ranger
  • Dexterity
  • No tab
  • Double Throw, Throwing Mastery


  • Wind/Magic Skill Caster
  • Energy
  • War Cries tab
  • War Cry, Nova, Battle Cry, Taunt

Lightning Barb

  • Lightning Skill Caster
  • Energy
  • Combat Masteries tab
  • Plasma Rain, Thunder Storm, Nova, Thunder Wave, Thunder Strike

Druid Builds

Useful 1 point wonders for druids are Summon Elemental and Oak Sage.

Winter Fury Druid **

This build can use either Tornado or Arctic Blast as LMB skill.

  • Wind/Cold Skill Caster
  • Energy
  • Elemental tab
  • Winter Fury, Tornado, Cyclone Armor, Arctic Blast, Sandstorm

Creeping Doom ***

  • Magic/Cold/Poison Caster
  • Energy
  • Elemental tab
  • Creeping Doom, Acid Rain, Tornado, Arctic Blast, Sandstorm

Fire Druid

  • Fire Skill Caster
  • Energy
  • Elemental tab
  • Molten Boulder, Volcanic Creeper, Firestorm, Volcano

Charged Claws **

  • Lightning Skill Melee
  • Energy
  • Shapeshifting tab
  • Charged Claws, Cow Baloon, Iron Claws, Fire Claws

Vine Summoner

  • Fire/Cold/Poison Skill Summoner
  • Energy
  • Summoning tab
  • Poison Creeper, Volcanic Creeper, Frozen Creeper, Summon Elemental

Wolf Summoner

  • Weapon Skill Summoner
  • Energy
  • Summoning tab
  • Raven, Spirit Wolf, Dire Wolf, Summon Elemental

Necromancer Builds

Most Necromancers will use Corpse Explosion, Revive, Summon Skeleton, Summon Resist and a curse that helps his main damage source.

Hydramancer ***

  • Fire Skill Caster/Weapon Summoner
  • Energy
  • Summoning tab
  • Hydra, Fire Golem, Summon Vampire, Blood Golem


  • Weapon Summoner
  • Energy
  • Summoning tab
  • Summon Skeleton, Summon Vampire, Summon Revive, Skeleton Mastery


  • Weapon Summoner
  • Energy
  • Summoning tab
  • Fire Golem, Blood Golem, Clay Golem, Iron Golem, Golem Mastery

Poison Nova

  • Poison Skill Caster
  • Energy
  • Poison and Bone tab
  • Poison Nova, Poison Explosion, Poison Slash

Bone Caster

  • Magic/Cold Skill Caster
  • Energy
  • Poison and Bone tab
  • Bone Wave, Bone Spirit, Frozen Spear, Hells Gate

Meleemancer **

  • Weapon Melee
  • Strength
  • Poison and Bone tab
  • Killer Scythe, Bone Armor, Poison Slash

Paladin Builds

Most Paladins will use holy shield (its also the 2h melee passive). Anointed Bear works fine for all builds even from staffmod. Prayer slvl will work as passive bonus for Meditation AND Cleansing Aura on equip, so getting those two(from aura forging or equip) will constantly replenish life.


  • Weapon/Cold/Lightning/Fire Skill Melee
  • Energy
  • Combat Skills tab
  • Vengeance, Salvation, PfC, PfL, PfF


  • Weapon Melee
  • Strength
  • Might, Zeal, Sacrifice, Holy Shield

FoH Caster ***

  • Magic/Lightning Skill Caster
  • Energy
  • Combat Skills tab
  • Fist of Heavens, Holy Bolt, Protection from Evil, Blessed Hammer

Holy Aura

There are 3 variants of the Holy Aura Paladin (Holy Fire, Holy Freeze, Holy Shock) but their equip and skill plan are rather similar.

  • Single Element Melee/Ranger
  • Energy
  • Offensive Auras tab
  • Holy Aura, Protection Aura, Vengeance

Sorceress Builds

Most Sorcs will use Teleport and Static Field. Putting at least one point into the elemental mastery of choice and Soul Shiver is a must since the staffmod counts as oskill which is less effective (Masteries) or doesnt work at all (Soul Shiver).

Fire Sorc **

  • Fire Skill Caster
  • Vitality
  • Fire tab
  • Immolation, Meteor, Fire Ball, Fire Bolt

Enchantress ***

  • Fire Skill Melee or Ranger
  • Vitality
  • Fire tab
  • Enchant, Fanatic Swing, Meteor Shower, Fire Mastery, Fire Armor

Cold Sorc **

  • Cold Skill Caster
  • Vitality
  • Cold tab
  • Ice Bolt, Blizzard, Glacial Spike, Frozen Orb

Lightning Sorc

  • Lightning Skill Caster
  • Vitality
  • Lightning tab
  • Charged Bolt, Lightning Hydra, Chain Lightning, Lightning, Lightning Inferno


  • yahe i didnt thought on that point. May be i will start putting points in vit for my hepted sorc. Thanks goeido. Also Zeolite with Might and others on equip going to be a killer i think. -- aniket? 11-30-2009 (Mon) 06:13:48
  • sorcs get a lot more +% skill damage than other chars from their masteries, so I think its better to invest in vitality. I didnt include a zealot yet since I didnt test a satisfactory one so far. -- goeido 11-28-2009 (Sat) 19:27:34
  • There is another build for Paladin thats Zeolite also why cold sorc point investment into vit? not in energy? -- aniket? 11-28-2009 (Sat) 06:06:00

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